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  1. Just my opinion. Not saying he IS either one of these players. But to me he's a mix of Percy Harvin and Darren Sproles. He's more Percy given he's quick and fast, he's Darren because to me if need be you could give him 10 to 15 touches at running back at the next level if it came to that game plan wise. But his style to me is a little closer to Percy Harvin. He's just a weapon man similar to both of those guys.
  2. I think he could do a lot of things. To me he's basically an edge guy, a guy you want in space. He could replace turbo, he could give Tevin some competition with what he brings to the table as well.
  3. But this one is so gray area. Cut blocks spoke to a specific action or sequence in the position of the defender and where the offensive lineman and where and rather he can actually block him. It was cut and dry specific. You can't really coach to not be "egregious". Egregious where, head shots what if he's already established as a runner, last game of the season vs the Saints when Neal laid to would to can't remember his name. Would that hit get him kicked out now. This isn't like defenseless receiver. This rule is just to gray for me man. I mean define "egregious"!
  4. There were other changes but this one specifically concerns me. Keanu Neal to be more specific and the direction of the style our defense is going in. New rule: Stronger enforcement of penalties for "very egregious" hits What it means: The competition committee identified a handful of plays from the 2016 season that included hits so violent and so counter to existing rules that it wanted them "out of our game," according to chairman Rich McKay. Referees already were empowered to eject players who committed those acts, and they will be encouraged to use that authority. If they don't, the committee is recommending that the player be suspended for his next game even if it is a first offense. No rules will change, but it will be a point of emphasis. The league believes the issue will only arise a few times per season. I'm not so sure. Points of emphasis usually bring heavy-handed enforcement, especially early in the season. This is one to keep an eye on in September.
  5. Wide open league. He's perfect for what the league is today. Darren Sproles type guy for our offense.
  6. I like this. If he just openly said this and that, yeah, but if the guy is asked a question then I don't hold that against him. He was just being honest answering a question on a radio show you know.
  7. I'm still confused as too how Alex Mack didn't even make the list at all really...
  8. I just think we really need to start considering re-upping offensively, specifically at wide out. It's early of course, but Henderson is someone to consider going forward.
  9. He can play anywhere in the interior. He's an up the field type of guy, he holds up against doubles, can pass rush. My top guy on my wish list so far.
  10. Extremely early. Depends, OK State wideouts are like Baylor's. Going to need a lot of development when they come into the league, they don't run the full wide tree from what I understand. Not even half the route tree. It's a new age, use to be guys like Desaun Jackson slipped into the second round, he could be a top 15 guy. Slot wide outs are starters now. Depends on if he can demonstrate that he is beyond a slot wide out. John Ross went 9th overall because he didn't project to just being a slot guy. Could be later in the second, depending on numbers he could put up this season, combine, etc... Just to early to tell right now.
  11. Yea if you believe that much or read that much into the combine stuff. Ask anybody here I'm not that much of a believer in it. Both has sideline to sideline type speed. Even all of Walkers scouting reports say so. Also evident by the tape. Both are good or project to be good in coverage. The knock on Walker was tackling and play diagnosing. I just preferred his size, thought the rest could be coached up.
  12. I was a real fan of Anthony Walker Jr out of NorthWestern. Really want to see how he fairs in Indianapolis. Duke Riley was a good get, but to me both ran the same at the combine, but Walker had 20lbs more bulk to him and I loved his tape. Dude was a thumper.
  13. Beasley still has a ceiling he hasn't hit yet. Bennett hit his ceiling in Tampa really, and so has Clark only going into his 3rd year, he's already hit his ceiling, and Avril years ago similar to Bennett. They are all solid players, not dissing anyone. It's just with Clark, you are going to get what you see in him for the next 4 to 5 years what you see now. Only thing he can improve on is technique, not flexibility or strength. Bennett has maybe one more solid year and I'd give Avril 2 but he also struggles with injuries. I would take Beasley ahead of all of those guys going forward, money and age aside, skill wise Beasley is ahead of those guys. And it's not really that fair to say I take these 2 solid players above this one solid player anyway. Takk hasn't played yet, you have a point there.
  14. What mock is real? Hence the term mock. You never know who's picking what dude, you don't even know if the guy that you did pick would be there, i.e. our first round pick, we traded up to get Takk, h#ll, its a good chance McDowell could not be there because of us not trading up. Honestly, now that I think about it, why did I respond to this.