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  1. People form there own opinions, but I think there are a lot more options at both 1 and 2 beside Williams and Ford that have the potential to be better than Scweitzer or even Schraeder. Now, personally I'm one to believe last year was an off/injury year for Schraeder. But even still we have Jawaan Taylor, Cody Ford, Jonah Williams, and Andrew Dilliard as far as first round value. We pick 14, and no I'm not a Greg Little fan. At guard it wouldn't surprise me if I saw Chris Lindstrom for us at 14, not pounding the table, but it wouldn't shock me. He would fit perfect here and is extremely underrated. Elgin Jenkins could provide us solid guard play as well as our future center at 14. We also have a great number of options in the second at both guard and tackle. Lindstrom could fall, Garrett Bradbury, Eric McCoy, Michael Deiter, Max Scharping, and Michael Jordan (maybe) are the ones I like. Not as much of a fan of a lot of tackles in the second but I do love Dalton Risner and think people are sleeping on Isaiah Prince. To me all of these are as close to a guarantee better than Schweitzer or Schraeder as it gets without actually seeing them in uniform at the next level. And that's not to mention guys later who I think could be a step up like the Penn State guys.McGovern and Bates. My point is there are just as much options if not more along the O-line when compared to the D-line early. Probably more options as far as offensive line 3rd round and up. A team always has a window, it depends on different factors but most of the time is the QB and whatever that primary supporting cast is. Brother there is always a window, and the window AKA PRIME OPPORTUNITY is all that matters, reason a lot of teams aren't successful sometimes. They miss that "window". Brett Favre and the Vikings comes to mind. When in that window, there is no "future". Yes, you sacrifice whatever pipe dream future you have to get through that window, yes you do that if you want championships, simply because A. injuries, salary cap, chemistry, LIFE, etc... so many factors. B. The "future" is always a pipe dream. The future as far as everything, everything works this way. You may want a Mercedes in 5 years, get ready to wait 5+ years. My point is, doing what you need to do now, trying to get through that window now, is never sacrificing your future, because there is no future if you aren't where you need to be now, right in front of that window. The best teams stand in front of that window and sustain that. If we need to trade Julio to get in front of that window he needs to be on first thing smoking out of ATL. Straight up. Not saying I want that, just an example. If we bring in someone via free agency, it's going to be along the D line. TD called the O-line expensive, things that are expensive usually aren't worth there value. Don't see them putting big money in the offensive front. I think we are investing draft picks primarily at the O-line and the position next to Grady can be serviced with a guy later in the draft if they go that route.
  2. Okay, just wanting to be corrected here. We could not protect the QB this year. Our head coach says Mack and Matthews were the only one's doing there job this year, scrub the rest. Anemic on offense. Can't do anything if you can't execute and control the LOS. And the solution is too keep Scweitzwer, Sambreilo, and Schraeder as starters, potential starters, bring in a rookie 3rd round small school guy, replace Levitre with "another Levitre", and role with that. It could work, we've already seen what we have in the guys we are retaining, I'm hoping Schraeder was an off year. If last year repeats this year, we will still need to reinvest in the O line to protect Matt Ryan and run the ball adequately. Still anemic on offense. Howard could be a hit, could not, small school guys still need more time to develop. And to me the real window is this year and next year, don't have time right now to groom the LG of the future in Bar. The way the contracts are on defense, Julio isn't getting any younger, Ryan in that prime window, window is 2 years maybe 3 to me.
  3. Fellas Grady is the best player we have up front! Not knocking him, everybody has limitations, everyone has advantages. Just focused on that fellas. I want him at his best. Can he play 1 and 3? Yes he can! Can he play 1 technique every single down, regardless of down and distance, regardless of offensive scheme and personnel AND THAT BE HIS BEST POSITION? NO!!!!!!! His best position is 3 technique regardless of down and distance, or offensive scheme. Can he play 1 technique? Yes, is it the best position for him? No.
  4. Your right! Grady does play that role just fine. And 1 isn't directly over the center. Not talking about him playing just fine, not talking about terminology. Certain situations 1 is not his best, regardless of the situation 3 is. At his best he's up the field being disruptive, not playing 1, focused on control first and taking on MORE double teams. Talking about at his best.
  5. I put the analysis up here because this dude is saying and specifically pointing out what I've been thinking. Literally. And I don't have a YouTube channel like that or anything. Simmons played everywhere on there line. Not discrediting him, would love to have him here, I just agree with what he's saying.
  6. This all depends on whether you want the best Grady. He's not at his best ANYWHERE, Aaron Donald is at his best anywhere. He doesn't play 1 and 3 equally. You can line Donald up at either 1 or 3 and get the same Donald, Grady is not that player. It is a vast difference in what you have on run downs in him at 3 than you do with him at 1. Big difference. Grady doesn't play over center just as good as when he's at under. He's not equally good at both areas. And it depends on the opponent and situation to whether he should be at 1 or 3. That's the main reason teams like Baltimore, Eagles, Steelers, Titans, Jags, etc... come in here and are able to control the line of scrimmage the way they can. Grady is great at 3 regardless of who we play. At 1, over the center, depends on the match up, the scheme, the OC. You can plug Grady at 3 and leave him there. Don't even have to worry about down and distance. You can't do that with him at 1. Him and Poe interchanged according to the match up and scheme of the offense. They didn't just do that out of no where. I'm sorry fellas, you can't just leave Grady at 1 all game against the Steelers and expect the best Grady. Broncos, Giants, okay but Grady best is 3 technique.
  7. Never said he wasn't Mississippi State's NT. Not talking about that.
  8. This the guy I think they target.
  9. Don't really follow Voch like that but he pointed out some things I've thought for a while now. Simmons is a powerful dude, great player, would love him here. As far as how he fits, I really think they want Grady at 3 primarily and bring in someone to play over the center primarily. Attempted that with Poe coming here. Have Grady at 1 situationally not primarily or in rotation. Gray is best playing on the edge of guys. Simmons wouldn't afford us that. I don't see the best position for him is directly over center just like Grady. Simmons is a 3 primarily, 1 situationally like Grady is. Just sharing my opinion. Simmons is a great player, and is one of the best inside guy coming out. I've always struggled with how he would fit with what we already have here and I got tired of teams playing bully downhill football controlling the LOS because Grady isn't a take 2, control the center type of guy play in play out.
  10. Man we gotta resign Grady, resign Julio. We going OG or OT in round one. OT or OG in round 2, and whoever we want next to Grady in round 3.
  11. We have a need based philosophy in the first round. The rounds after that, we take into account value more than need. That's how we operate. Quin said as much, keep Matthews, keep Mack, scrap the rest. That's 60% of the O-line. The most important thing you have to do is protect the QB, you win the game up front. Basically, not worried about Simmons because we are picking an O-lineman at 14.
  12. Best pass rushers line up against the right tackle in todays NFL. The blindside LT being so much more important is outdated. Today your RT has to be just as good as your LT.
  13. That's what happens when you just read just the head line of an article.
  14. To bad he's returning