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  1. Personally I wouldn't make the 2nd trade. I think getting an extra 2nd and 3rd this year and having 2 1st next year is more than good for me. But your initial post was 2 trade downs and no extra 1st. Which I pointed was wrong as many others did. You then clarified. You then said I want these elite guys but then say there are no sure things. And you are right with the 2nd trade we are not getting more bites of the apple but we are getting a better chance of having biting into a quality apple(3rd round picks) instead of rotten, worm-infested apple(5th round picks)
  2. But here you are complaining about not taking the elite talent? Why not trade down and take more bites out of the apple?
  3. Just because you want a 1st doesn't mean that another team is offering one. You said without a 1st rounder included it doesn't make sense. I pointed out that following pick value, you shouldn't expect one. I am not missing out on what you are saying. You don't think there is enough top talent to last to 19. Without seeing how the rest of the picks went, how can you make that assumption?
  4. According to trade value charts, going from 19 to 12 isn't going to cost another 1st rounder. The value is spot on with the 5th picks added to make it as wash out. If Washington is making a play for a QB that has dropped then maybe a 1st or 2nd from next yr could be included.
  5. He did: Falcons trade pick 4 to the 49ers for picks 12, 43 (2nd), 102 (3rd), and a 2022 1st. Falcons trade picks 12, 181 (5th), and 183 (5th) to Washington for picks 19, 74 (3rd), and 82 (3rd)
  6. I am in favor of a trade down and taking one of the top CBs to pair with Terrell but like I said if in this scenario if in FA the Falcons got a vet CB then my concerns with this particular draft are alleviated.
  7. I would like CB to be addressed a little earlier but I can't fault the positions selected before. It would be nice to see how FA went to see how it affected the draft
  8. D- Jamaal Anderson. I thought he was perfect for what we needed. We had Abe as the speed guy and we needed someone bigger and stronger on the other side. I still liked AP and Calvin more but thought we had no chance at either. The other guy I liked was Patrick Willis at the time. O- I'm going with Roddy but in a good way. I didn't like the pick at the time because we just drafted Jenkins recently and then in his first couple years did nothing to endear him to me. I started working out with a former teammate of his and I was talking all sorts of mad crap about him and he told me that Roddy
  9. Not really because then we could be in the same boat as with Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan. If the OC works then he gets a head coaching job and bam we are back to square one. Just hire the offensive-minded head coach and you do not have to worry.
  10. Dang! Collins putting it down with authority. Think he is taking out some frustration?
  11. Yes. Honestly, last year when we kept Dan and Thomas and it seemed like we were keeping Koetter and making Morris the permanent DC the only coach I wanted out was Morgan
  12. Not really surprising. His rah-rah approach should work there and the way college players cycle out his message shouldn't grow too stale. Hope for the best for him
  13. Don't know who Langford is but how is the 26th and 30th pick in a super weak draft and a 2022 1st rounder that would more than likely be another pick in the late 20s be considered "loot"?
  14. Except when he was a member of the Giants
  15. I do as well. Buehler is dealing with multiple blisters and some tight-*** pants so my money is on Fried.
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