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  1. If the line can actually block some people instead of whiffing everyone can carry the rock.
  2. Basic spelling errors are required to submit a thread.
  3. LB/TE seem most likely and could go a few ways Pass rushing LB - would help the team most, don't know if there's anyone out there 4-3 LB/3-4 ILB/Nickel LB - LBs who don't pass rush tend to drop, maybe we can find a tall rangy LB with good coverage ability or a big "tweener" safety to play nickel LB and match up with guys like Graham Big gronk type TE - Could get a big TE like a 3rd OT to get movement in the run game and help keep Ryan clean Mismatch TE - Could get a fast athletic TE to match up on LBs A darkhorse here that could be nice is a nice blazing WR, either a speed or an ankle breaking type to plug into the slot.
  4. San Frans WRs are terrible, their TE is their only receiver that scares anyone.
  5. Douglas, Freeman, Hester. If the line can block for more than 1.5 seconds before turning someone loose that's a lot of speed for #3 4 and 5 CBs to deal with. Still wouldn't mind seeing a pure speed/ankle breaking slot WR now that we got our receving RB
  6. Let's make sure this line can actually block before we start worrying about 5th and 4th receivers.
  7. What are you talking about? Julio is the best WR not named Johnson and Crabtree is slow and bad. Their whole receiving crew is slow and Stevie Johnson makes it slower. Davis is their only fast receiver. This RB we drafted gets north-south in a hurry and looks to be just the kind of receiving weapon out of the backfield we needed. There's room to get a fast slot WR to throw in the mix, which Hester can do as well.
  8. DT/DEs that will make the team Soliai, Jackson, Hageman, Babineaux, Peters DT/DEs on the bubble Jerry, Robertson, Replogle DE/OLBs that will make the team Osi, Massaquoi, Goodman, Maponga DE/OLBs on the bubble Biermann, Matthews I think Jerry/Robertson atleast 1 will stay, Biermann likely will stay. Matthews and 1 or even 2 of the DTs could get cut.
  9. No doubt but James has got what the backfield is missing - speed, he's hungry for touches and the 9ers don't even have room for him now. With only 2 years left on his deal he could be had for cheap and give us a nice Sproles type weapon out of the backfield. I wouldn't mind getting a rookie with 4 years on the contract but that's more of a question mark. I just don't want to add another plodder to the backfield.
  10. I'm all for getting a talented young back in the draft, wouldn't mind scooping LaMichael James from the 9ers, can probably get him for a future late pick at this point.
  11. LaMichael James could probably be had for a future late pick. The 9ers have plenty of picks, are taking redshirt guys, and have Gore, Hunter, Lattimore and now Carlos Hyde. They don't have room for him and with only 2 years left on his deal he could be had for very cheap. Add some much needed speed to the backfield, dangerous receiver on screens and underneath DBs chasing Julio.
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