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  1. I am WIT YA BUT **** ITS GONNA BE HARD!!!! SMMFH!!!!! YOU are wrong on one aspect tho. We have never had a more injuries than we have had this year.
  2. Please Pass the BLUNT!!!!! That has got to be some GOOD **** you smoking!!!!! Some of that oohhhhweeeee!!!!!!!! SMH!!! And you posted a whole page of that BS. I mean you really thought it out and everything. LMAO!!!
  3. I Figured it OUT TOO!!! YOUR ARE A MORON!!!!! YEAH............................. That's It!!!!!!
  4. We cant really blame the front office for this because NO ONE saw this coming. I mean I have been a Falcons fan for 20+ years and I have never seen players go down like this. I think we will be ok IF we can win 2 of the next 3 games and go into the BYE with no more injuries to any Major players. ie Matt, Julio, Roddy.
  5. I mean its crazy our two ROOKIE cornerbacks have now become our strength. I mean WHHHHHHAAAT THE ****KKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. WTF just happened....... SMFH... Out of ALL of my years as a Falcon Fan I can not remember at ANY TIME us basically losing 6 starters in 2 weeks.
  7. Well I guess the trolls on this board are now glad that TD kept all of the extra money in the salary cap to sign some players. I think that he saw this epidemic coming. The NFL and NFLPA are going to have to change the rules back because players are dropping like flies. BUT this hurts BAD!!!!
  9. Yeah they were on YO AZZ YESTERDAY!!!!! SMH. We will be fine if our O-Line start blocking . It was not like we were producing sacks anyway!!!
  10. I agree with everything you said BUT you missed something. WE STILL can not run a spread offense inside the 10 yard line. We just can not do it because Everyone in the stadium knows that we are going to either Roddy or Tony. We have to start running the ball or here's a thought play fake. We can even run a fade but we CAN NOT keep running the spread. PERIOD!!!!
  11. If anyone of the message board want to get mad about something it should be this simple fact. How in the **** are we still where we started from last year. We should be been practicing this ALL SUMMER LONG. MY goodness. I mean no run plays and NO Julio. I mean you can not run a spread offense at the goal line. Because EVERYONE IN THE BUILDING knows what you are gonna do. Why not a fade to Julio in the corner or throw the ball to our 6'10 Tight end/ Power Forward. SMMFH!!!
  12. I think that we will be fine in the long run. We have to give the O Line some time to gel or find replacements. We SHOULD be 3-2 or 4-1 by the BYE week. After the BYE we will be clicking on all cylinders. The One thing that did concern me is that we are stuck on the same issue the cost us a trip to the Super Bowl last Year. Scoring inside the 10 yard line with the game on the line. We have if not the best one of the best offenses in the NFL. The OC needs to STOP trying to run a spread offense inside the 10 and RUN THE ******* FOOTBALL!!!! Or MAYBE just MAYBE throw the ball to our 6' 10 Tighten
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