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  1. hey bro hate to tell ya but boneless wings are just chicken breasts cut into smaller pieces
  2. i could see your point if we were having a hard time in the redzone. We arent
  3. looks great but man there are going to be some crazy shadows on the field
  4. That all depends on which Oline shows up
  5. ever heard of Stubbs? I ran across some the other day. (had never heard of it before). Got a bottle of their habanero sauce. Dude that was a mistake Hottest store bought BBQ sauce ive ever had
  6. Im pretty sure Smith is really just Norwood with a shaven head
  7. Julio, Hester, and Smith on the field at the same time is deadly. Throw in Roddy to be the possession guy and its **** near unstoppable. Im loving the potential this offense has this season
  8. my bad forgot to post it. They turned out very very good cant get them to blow up. somebody help me out lol
  9. They must have gotten good again. When i quit going they had stopped having the big bands and started playing that death metal ****. Still have a paper with a pic on the front page of me leaning on the stage during the offspring show. Good times lol
  10. i went every year from the age of 13 to 18. It has gone downhill big time since back then. You use to be able to see some good shows there. Not so much anymore. **** Ive seen hundreds of great bands there.
  11. what WE worry about makes no difference
  12. Greene lives down the road from me. I have a collection of autographed footballs from him lol
  13. Apparently he has had some concussion problems
  14. with our new coordinators I dont think they will let that happen
  15. ive been here since the beginning. I am far from a troll
  16. dude is one of the few on here i cant tolerate. A bit to racist for my liking
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