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  1. Considering the points here and the fact that they didn't even draft a running back and that includes undrafted free agents. We may have a better Todd Gurley than the Rams did.
  2. Ashton Davis or Kyle Dugger, thinking they wait until the 3rd for DT. Would like to see them pick up Jordan Elliot.
  3. We play a cover 3 fellas not man to man. Why not Terrel? He's long consistent at the point, ask him to travel, play cat coverage, not his thing. He fits, lol... I don't get it.
  4. Too me unless we trade up into at least the top half of the second round I don't think we are in position to pick him. 16 too high, not in position in the second. He doesn't make it out of the top 10 of the second round, to me that's the floor. A guy I wouldn't mind us really considering is Curtis Weaver. I do think he would be there in the second.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if he's our pick at 16 either. With the free agency moves we made, we can go a lot of different directions.
  6. Terrell Lewis is late first, well I don't have a crystal ball but yea, don't see him lasting to the 3rd round.
  7. Wrote him off because we already have Neal, but he could fit on the field with Neal. Very versatile. Not saying he's the pick, just realizing he should be considered more than I thought.
  8. Takes a rookie wideout some time to develop in the NFL, 90% of them don't run a full route tree. If we ran our system to where we had wideouts do specific things it would be different, ex. DK Metcalf runs the same routes he ran in college, but we don't, we expect every wideout to run the whole tree, with the correct timing, stemming and all. Our WR4 don't even do that, just run 7s and 9s and that's it. It's a lot of talent at wideout this year, the class is deep, if we want one like a potential WR3, we can find that in the 4th. Y'all sleeping on Russell Gage fellas.
  9. Gallimore is a good player. Things I see: I don't see him being a right now guy, more of a development next year guy, just don't see the consistency against double teams and when he has to be a "power" guy. He's a move guy, quick guy, but he's not complete to me. I also watch how teams treat a player, teams don't treat Gallimore as a threat where he is demanding double teams or extra attention. Blacklock, Elliot, they get extra attention. Demand it! Just my two cents. I think Blacklock and Elliot are the more complete guys. Elliot is ready to play right now, like RIGHT RIGHT NOW, Blacklock biggest problem is pad level other than that he can win with both speed and power and has just as good a get off as Gallimore. All I'm saying is at 16, and either guy is picked, I have zero complaints. I'm not saying they couldn't get the same guys at 20 or 22, you need a trade partner to get to 20 or 22. I wouldn't mind Henderson over them, wouldn't be mad at that either.
  10. To answer your question its a typo, mistake they happen. The problem about today. Everybody is a walking tabloid, it's one sentence. How can you have more information about my opinion than I do. I'm not advocating for him, I literally said IN MY ONE SENTENCE IF they chose him at 16, I wouldn't be too upset. Never said I was a fan of anybody. Question: Did you copy and paste "Ngakoue" or are you a fan? How long have I known of this prospect, you tell me? A team has to have a trade partner whether up or down, if at 16 they call his named I wouldn't be too upset about the pick.
  11. Other than Jordan Elliot, only other guy I wouldn't be too upset at if I saw his name attached to us at 16.
  12. If I could pick one player in this draft it would be this dude.
  13. I think this is a win, for one we gave up a second and 5th, received Hurst and a 4th. Hurst is better than all of these tight ends this year, if we wanted to select one in the second, we did so while moving up from the 5th round to the 4th round. Secondly, he's a better athlete than Hooper and a better blocker. We have a legit down field threat at tight end, not just intermediate then YAC. Third, yes he doesn't have the production, Hooper also didn't have the depth and competition Hurst did. They were 4 tight ends deep in Baltimore. It depends on if he's being put in a position to shine and who the QB is. Not adding any shade to Jackson, but if he favored Andrews he favored Andrews, Hurst made plays when he could. This is a win to me.
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