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  1. You love Bama boy...
  2. What I'm saying is dude is thankful where it matters, where it counts. He earned it, he can do whatever he wants with it. Personally, I don't blame him.
  3. Didn't he say he was thankful to the people who mattered, fans, teams, supporters. With his career I wouldn't show up either, he's a 1st ballot, dude couldn't even get 2nd ballot. That to me would be him kissing there behinds.
  4. I'd drop the Titans and Saints below us, otherwise I pretty much agree with this.
  5. Sark has the football mind, he didn't have the preparation experience and attention to detail to match the NFL level. Preparation is not just in calling the right plays, it's also in practice and attention to detail. That comes with experience, he has the mind to do it at that level. How you practice and prepare matters, that is what was missing. Hopefully Knapp can fill in the gap because realistically that is the only gap between Shanahan and Sark, experience at the NFL level to properly prepare for the opponent your facing, get your players ready...
  6. Yep, a good case to why they shouldn't do it. This whole thread the message is lost. I'm a vet, the "media" and president started that whole "disrespecting" our country stuff. Talked to anyone who served, they will tell you the reason we strap up is so someone can do this. The message was lost because that was the narrative taken by the media and the powers that be. They put the focus on kneeling and the anthem and left out the why and reason. Think about it, where is the emphasis placed when you here about this or discuss it with others. When have you ever heard or seen a player come out and say "I'm kneeling to disrespect my country." Don't get it twisted, those powers to be would prefer you focus on the perceived disrespect to our country rather than the social issue and what that really stands for. I didn't care never did, everyone I served with didn't care either. There fining the players, not preventing them so it's not a 1st amendment type of thing really but it's still a slippery slope.
  7. I don't need to drop no more proof than you do. I remember watching the game, yea we ran the ball that game, also remember thinking they are running that same concept way too many times. Soon as that happen the next play the pick happened. I'm a regular dude just watching the game and began to call it just looking at the formation and this is just the 3rd game of the season not even gotten to half time yet. Nails on a chalkboard. Changing the narrative. Where did I say you have to scheme a player wide open? That's out of context. I didn't say anything about Shanahan let alone say Sark needs to duplicate anything he did. I can't speak for anyone else, I for one never looked for him to actually come in here and be Shanahan. I guess it depends on how you view the game. I just wanted him to be proficient as a play caller. In my opinion, game to game preparation wasn't there for me on a professional level. Our offense was where it was simply because players play, players make plays. Put this separate, it wasn't scheme. Our coordinator called the plays to the degree of throwing a dart at a target and hoping it lands. It wasn't moving pieces on a board, wasn't a plan. Not saying he doesn't know football or know football concepts. That has nothing to do with preparation. Hopefully Knapp can come in and help him with that, scouting the opposing team and preparation.
  8. Was about to say this. I think the team told him to shop around.
  9. What I'm saying is in the College game, you can out athletic a team, your match ups are simple to the point where you don't have to "scheme" a player into the game. Just call a play that's meant for him. Pros you can't do that, the team you are going against has already prep'd for that play you are calling for him. In order to "scheme" a player in, you have to think 3 plays out, like chess. Brett outlines this in that video. No scheme to set up the next play, and I called this in the Detroit game during the season 2 games in, when the whole board got upset. I called this, Sark went shallow cross, with an inside clear like 9 plays in a row. I guess he thought if he mixed in a TE or running back, the defense wouldn't recognize it. That was the route combination. I was sitting at home like I know these safeties see this. When Quinn picked Ryan off, I wasn't surprised, I was like about blanking time. I was worried about those very things for the rest of the season. Season over, ended up to be true. Yeah, schemes may be similar in a way, how you call plays and the way you actually set teams up is different. Vastly, like playing chess and checkers.
  10. I wonder if he has seen this.... My opinion on Sark is this, the college game is different from the pros, the routine, amount of preparation, how the staff preps for each game. I will treat this as his transition year and with Knapp here he will have more help in the routine and ways of doing things on the professional level for him. The experience he lacked last year. This year it essentially 2 OCs on this team, only Sark will call the plays on Sunday. I think Knapp will have that much impact on the preparation process of scouting and game plan, you might as well say he's our OC as well. Knapkisian Monday thru Saturday, Sarkisian on Sunday.
  11. That 4i makes a lot of sense with Adrian Clayborn leaving. I remember they would put him there and Takk out wide in that alignment. That would be awesome to see.
  12. Man that whole highlight of Grady Jarrett. Poe was a straight man eater only, when he did penetrate he was never really able to put the guard on his heels, the guard he was going up against was able to recover every time. Violent game up front, it's see man beat man, not complaining about his game. That's his game, he would look good in Carolina controlling his man at the LOS, but we weren't asking that out of our guys. He'd look good in Detroit doing that too. Poe's a beast, just saying in a way we were asking for a different beast.
  13. Just overall, I think even as a rookie Senat fits what we need out of our nose more than Poe did. We took Poe and really kind of tried to change his game. He never was a get on the edge type of guy. We signed him and told him to lose 35lbs and become an up the field guy. Poe was a man eater, space eater. That's not really what we do with our line, what we require of our tackles. Carolina will probably be a better fit for Poe than we were. Senat will take his lumps but fellas we got the player we needed at the position, probably a long term starter and didn't have to spend our first round pick to do it and we all thought that was the biggest need. We probably filled it with a 3rd round pick.
  14. And it is UCF, they didn't go undefeated by accident. You win up front first, they did stump Auburn in the championship. Honestly, for the most part big nasty's on both sides are suppose to look "bland" in a way. That's guards and DTs especially. It's not like a wide receiver or running back, don't care for the spin moves and "flash" if you can't stand your ground, can't generate a jolt with your hands, can't maintain your gap, etc... DTs are suppose to look "bland".