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  1. How I took what was said I think they might wait till after week 1 to sign a vet to avoid having to fully guarantee his contract
  2. I'm just glad every other questions isn't about 28-3
  3. His biggest issue has been letting his emotions get the best of him which was always one of my biggest issues when I played sports. It is probably one of the reasons I have been so critical of him. He reminds me of me except way more talented. Also I loved Evan Gattis and was sad to see him go.
  4. This is exactly what @K26dp was talking about. Hard to give up on a guy that can do that against a lineup like this.
  5. Try Tickpick. The price you see is the price you pay. Used them once last year and again this year
  6. I know it has to be a pain to look up but does anyone know how it looked in preseason with other roster hopefuls over the past few years?
  7. I said this to my friend earlier, in a vacuum I don't really like the pick. But when you look at the the depth of DT that Quinn believes in and how the roster might change in the coming years it makes a lot of sense. I like how our roster is set enough to take bpa instead of reaching for a need
  8. Honestly never thought they would go WR that high and didn't think he would be around either.
  9. I think he was before he tore his pec. That is why it was usually James Daniels until recently Frank Ragnow
  10. 1. Taven Bryan DT 2. Da’ron Payne DT 3. Nathan Shepherd DT 4. P.J. Hall DT 5. B.J. Hill DT 6. Darius Leonard LB 7. Genard Avery LB 8. Isaiah Oliver CB 9. D.J. Reed CB 10. Afolabi Laguda S 11. Ian Thomas TE 12. Vyncint Smith WR 13. Dante Pettis WR 14. Keke Coutee WR 15. Javon Sims WR 16. Deasean Hamilton WR 17. Nick Bawden FB 18. Ryan Nall FB 19. Chase Edmonds RB 20. Nyheim Hines RB Tie Breakers 1. DT, DT, LB, S, WR, RB 2. Taven Bryan P.J. Hall, Nick Bawden 3. CB 4. Up and Down 1 each
  11. Really hope they get the game in on Sunday. I got tickets and would love to see them in my first time at Wrigley
  12. I said the same to my cousins. We are all originally from Cleveland and still have family there. We(the Falcons) never had consistent success until Matt Ryan. You get your guy at 1 do not wait on him.
  13. To me it seems like Duke was playing Man and everyone else was in Zone. But like others said, the other team gets paid too
  14. Hey man, just wanted to let you know that the spots are available. Can I go ahead and put you down for one?

  15. Sorry I have to disagree with this. I do think Bud's system helps but I think Korver can attribute most of his defensive improvement from Coach Thibs in Chicago