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  1. Retain: Tyeler Davison DT, Steven Means DE, Austin Hooper TE, Deondre Campbell LB, JJ. Wilcox S, Matt Bryant K, Jermaine Grace LB, Matt Bosher PK Free Agents: Jamar Taylor CB, Matt Judon DE, Josh Callaway DE Round 1: Raekwon Davis DT (Alabama) Round 2: Kenny Willekes DE (Michigan State) Round 3: Troy Pride CB (Notre Dame) Round 4: Joe Burrow QB (LSU) Round 5: Jauan Jennings WR (Tennessee) Round 6 (trade both 7th round picks): Xavier Lewis S (Southeastern Louisiana)
  2. Sad to state this but the fans and the bottom line plays more of a factor in the head coach staying than we realize. With Mike Tomlin, Andy Reid and Jason Garrett, those fans are more supportive of those teams, even in losing seasons. Arrowhead and Heinz field sale out on losing seasons, Cowboys are "America's team" very supportive, there everywhere. They wanted Jason Garrett gone every year for the past half a decade at least, still came to the game and he's still coaching the team. We don't operate like that sad to say. I don't have room to talk, been to the Benz 3 times since it opened, can't afford the tickets. I would say we the consumer probably play a 50% role in this at least.
  3. If my QB throws for 4 tds, +300 yards and 0 picks he did his job. If WE the team didn't get the win, I'm upset with the defense. But A I'm weird like that.
  4. Reconstruction never goes well in the NFL, well not even close too as well as you would think. Works for the NBA, MLB, that rebuild stuff don't work in the NFL. Teams starts to rebuild, almost a decade later they still "rebuilding".
  5. Then who do we get at kicker and punter? People don't realize how important a kicker and punter is until they struggle, we start missing PA and field goals and can't flip the field consistently.
  6. I think he's trying to wear to many hats, and he's stretched too thin. He's DC/HC, but I bet he's actually doing that. Most coaches who actually do that do way more delegating to actually pull the coordinator role off. There under prepared on defense and not communicating like the video says. The small details are missing probably because DQ is wearing too many hats right now and don't want to give up one. Just remember that being one of his main points when he first got here.
  7. This season keep going the direction it's going right now and we will have the top 5 to 10 pick to get Brown.
  8. Not on twitter don't know how it works but we did trade up above the Cowboys to get him. The Cowboys wanted to draft him, so maybe he's been following them since the draft process.
  9. It's week 5, the rooks played 4 games. Don't even put that juju in the air. Plus its too early. The "gurus" are the GMs and NFL scouts actually working the job, thats like you having your job and me sitting on my couch being a guru about what you are doing on your job but I'm sitting on my couch and you are actually doing the job. Those "gurus" either say things to get your attention like click bait or they are passing word from what they HEARD from people actually doing the work the real gurus. Either way, you wouldn't know which direction there going with it. Just off the top of my head, how many sacks did Michael Straham have his rookie year, how well did Orlando Brown do his rookie year. Give it some time, mid season next year.
  10. I don't know, Mike Johnson wasn't bad bad to me, just injuries but yea probably need to consider trading up in the 3rd round.
  11. Why linebackers?
  12. Free Agent target positions: 1.) Safety depth, 2.) DT depth, 3.) Swing tackle Round 1: C.J. Henderson CB (Florida) Round 2: Chase Claypool WR (Notre Dame) Round 3. Robert Windsor DT (Penn St) Round 4: Rodrigo Blankenship K (UGA) Round 5: Calvin Bundage LB (OKST) Round 6: Rashad Berry TE (Ohio ST) Round 7: BPA
  13. It's not the decision making to me, it just seems the team isn't prepared as much as they should be since Shanahan left. Penalties and Under-prepared is what I see. You can have an undisciplined team if that team is good enough to win anyway. I remember when Mike Smith called a timeout to help the Browns out, I've seen much worse.
  14. Um, 3 games in....
  15. If he goes who do you replace him with?
  16. If that's the case he should already be fired. How do you think Matt Bosher got here.
  17. I wouldn't cut Freeman, can't see Ito being a bell cow and I haven't seen enough from anyone else.
  18. More man to man coverage is needed with what he is trying to do but after the Vikings game we need to stop the run first. We signed Matt Bryant to a one year deal and it will be a need.
  19. I still think Bryce Love fits here.
  20. If they trade both 4ths to get into the late 3rd round who should the pick be? My pick: Jachai Polite DE (yep I think he will still be there late in the 3rd)
  21. All these lineman, Matt had a near MVP season with like the most hits on the QB. We running the ball down these teams throats, play action, clean pocket. Have to admit I didn't like McGary's tape, but dude is huge.
  22. He ain't beating out Sambrialo
  23. not knocking you, just saying I didn't see him do well vs Clemson. He here now, while we b*ll sh*tting Jawann Taylor still on the board. Go figure... Andre Dillard just came off. Looking more and more like a good pick compared to how the rest of the teams reaction. More of a consensus on things.
  24. I honestly thought Clemson was one of his worse games. Don't see him playing outside, one of these guards we brought in not playing next year as a starter. I thought he had a bad game vs Clemson, made me come off of him a little.