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  1. I am pretty up to date on this stuff, but I know I don't know everything. I know with June 1 designations, that players count against the team's cap. I just don't see how a team could carry a player for "free" until the money is cleared. What would happen if the team doesn't clear enough space? The contract gets voided and is now available, but every other team has spent its money and now they can try to renegotiate for less money? There is no way the Players Union would approve that. I have never heard of the player not counting in previous years. I think it is because of Covid-19 and the Falcons not being able to get Gurley a physical. Robert Quinn's contract with the Bears just became official today.
  2. Is this something new with the CBA? I might be wrong on this. Because Trufant's contract does count against the Lions cap space. I understand that player's cut with the June 1 designation are still on their teams space but that doesn't stop them from also counting against the team they signed with
  3. Yeah I don't think that is how that works. I think it is because they haven't been able to do a physical. I'm pretty sure Trufant is counting against the Lions cap right now
  4. He did retract from that and said he meant training camp. But as long as I get my money back for season tickets, I'm fine.
  5. The last I saw the Falcons cap space, it was around $7.5 million. I believe that is without Todd Gurley, and his 1 yr deal was for $5-6 million. So the Falcons have around $1.5-2.5 million in space. Unless they are signing for vet minimum, I think we hold off until Trufant's money comes off on June 2
  6. Correct
  7. Jeff George to Freeman. Running a fade to the shortest player on the field? I'm going to say no.
  8. If Clayborn is back either way, then I would take Fowler as he is younger and hopefully hitting his stride after having some early career injuries.
  9. It depends. Is it just Fowler or is it Quinn and another DE like Clayborn or Irvin?
  10. I believe the plan is for the Broncos to play an East Coast game the week before and then go straight to London afterwards. So to me, no I don't think there will be a big advantage because of that.
  11. My sister and I are planning on going. She is a world traveler and this would be my first time in London so we are going to go explore. Maybe catch a play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.
  12. They need to stop playing and just trade for Dedmon
  13. He got Charles Woodson's stamp of approval. That is all I need
  14. Agree with both points . Bosher could put it inside the 20, but Allen could put it inside the 5. Koo looked solid but no reason not to have a competition. And I believe the Falcons said as much in their end of season press conference
  15. With the OL that we have it should be the scheme we run. I think Morgan is kinda eh. He seems to be an okay coach. But get me Callahan or someone equivalent and Rod Marinelli for the DL, Then I can get excited for this coaching staff.