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  1. ever heard of Stubbs? I ran across some the other day. (had never heard of it before). Got a bottle of their habanero sauce. Dude that was a mistake Hottest store bought BBQ sauce ive ever had
  2. my bad forgot to post it. They turned out very very good cant get them to blow up. somebody help me out lol
  3. grilling/smoking some ribs tonight. Using a homemade BBQ rub and then brushing them with a apple cider vinegar/mustard mixture as they cook. And then finishing them off with some jalapeno BBQ sauce. Ill post pics when they are done
  4. nah man keep it up. Your food is the only reason folks keep coming back to the thread
  5. ive never had it but saw Bobby Flay talking about them on tv yesterday. He said it is by far the most flavorful steak. Just surprised i had never heard of it
  6. Hey regular guy have you ever had a hanger steak?
  7. grinding my own meat is the only thing on cooking i havent done yet. Even use to grow my own sprouts. Might have to try grinding some sausage soon though. And man that sentence sounds all kinds of ****** up
  8. ive never eaten at Red Robins but due to eating way to much arbys when i worked there as a teenager, I hate their fries lol
  9. the only time i go is if i want to buy one of my nephews a present. They are both very young and into marvel and ninja turtles. Wal mart has plenty of both lol
  10. I guess im the only person that hates Walmart. Coulnt tell ya the last time I went in one
  11. if u want to try some delicious bbq sauce go online to Uncle Fools Smokehouse and order their jalapeno sweet. man it is **** tasty
  12. man if you want a good fried bologna sandwich go to a deli and have them slice you off some half inch pieces and then burn the **** out of it lol
  13. never grilled a burger with BBQ sauce. might have to try that out
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