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  1. That's what I was thinking. Hardy is a bad man blocking, too.
  2. Some of them. He gets some flack for his antics though, especially after the SB (Or when they're losing in general, I guess).
  3. Do you think that'll hurt Cam too, or is he not bad enough for it to impede his chances?
  4. Hard to put a guy into the HoF if he keeps up a ~50% completion percentage and no SB. Vick was the best running QB ever for a while but I don't think he's ever sniffing the hall.
  5. Glad Ryan's family is alright. That can't have been an easy game last season for him, no matter how much you've trained yourself to tune out the outside world during game time.
  6. Honestly the last one I remember offhand is that game against Washington a few years ago. They tried a 2-pt to win instead of taking the xp to go into OT and Tru knocked the pass away. There must be a more recent one but it really doesn't feel that way.
  7. I always take solace when, no matter how much the Falcons suck, the Ain'ts still suck worse.
  8. Is it news if nothing new has happened?
  9. Wilson's injured.
  10. Now we'll have three starters break their necks first play of the game. Thanks Cowherd.
  11. The Bills, now that Rex has been run out. I also am enjoying SF now with Kyle, they've done a great job turning that team around.
  12. Just waiting for the Ain'ts one to see and hear about that glorious Vikings play again.
  13. As I recall, Moore did a workout for the Patriots, but it never went further than that.
  14. I've liked Benkert but I think he's safe to go to the PS for a year.