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  1. I wouldn't cut Freeman, can't see Ito being a bell cow and I haven't seen enough from anyone else.
  2. More man to man coverage is needed with what he is trying to do but after the Vikings game we need to stop the run first. We signed Matt Bryant to a one year deal and it will be a need.
  3. Free Agent target positions: 1.) Safety depth, 2.) DT depth, 3.) Swing tackle Round 1: C.J. Henderson CB (Florida) Round 2: Chase Claypool WR (Notre Dame) Round 3. Robert Windsor DT (Penn St) Round 4: Rodrigo Blankenship K (UGA) Round 5: Calvin Bundage LB (OKST) Round 6: Rashad Berry TE (Ohio ST) Round 7: BPA
  4. I still think Bryce Love fits here.
  5. If they trade both 4ths to get into the late 3rd round who should the pick be? My pick: Jachai Polite DE (yep I think he will still be there late in the 3rd)
  6. All these lineman, Matt had a near MVP season with like the most hits on the QB. We running the ball down these teams throats, play action, clean pocket. Have to admit I didn't like McGary's tape, but dude is huge.
  7. He ain't beating out Sambrialo
  8. not knocking you, just saying I didn't see him do well vs Clemson. He here now, while we b*ll sh*tting Jawann Taylor still on the board. Go figure... Andre Dillard just came off. Looking more and more like a good pick compared to how the rest of the teams reaction. More of a consensus on things.
  9. I honestly thought Clemson was one of his worse games. Don't see him playing outside, one of these guards we brought in not playing next year as a starter. I thought he had a bad game vs Clemson, made me come off of him a little.
  10. Correct me but would our starting line now looks like... LT- Matthews LG- Carpenter C- Mack RG- Lindstrom RT- Brown (not Sambrielo) Simply no way Lindstrom isn't starting. There eating money somewhere.
  11. Probably can't keep Debo and Grady.... and still sign Campbell.
  12. I would hope they wouldn't do that. I was saying you can't keep all 3.
  13. Just considering all these trade up rumors, what if they trade up for Devin White? May not be able to afford Dbo, Grady, and still keep Devondre Campbell.