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  1. Honestly the most irritating thing about the refs were them not checking any of the Colts close calls on if they got the yardage or not. It was like "close enough for me let's go" but the Falcons it was them checking making sure that $5 bill ain't a fake.
  2. I know it helps when the pitcher is throwing the best he might ever have but god, I wish McCann could catch all of our games. His sequences have been great.
  3. Some people what instant gratification. There is some back and forth in trade talks. We have until 4pm on Saturday to make our cuts/ or possible trades. The Bengals and Texans seem to be desperate for RB help so we could dangle Hill and if we are blown away and instead of offering a conditional 7th, they offer a straight 5th rounder that might be enough to entice the Falcons to trade him and can change who we decide to keep now we opened another spot. Stuff like that can change the whole roster dynamic. Someone said or I read somewhere that they might try to hold off on Bryant until Monday and try to sneak a guy on the roster and then cut him for Bryant on Monday and then try to sign the dude to the practice squad when other teams have their squads set. Or Bryant is got TD and Quinn's feet over the coals and is trying to squeeze them for as much money as he can.
  4. Here are a couple: The New England Patriots traded cornerback Duke Dawson and a 2020 seventh-round selection to the Broncos for a sixth-round selection in the same draft, Rapoport reported. The Miami Dolphins traded a 2020 seventh-round draft pick for Minnesota Vikings guard Danny Isidora, the team announced. The Dolphins also traded an undisclosed conditional 2020 draft pick to the Indianapolis Colts for center/guard Evan Boehm and an undisclosed 2020 draft pick. The Cleveland Browns traded backup quarterback David Blough to the Lions. The two sides also swapped 2022 seventh-round picks, Pelissero reported.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking. He isn't playing because he is making a roster either here or somewhere else.
  6. I would like to see how he looks in coverage that is where he gets lost the most.
  7. I think that is one of Quinn's "Players not Plays", Grace thought he could make a play and got caught red-handed. Deion has been guilty of this too. He just is right more often than not. I think one of them was the Philly game last year were he tried to go under the block and the RB went outside for the TD.
  8. So I might have done this wrong but I checked on both Over the Cap and Sportrac and they both said if we trade Beasley we actually get the cap savings. POST-6/1 TRADE 2019 Dead Cap: $0 2020 Dead Cap: $0 2019 Cap Savings: $12,810,000
  9. Yeah I did a "film breakdown" and I use that word loosely but I think I graded 5 positive 5 push and 3 negative plays. I played OL and coached middle school OL for 6 years and I know I grade kinda hard so probably played better than what I graded.
  10. I really feel like I need to re-watch the game for this one because on first blush I didn't feel like he did.
  11. Was about to say the same thing. Beat me to it.
  12. That play reminds me of Grace near the goal line last night late in the 4th quarter. Although on Grace's he gave up the reception.
  13. I don't mean this in a bad way and I could be totally wrong anyways...but I think we finally have Mike Nolan's 10 guys with 4 sacks each. We don't have any elite talents even though Grady is right on the cusp. We have a bunch of B to B+ guys and not just with the starters but with some of our backups as well. I think we will have 3 guys with 7+ sacks(Grady, Takk, and Vic) and then Crawford and Clayborn with 4/5 each.
  14. Honestly, this year I feel we have the best depth we have had. This preseason we haven't been blown out like in previous years. Offense- We actually signed OL with experience and when we have had Schaub(minus the HOF game) and Benkert we have gotten solid QB play. Etling and Simms are garbage. In years prior you couldn't evaulate anyone because of the OL not being able to block or because the QB couldnt throw it. Defense- Overall I have liked what the D has done. Besides penalties and some poor individual performances we have looked competent.
  15. How much do any of you believe Bailey's "struggles" has to do with with no OTAs or minicamp. He had to learn the defense on the fly and didn't get to get on a field till the 2nd or 3rd day of training camp. Personally I believe he is knocking off the rust. I don't think he will be a world beater but a solid piece. And if anyone thinks differently is going to be sorely disappointed. He is/should be an important cog in the defense though.