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  1. I think he could be a steal mid to late this year. He has some really good athletic traits and his technique is horrible. We could bring him in, by the end of the year he could very well be our swing tackle for a good portion of the foreseeable future if he develops. He has some technical issues, but the length, quick feet, that's there. When he does drop his hips he does have a good base, just not consistent there.
  2. That's probably why he dropped in the draft, remember he got picked a couple picks after Saubert. It was medical, had to be medical for a talent like that to drop that far and get cut after week 1.
  3. He would be a better tackle, doubt he lasts to the bottom of the first though.
  4. I've colded down on him (Lowell). A lot of those plays even in that highlight, not NFL gradable. It's not an Olineman in the league that's going to let him get into there body like that. They would have there hands on him long before that, some he's straight up chest to chest almost. Makes me wonder how long his arms are. It some good plays on there now, and he's a good player. I've just colded down on him a good deal compared to earlier.
  5. no comment...
  6. Vita Vea is a good player, unlike most here I think he falls to the bottom half of the draft. I do think he's a tad bit overrated. Good draft overall, can't argue with anybody up there. It's a good chance that if Evan Berry doesn't have a good season he could end up being an undrafted guy.
  7. Most likely there going to target one specific player. They do that every year. Either they have to go get that specific player or that specific player falls to them. Personally at this point before we have even played one regular season game, I want a corner and D-line depth early.
  8. Good kicker, heard the rumors of multiple teams interested in him. I guess the competition wasn't as close as I thought.
  9. Surprised they cut Mike Meyer so early...
  10. Well as far as backup swing tackles that's probably on the upper side of what your getting anyway. He started all last season for the Broncos, I mean I don't expect us getting a potential starter at swing tackle. I don't see the big issue. We didn't have one, and as far as what we could have gotten, he's probably top of the list.
  11. Yeah, he's kind of like a Malik McDowell without the character concerns... kind of, not exact match before anybody pounce on me. I thought it would be best we pick up a vet swing tackle and backup interior lineman. I'd rather bring back Garland than bring in another rookie honestly in the middle.
  12. And in my honest opinion Rasheem Greene will probably end up late 1st after the combine especially. Just my opinion on him. That's his rank currently.
  13. I think as far as a swing OT, there not drafting that. He needs to have more experience. They could bring in a guy via the draft to become the swing tackle later, but not that year IMO. Bringing back Poe, did it with the mindset that Reed was coming back. We don't need starters we need depth, a 3rd round guy no matter how late are expected to be starters or eventual starters. I know we really technically don't have any starters up front but Clayborn, Hageman, and Upshaw can be replaced by next man up currently and a couple DTs mid round IMO. That's essentially 3 guys leaving 3 guys replacing them.
  14. What made Shanahan good was the self scouting part of his play calling. It made him unpredictable as a play caller. The first year, we did well the first quarter of the season, teams looked back at the film and caught up with us, his second year he improved greatly as far as self scouting what he was doing each quarter of the season. Teams were never able to catch up to what he was doing quarter to quarter. If Sark nails the self-scouting part of his job he will do just fine, problem is you really don't have to put too much focus on that in college.