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  1. Yeah I knew the Aryans were gonna be the big dogs. The scene between Marie and Skyler was fantastic. Looks like Skyler's sticking with Walt. I have a feeling that the Aryans are going to kidnap Skyler and the kids.
  2. No one. We have no bench left and only one arm left.
  3. Swing the ******* bat people
  4. Yeah I'm not too sure that anyone would ever argue otherwise. DDL is (in the most non-offensive use of the word) mentally ******** when it comes to his roles. His level of obsession is on a Mercury Rising child-genius half-a-tard intellect. Google how difficult it is to shoot a movie with DDL, that's how much he takes that **** seriously.
  5. Holy **** right? I don't know that anyone has ever said that. I could understand if you specifically cited post-Meet The Parents DeNiro but to just say him as a whole is bizarre.
  6. Tarantino is a lot like Kevin Smith for me. They would serve the movie community a lot better if they were just hired to write dialogue for movies, and that's IT. You don't get to come up with plot or character names or story structure, you just stick to the on-point and quick-witted dialogue that you're known for.
  7. This really happens to a lot of people. When you're young and don't have money you tend to lean more liberal. When you're old and have money you tend to be more of an a**hole (conservative). It's just how the world works. Young people have ideas and dreams and goals and therefore tend to be more liberal and loose with their beliefs. "Yeah man, the world could totally function on a barter system! Perhaps I could help that system along by riding a bicycle to work every day!" Then those young people grow up and realize how truly awful and ****** and ****** up this world really is and they give up on their dreams and ideas and just become ***holes ie. Republicans. They adopt an ideology of "I'm just gonna do me" and they stick to it and never let it go. For the rest of us, we cash out early. We realize that the system is designed so that the House ALWAYS wins, regardless of the hand you have. The older I get, the more I start to become an anarchist.
  8. Yeah he gets credited with True Romance and From Dusk Til Dawn a lot for some reason. He just announced that his next project is Kill Bill Vol. III. Because you know, the world needs more trilogies.
  9. Yeah I was gonna mention From Dusk Til Dawn but then I remembered it wasn't a Tarantino directed movie, he was just an actor in it (and helped write it). Still didn't stop there from being a weird foot fetish scene in that movie. Though to be fair, I'd let Selma Hayek put any part of her body in my mouth. For reals, look up Tarantino's foot fetish. It's well documented. He's even said **** like "If I could make a movie about Uma Thurman's feet I would."
  10. Said nobody who ever saw the movie. I'd rather watch someone have a vacuum abortion than ever see that movie again.
  11. Memento is a fantastic movie. If I was doing a top 3 of Nolan movies it'd be 1. The Prestige 2. Inception 3. Memento I consider myself to be at the top of the Pretentious Cunts list when it comes to movies because I literally will sit and rewind over and over again and take notes on my phone about different details of a movie. The most humbling experience I ever had watching a movie was Memento. I bet I watched that ****in thing 5 or 6 times before I finally pieced together every last thing that was going on in that movie. Christopher Nolan's gift for story structure alone (outside of The Dark Knight Rises which was the most sloppily put together film I've ever seen from a big time director) is enough to count him among the elite. Every scene has a meaning and every camera shot tells a story by itself. I'm very much looking forward to his next movie Interstellar. A group of explorers make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Michael Caine (of course), Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace, John Lithgow, Wes Bentley, and Casey Affleck.
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