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  1. This is truly awful. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1afD2EDl00
  2. Martin makes sex sound like the most disgusting thing 2 people could ever participate in together.
  3. Their explanation was so stupid. It basically boiled down to "because foreign whore boot-knockers are cool story characters." No they're not, guy who still high-fives.
  4. Yeah, that's what I imagine for something like Clegane's Keep
  5. The GRRMarillion? Is that seriously the name? Why wouldn't they just put it in the World of Ice and Fire book?
  6. flying nuclear dinosaurs made me genuinely laugh out loud.
  7. Assuming they're not just ditching her all together, I wonder how they plan on
  8. Is it strange that I still don't ******* get the communication procedure of Twitter? Every time I read a tweet it reads like some ancient Sumerian tablet. WTF does the RT stand for that I always see? And is 'No.' the answer to the question that was asked in the same post? Why was the answer posted before the question? This is why I never bothered with that ****.
  9. I thought I was a really detail-oriented reader because I figured some stuff out while reading like
  10. ****! I wanna read the rest of that.
  11. I think I'm just going to stop talking to you about ASoIaF until you finish all the books.
  12. The answer will be in this spoiler tag, so if you want you can bookmark this page and come back to it once you re-read the description.