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  1. Hiring Dirk Koetter. Failing to find more than one DL better than a rotation guy in his whole career here. Hiring Dirk Koetter again.
  2. Name them. I don't think there are more than a couple you can make a strong case for.
  3. I think because he was the least like Mike Smith. I live in NY though: I had to suffer through watching way too many Rex Ryan coached teams.
  4. I would have taken a few years off from watching the Falcons if Rex Ryan got hired as our HC. lol
  5. Should've listened to DLed and gotten Rex Ryan up in Flowery Branch smh my head
  6. Okay but when do we trade Ryan for Dalton straight up?
  7. Nah it was a screen. We've run a couple others that didn't go anywhere too.
  8. You'll like his playcalling more when we get an oline that allows him to call more passes than checkdowns.
  9. What's our alternative? Kind of have to just leave him in there.
  10. What would you have liked him to do exactly.
  11. So you're saying QB's shouldn't throw INT's? Interesting concept.
  12. Even if you were right, Ryan had no time to go through his reads. Yes it was a bad throw but that's what happens without protection.
  13. Gage actually was open if Ryan throws it to his outside shoulder. Without getting hit he does that.
  14. Our WR's are bad past Ridley. You can only scheme so much.
  15. I mean, if they changed their minds so much after a single week that they decided they have a better option I'd question the coaches more than anything. Sticking with Mayfield makes sense because there is nobody else.
  16. Don't want to root against a kid but I sort of can't wait for the Bears to do what they always do to their QB's so I don't have to see these topics anymore.
  17. First year in new schemes on both sides of the ball. A couple extra drives in a preseason game won't fix us looking rusty.
  18. So the solution to our rookie linemen looking bad is 100% drafting another rookie lineman before any other position? Because that's what I'm arguing against. Maybe it will be, maybe it won't. If a superstar skill position player falls into our laps I'm not counting them out automatically based on their position. That's how we got in this position of having no talent or depth anywhere on the team.
  19. You don't have to have garbage skill positions to have good trenches. I'm always the guy saying we need better lines, but if there aren't any good linemen where we're drafting and there's a stud WR or RB? BPA baby. Our OL isn't as far off as you probably think.
  20. So in this thread we've discussed rumors that TF wanted a QB but Smith liked Ryan, and that Smith wanted a QB but got overruled. Maybe they just came to an agreement that drafting a QB never made sense
  21. Our run game was good last week though. Behind Gage our WR's aren't close to average if we're being honest.
  22. I liked Isidora during his draft, forgot all about him since then though. Pennel is a good signing.
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