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  1. Thanks for proving reading is not some peoples strong suit.
  2. Do your research before you post. Ryan threw 2 touchdowns in the first half. Brees threw 2 touchdowns in less that a qtr. So thank you, come again.
  3. Fool get a life and stop going full ******. Your such a little baby......look at me i've gone full ****** homer for no reason at all because my debate skills are at preschool level. Gettttttt offf myyyy boardddddd you making me sad. LMAO
  4. The biggest fear for ya'll should be if they can run the rock and screen you.....ya'll are done. Second is if they blow you out your season may as well collapse off of one game. Third, if you have no pass rush and the blitz can't get to Brees either you will be blowed out in your own dome.
  5. Looks like Ryan has the edge comparing the last preason game stats, but then I remember that Brees didn't even play the entire first quarter of preason game 3. They pulled him before the first quarter was even done. Now Ryan played into the 3rd quater to get those numbers. With all that new info included then it looks bad for the falcons. If NO plays like that against you week 1, the falcons get blowed out week 1. If Brees can march them down the field like that week 1 ya'll don't have a chance.
  6. Devils advocate here, but at the same time all the offenses were vanila as well and all you could generate was 1 sack the entire game. These are show me you can make a play games an officially it's 1 sack - 4 TFL - 1 QB Hit. It's vanilla right now and no schemes on defense but the opposing team offense was vanilla with no scheme as well. Me myself I would think you can do better than 1 sack in the first preason game with everything vanilla and offenses are sluggish and vanilla. Division Rivals defensive stats: CAR - 2 Sacks - 6 TFL - 2 QB Hits No - 4 Sacks - 7 TFL - 8 QB Hits TB - 1 Sack - 8 T
  7. If they are it will be a rude awakening during the season when they go up against real teams and not each other.
  8. Here's what happen to ya'll........your not a team. You did the same thing the Eagles did and get all this big name talent FA wise and it's not a cohesive team. Your coach is not a molder of talent he just gets talent and try to use and isolate it for plays. And most of the other teams can see your storm coming as when T.G. leaves their goes M. Ryan security blanket and he will regress a step or two. S.Jackson running style gets him nicked up every year and M. Smith should have figured that into the equation. Draft picks are valuable and if it even doesn't provide a starter it provides depth.
  9. Chase was let go because he can't play LB in a 3 - 4 he needs to be in a 4 - 3 to be successful.
  10. ya'll conditioning does indeed leave much to desire. Teams have more injuries then you guys but seem to be able to go full throttle for 4 quarters.
  11. Bingo....even last year you got beat so that worst defense crap is an excuse. Y'all forget to remember that last year with a worst defense ever in the NFL they beat you and still went 7 - 9. That was still better than 25% of the league with the worst defense ever.
  12. The backup QB crutch is a whiners excuse. If you don't change your calls, signals, and code words season to season your team just sucks coaching wise. But the surprise of the new defense is small, It's not like you have never played against a rob ryan's defense or a 3 - 4 for that matter before. You didn't have much stacked against you at all but to execute what you do well. You are listing a lot of excuses. You just pretty much got beat by the better team that day and thats all there's to it. You can't win if you don't make the plays to win.
  13. It's because they have some fight in them and since they were already playing backups because of injuries. Not much drop off from playing the backups to the backups. They will get martez wilson and glenn foster back for the Bucs game. Losing bunkley, walker, and robinson for a while will not hurt much. Only bunkley was a starter at NT which Hicks and jenkins can fulfill just as well. And having glenn foster will replace walker. P Robinson wasn't even starting so it just goes to the next CB on the roster or an extra safety on the field.
  14. They have indeed improved a bit and the scheme fits the personnel better. And some of ya'll forget that they got rid of alot of old pieces as well on defense. Underperforming CB's got released, DT, LB released, then the other older pieces were Injured then IR'ed this year. They also have some new faces on defense and impactful FA's and rookies. They identity has changed on the team and IR'ed individuals are now being injury settled and released as well. The fact is they have taken the opportunity to start to get younger than what the rest of the division is use too. The blocking schemes have c
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