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  1. We aren't that limited, if that happened and both Wynn and Connor Williams are gone, it's not some kind of dooms day scenario for us. I would take those guys ahead of Connor Williams anyway.
  2. Bryan is just as raw as Tak was to me and I would go with Harrison Phillips before both of those guards. And there are still other options besides that other than Price and Hernandez IMO.
  3. I don't see them being able to keep both Poe and Jarrett. To me that has never been truly realistic. I feel the same way about there ability to keep both Freeman and Coleman also. He will probably be best mostly at 3 his rookie year, the guy is practically the same size as Poe was this year 6'3 330lbs. Again, I just don't see them retaining Poe if they also plan on retaining Jarrett. There drafting that position, I think the FA get this year is guard. Check him out.
  4. I have to admit I was late learning about this dude. But I honestly can't see how you can watch a Virginia Tech game, see this dude, consider how our defense is built and be shocked if we took him at 26. Quin has his conceptual defense where you have the one and the three techniques, but as far as physical traits he values agility along with that player being able to play that position assignment wise. Settle in my opinion is one of those players that fits our scheme and what we do like a glove. Watch the Tremaine Edmunds games vs Miami and Clemson look for number 4 up front.
  5. Could it happen yeah, but I don't understand the highly unlikely, I don't know I don't see that much of a drop in his game. He's basically Grady Jarrett with 20 more pounds on him with no loss in quickness and agility. Other teams he may not fit, in our system to me he fits like a glove. We want to stick with the "concept" of having an under tackle and nose as far as fitting the front but Quin wants these guys up field first and foremost.
  6. Yeah, I agree with all of this. I was going back and forth between Bryan and Settle. I honestly think both should start out at 3, but Settle would be the better player day one and better over the center early on. He's way better with his hands to keep guys off of him, better leverage, sheds quickly and easily. It was really the pad level and leverage that did it for me as to why I liked Settle more, but Bryan has probably the highest ceiling of all the interior defensive lineman. In a lot of ways Bryan won't be ready to start day one, that's my honest opinion. He's in the same boat as Takk to me, physical talent with a lot of holes to work on.
  7. didn't say they wouldn't have been....
  8. Don't get it twisted not a matrix fan over performance on the field, but I was just wondering how doe this guy stack up in your little formula @Kayoh
  9. Maybe one thing I'm not is a cap-oligist
  10. Honestly, why do you not see Settle as a first round pick? Especially for us. Drafting players is about fit first. For another team Neal and Tak aren't first round picks. I don't see how Settle isn't a first round pick for us specifically. He's a guy who can play the one who is agile enough to get up field and still play half a man. Both are. I was going back and forth between the two. Settle is more NFL ready. It came down to potential and upside. Settle will be the better player year one.
  11. That was a mistake. I think Bryan is the better player but neither are reaches in the first round.
  12. Assuming we... pick up Andrew Norwell OG, Anthony Sherman FB, Shamar Stephens DT, Tom Savage QB, and D'anthony Thomas WR/KR in free agency. Probably all 1 year deals accept for Norwell and Stephens, probably all below 850K. Norwell with a 4 year back loaded deal. Cut Matt Schaub, Ty Sambrailo, and maybe Brooks Reed, and retain Matt Bryant, Jordan Tripp, Courtney Upshaw, and Ahtyba Rubin. * I see as strong candidates as starters at there position in our system Draft: (No trades) Round 1: Taven Bryan DT (Florida)- Get our 1 tech in the first to go along side Jarrett Round 2: Mike Gesicki TE (Penn State)- Get the down field match up threat we actually need. And at 6'7 he has the length to be legit inline. Round 3: Joe Ostman DE (Central Michigan)- Get one of our starting DE opposite Vic in the 3rd round. We rotate so much there really isn't a legit starter. He is solid against the run and very technically sound to be coming out of Central Michigan. Round 4: Rashaan Gaulden CB (Tennessee)- One of the most underrated players coming out. Every bit as athletic as the top tier guys. He is just a big explosive freak cornerback and we need the depth at the position. He can also compete for kick returner as well. Round 6: Javon Wimms WR (UGA)- All our WR aside from Julio and Sanu are below 5'11. We need some size there. Round 7: Lavon Coleman RB (Washington)- solid big back value pick who actually fits a ZBS unlike Hill
  13. To me, it would be a first and insert additional pick(s) here this year regardless of rather they tack on picks next year or not. No way we move from 26 to 14 and keep all our other picks that same year.
  14. I like it, just don't see a team being okay with moving back in the first round and not getting nothing more than our less valuable first pick in that same year. Just doesn't seem realistic to me. If we trade up especially more than 10 picks, it's a win now league, not win next year league. They would demand more than just our less valuable 1st round pick in 2018. If that happened, best draft we ever had.
  15. I think the whole world sleeping on Hurst