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  1. I still think Bryce Love fits here.
  2. If they trade both 4ths to get into the late 3rd round who should the pick be? My pick: Jachai Polite DE (yep I think he will still be there late in the 3rd)
  3. All these lineman, Matt had a near MVP season with like the most hits on the QB. We running the ball down these teams throats, play action, clean pocket. Have to admit I didn't like McGary's tape, but dude is huge.
  4. He ain't beating out Sambrialo
  5. not knocking you, just saying I didn't see him do well vs Clemson. He here now, while we b*ll sh*tting Jawann Taylor still on the board. Go figure... Andre Dillard just came off. Looking more and more like a good pick compared to how the rest of the teams reaction. More of a consensus on things.
  6. I honestly thought Clemson was one of his worse games. Don't see him playing outside, one of these guards we brought in not playing next year as a starter. I thought he had a bad game vs Clemson, made me come off of him a little.
  7. Correct me but would our starting line now looks like... LT- Matthews LG- Carpenter C- Mack RG- Lindstrom RT- Brown (not Sambrielo) Simply no way Lindstrom isn't starting. There eating money somewhere.
  8. Just considering all these trade up rumors, what if they trade up for Devin White? May not be able to afford Dbo, Grady, and still keep Devondre Campbell.
  9. Probably can't keep Debo and Grady.... and still sign Campbell.
  10. I would hope they wouldn't do that. I was saying you can't keep all 3.
  11. Round 1 (Pick 14): Bryon Murphy CB (Washington) Round 2: (Pick 14) Jaylon Ferguson DE (LA Tech) Round 3: (Pick 1) Khaylen Saunders DT (Western Illinois) TRADE 3RD AND 4TH ROUINDER (COMPENSATORY) Round 4: (Pick 14) Ross Pierschbacher C/G (Alabama) Round 4: (Pick between 27 and 32) Mecole Hardman WR (UGA) TRADE 5TH AND 6TH ROUNDER Round 5: (Compensatory) Jordan Scarlett RB (Florida) Round 7 (Pick 14): Jalen Young S (Florida Atlantic)
  12. Now that I think about it you do have a point. I do love Polite's game as a pass rusher. We still have Beasley and Takk here among other guys. Ferguson right now is the more complete guy but long run Polite might be better and Atlanta may be the rotation he needs to further develop his game.
  13. I was assuming Greedy was already gone. It depends on where you are playing him. Baker is the better boundary corner, that's his fit is outside not the nickel to me. Murphy would be the better guy to play at nickel. Don't get me wrong both are good players, just depends on where you want to feature them. Assuming Murphy takes over where Poole left off. Polite is dropping because he isn't a complete 4-3 DE who is going to start day one. He is the better pass rusher, he is God awful in the run game, with his run fits, disengaging getting off blocks... He is one of the better rushers in this draft and a liability in the run game. That's a rotational guy, not a full time starter at 4-3 DE. 3-4 OLBs drop, he didn't do much of that at Florida. Both his ability to contribute against the run in a 4-3 and his ability to contribute as a drop defender in the pass game in a 3-4 needs developing. He can't start day one, he is still a rotational guy day one so teams have dropped him.
  14. Don't really follow Voch like that but he pointed out some things I've thought for a while now. Simmons is a powerful dude, great player, would love him here. As far as how he fits, I really think they want Grady at 3 primarily and bring in someone to play over the center primarily. Attempted that with Poe coming here. Have Grady at 1 situationally not primarily or in rotation. Gray is best playing on the edge of guys. Simmons wouldn't afford us that. I don't see the best position for him is directly over center just like Grady. Simmons is a 3 primarily, 1 situationally like Grady is. Just sharing my opinion. Simmons is a great player, and is one of the best inside guy coming out. I've always struggled with how he would fit with what we already have here and I got tired of teams playing bully downhill football controlling the LOS because Grady isn't a take 2, control the center type of guy play in play out.
  15. Would also consider Ben Banogu maybe around round 4. He flashes on tape and has the highest ceiling out of just about all these DEs coming out. Height: 6-3. Weight: 250. Arm: 33.38. Hand: 8.50.40 Time: 4.62. 10-Yd: 1.56. Three Cone: 7.02.Bench: 23. Vertical: 40. Broad: 11-2.
  16. Seems like Hockenson is going to be off the board before 14 anyway.
  17. Add Joejuan Williams to the list
  18. CBS mocking this cat as a first round pick. Wouldn't be shocked, personally have always thought of him as way undervalued and underrated. He doesn't get the attention he should.
  19. Love the get off, not to much control. On the ground a lot. I think he flashes enough control to develop into something. He is capable of having the control at the point of attack needed, that part will need a lot of development, his get off is consistent enough to be a real problem as a 3 or over the center on passing downs.
  20. Have you seen Burns play. His on/off, not a 100% effort guy. Disappears for long stretches in games. You must love Vic Beasley if you want him here.
  21. I wouldn't be mad or surprised. I do think you are over estimating Hockenson's ability to be an inline blocker. Will he win against NFL DEs consistently doubt it, 3-4 linebackers maybe. He's not going to be this dominate blocker like a Gronk, he's more close to a bigger Kittle to me. Not that dominate and nasty in the blocking game, to me that stuff is 80% want to and attitude, not your measurables and how big you are. He will be a good redzone target IMO. *edit: commented thinking of Fant. Wrong player.
  22. He's an inside pass rusher. He's not really an anchor type. He fits here because he's an up the field, play on the edge half a man guy. Not comparing him to Aaron Donald but those penetrating types, hate you getting to there bodies. Aaron Donald is so good, dang near impossible for you to get to his body with his good feet and hand usage. Tillery is the same way in that he wins on length, hand usage, playing on the edge of a guy. Either being first, or through length or technique putting himself in position to deal with half of that O lineman. That's why he fits, that's what Quin is looking for. Anchors, they don't really care if you get to there body, that's not this dude.