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  1. Always feel bad about the way SJax ended his career here. He was my favourite RB during his Ram's career but he got no help here, and was at the point in his career when he needed it. Still seems like a standup guy, and the Ain't hate doesn't hurt.
  2. Of course not; you can be a good player at almost any position without putting up crazy numbers. But when you're talking about production, it's just not anything special with Senat. I also think people don't realize how many snaps he actually played his first year.
  3. 2012 is 2012, not 2016. We wouldn't have made the SB at all without Kyle calling plays, he kept us alive that season while the defense took the first half of the season to figure themselves out.
  4. We had two new coordinators, that's how we surprised teams. It has nothing to do with the other team thinking we were bad. Nolan specifically surprised some good teams early with his scheme, but once he was figured out he couldn't stop hardly anyone. The latter half of the season we barely beat a bunch of bad teams, almost lost to a very inexperienced Seattle team led by a rookie QB in the playoffs, and then actually played okay in the NFCCG but you know how that ended. That teams was not a good team, you can't just look at record.
  5. We never would have been in position to need to run it in the SB if Koetter was still OC.
  6. Definitely agree on the OLine. It didn't help things. And the predictability is true as well. All good reasons why we weren't as good that year as people thought we were.
  7. JJ, Grady, or Debo, depending on which team. Panthers might take Ryan. I would take Payton, but I don't think I could watch our games anymore if I had to look at his face every game.
  8. As long as he keeps hounding that endzone I'm not too worries about his yards. But if he stays healthy I'm sure he'll get plenty of those too.
  9. Koetter has a decent run game the first year or two he's at a place if they already have a great running team set up, but as he installs his own offense in place of whatever the team had before him it goes away. Doug Martin had one good year under Koetter because he wasn't running his own offense yet. Every other year of Koetter the Bucs couldn't break 500 yards rushing with any of their RB's. The Jaguars were a decade ago, not sure I still care what he did with them to be honest. He's shown ever since that that's not the kind of offense he plans to run. I disagree that he was terrible. Not the elite RB he was for us for a while but still better than anything we've had since 2016, for instance. Probably before that too, since Kyle kind of makes giants out of dwarves in the running game. He was old and on his way out, so yes he gave up snaps to the other RB's, but he wasn't worse than average, at the very worst.
  10. Almost 1000 all purpose yards and 11 TD's isn't 'suck'. He was on the decline but he was still good in our rotation. Koetter's offense doesn't help the run game any either.
  11. The extension is how you hand the ball off; the RB needs to see where the ball is to take the handoff. Also one of the things I hate about Koetter is how much he runs out of shutgun, so I'm not sure about your first point.
  12. Our 2012 team wasn't good. We surprised some teams early in the season and squeaked by mediocre teams late in the season. Our offense was successful because we were stacked. Roddy, JJ, TG, and Turner were all amazing (Though Turner was on the downslide I think), and our role players like HD, Quizz, and Snell were good at what they did too. OLine was good enough to get the job done. Dirk did what he always does: Put up great numbers, good scoring, but ultimately a let down.
  13. Yeah, he started off as a Cowboy for half a year or so.
  14. He was better than people give him credit for around here, but I think wishing we'd stuck with him is less about Sark and more about Koetter.
  15. No, Senat was less than 8%, Grady was over 9% with double the TFL and a sack. But that's irrelevant because nobody's looking at Grady's rookie season and going "Wow that was a great year." Grady's rookie season was also pretty mediocre, and Senat did worse with much more opportunity. The narrative that Senat is some beast on the field is wrong. He literally hasn't done anything yet. I'm not saying he can't become a good player, but he has in no way 'produced' when given snaps. For the record I hope Senat becomes a great player, I think he has potential, but he's not shown himself to be anything more than below average yet.
  16. Snaps for rookie seasons: Grady: 267 Senat: 371 So how exactly has Senat produced when he's on the field? Grady wasn't even amazing his rookie year and he put up better stats with over 100 less snaps.
  17. He's gotten 30 tackles, half of those assists, in almost 400 snaps. That means he touches the ball carrier on less than 8% of the plays he's in on, and he barely has any 'good' stats like TFL (2) or pressures (6). Him being really good when he's on the field is just not the case.
  18. If you can't get DLine snaps on this team, maybe you're just not very good.
  19. I dunno man, I think Goff would put up crazy numbers with the supporting players that Dak has. I also think that even though McVay is generally better than Garret, Dak fits Garret's system more than he would McVay's.
  20. Probably, because decent QB's are just that important, but both Wentz and Goff are better. Dak has been blessed with the best situation of the three, but he's not the best QB.
  21. Yeah I didn't get past #1. Dak?
  22. Not only provides veteran support to a young unit, but this lets Kazee focus on safety instead of being a tweener. I'm not sure Kazee can't be our guy at FS with another year or two of experience there. He's always been trying to learn FS and CB, just let him be one thing.
  23. Oh definitely. Even in hindsight Gurley is never the pick there. Just saying there were legitimate concerns about the passrushers that draft, it's not exactly the same as the Sam Baker or Peria Jerry picks where you had no chance to see a problem arising.
  24. I agree that he was the logical choice at the time. However... there were a number of people on and off this board very skeptical about Vic for what turned out to be very valid reasons. For example I specifically remember KoG mentioning he didn't play with fire/technique. I know I was hoping we'd 'pass' on a passrusher once Fowler went off the board.
  25. Would that compensatory pick "roll over" to next year, if his contract does, or is it just gone forever? Also not sure I would say our first three rounds have been horrid, but oh well.
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