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  1. So...I guess this lineup gets used again tomorrow? 😁
  2. Yeah I have seen it mentioned both Neal and Hawkins playing nickel LB
  3. I am not disagreeing that I think they will be better. I thought they should be ranked higher but I am not going to get upset by what PFF ranks them. Now they got to go out there and prove they are better.
  4. Falcons were a pretty banged up team as well. Their starting QB missed a game, starting RB missed a few games, their backup RB missed over half the season, Julio missed a game. Ridley missed the last several games. Their starting guards missed time. Their starting TE missed 2 games. On defense, they missed one of their starting DEs for a few weeks, their # 1 CB for over half the season, and their starting SS for nearly all of the season. Falcons missed some key guys too. Having them all back might not make a difference, but it is a home game for the Falcons and a East coast 1pm kickoff wh
  5. You did make a 3rd assumption: Braves re-signing Ozuna. No mention of Riley in that horror movie?
  6. I'm glad we benefited but not quite sure what the logic was for the Red Sox to put in a lefty for our right handed hitters who have been raking but I will take it.
  7. I see it going similar to the Eagles game that year. We would put up some points but still would get bullied by their DL.
  8. I assume it has cooled down since Riley has gotten going recently
  9. Obviously Camargo is the centerpiece.
  10. I think the backup QB being the holder ended when teams stopped rostering 3 QBs consistently. Didn't want to risk only have 1 QB if someone diving to block got the holder
  11. Yes, I am okay with the line but don't confuse it with being satisfied. I expect it and hope for it to be better. We have a Top 7 LT and C. I think Lindstrom will be better than average this year. In his limited games last year he looked pretty good. For McGary, I expect him to go from being really bad to slightly below average. I hope for him to do better than that. For LG I hope whoever wins the spot can go from trainwreck to below average/average. With the dearth of OL talent across the league I don't see who we can bring in either in FA or trade that would be better than what is cur
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