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  1. Wow this was a knee jerk idea....
  2. Tyson Smith was the same way, all the tools bad technique.
  3. Just thought about this, if we don't bring back Poe doesn't that turn into a 3rd round compensatory if a team picks him up.
  4. To me our main concerns are: OFFENSE We can't get the yardage needed on offense, especially 3rd down. Sarks thought about that jet sweep on the one inch line for a reason, it was how we were getting dominated up front. The play calling on those critical distances is getting called for a reason and it's not all the OC. He's seeing how the players are playing and calling what he thinks will work with the personnel and the play on the field We can't stay on schedule, so we can't get to 3rd and 3 or 3rd and 4. This brings me back to point number 1. We can't get the short yardage anyway so what's the point. Still ridiculous to have the consistent amount of 3 and outs we do. Bad execution of the plays that are called and bad plays in general, a mix of the 2, too much either or (this includes the misses down field, drop passes, missed blocking assignments, bad play design (if I can see the bad spacing, I know the staff can), etc....) DEFENSE we barely even get the opponent to 3rd down. I mean it's ridiculous how many 1st down, 2nd down, 1st down 2nd down sequences I've seen this season. We are fitting the run inconsistently Down the stretch we are being pushed around up front My point is these are problems up front in the trenches, not all the way back at the free safety. On offense we can't get that 1 or 2 yards we need to stay on schedule. To me that says look at the play along the entire offensive line. On defense, we start out at least above average and the play of the defense becomes inconsistent as the game goes along. To me that says examine defensive line depth. Jarrett and Poe's play is solid 1st half, inconsistent 2nd half. We have a 2 to 3 platoon way of playing our guys up front, we need more depth there. When the D-line starts to wear, that means those guards are arriving to the second level of our defense a couple steps earlier than those linebackers are use too. To counter those linebackers start trying to "cheat" there gaps, end up overrunning there gaps, bad run fit. It's all related...
  5. Keep hearing and reading Payne as a top10, top 15 guy. Might be out of our range.
  6. Not disagreeing with you, just don't think that is the reason our defense is failing. I mean I see the problems and to me it doesn't scream "our free safety is killing us". Would love to have the improvement there.
  7. No I brought in Bademosi because its no telling what we got in Jalen Collins and I didn't retain the others, I brought back Ishmael whos role is basically linebacker and a 7th round pick. I don't think that says all of that. I guess that's the 3 your talking about. I don't think our problems on defense is in our corners.
  8. I agree that a better FS would give us a boost, but I don't see Rico being the problem or the weak link in our defense. After today I'm thinking about getting a dang guard in the first.
  9. A perfectly executed offensive play is unstoppable. Even when you know it's coming if the team executes the play properly it can't be stopped. You can be perfect on defense, and still can't stop a perfectly executed offensive play. You can be in "perfectly technically" sound coverage and still get beat with a perfect throw. That's the same with the entire offense really. Anything perfect on offense will beat anything perfect on defense every time. You can fill your gap perfectly, but because of the scheme of the offense there is always a back door or hot that accounts for you filling your gap, playing your gap "perfectly". The team last year executed the plays at a higher efficiency than this year. The year before, Shanahan's first year they didn't. Yea, you do have the jet sweep on the one inch yard line, stuff like that, that part is on him, but the players still have to play, believe 100% in the system and execute the play at a high efficiency. Dude Tom Brady is good because the ENTIRE offense DOES THERE JOB. They execute to near perfection, highly efficient. Every player is where they are suppose to be when they suppose to be there and doing what they suppose to do. He's a good player, can be considered the GOAT, but you are giving him credit when you should be giving the system credit. Tom Brady doesn't call his own plays, never has, lol...
  10. Who we bring back: Andre Roberts WR Courtney Upshaw DT Kemal Ishmael LB/S Austin Pasztor OT Ahtyba Rubin DT Free Agent Targets: 1. Johnson Bademosi CB 2. Orlando Franklin OG 3. Dewey McDonald LB 4. Mike Meyer K Round 1: Derrick Nnadi DT (Florida ST)- Our defense needs to maintain a solid rotation up front. Up front, guys need to be more athletic than there offensive counter parts to win versus one on one. That is by far the number one reason he's the first pick for us, aside from Steven Richardson, Nnadi is the best threat versus straight up one on one match ups up front. Round 2: Joe Ostman DE (CMU)- I think he would be the perfect counterpart to Takk if we wanted to keep Beasley at the strong side linebacker. He can hold the edge, strong violent hands, and an adequate first step. Very underrated player. Round 3: Kendrick Norton DT (Miami)- Just a solid stout defensive tackle who could fit well in our rotation. Round 4: David Sills WR (West Virginia)- Sills may be the best wide out in West Virginia school history. He has good size at 6'4 and strong hands. Round 5: Dimitri Flowers FB (Oklahoma)- Solid do everything full back. Just what we need in our scheme. Round 6: TRADED!!! Round 7: Jaylen Dunlap CB (Illinois)- Big rangy corner to add to our depth there and core special teams player
  11. Cowherd is just click bait on live tv. Him and Skip Bayless, they say outrageous things just to get your attention. That's it.
  12. I don't think this team "needs" anything out of free agency right now. They need to execute better as a team. Offense is not crisp and the defense needs to actually be more speedy and free flowing.
  13. That's a good thing. We get to the playoffs hot and ready.