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  1. Personally I think Andrews is the favourite to start, with Dalman having an outside chance. Mayfield looks like our swing.
  2. One or two deep balls, unless one of our new fast guys bump him off the roster.
  3. You're right, for some reason I thought he implied in nickel JTM would start over Fowler, but I think it's just because he focuses so much on JTM being a 'new starter.' My bad.
  4. DLed just throwing Fowler away I guess. Would be interesting if JTM did start over him though.
  5. I agree with your general point but Barrett is not the best passrusher in the league.
  6. Hooker wouldn't start for us even if healthy. Maybe over the rook, but I doubt it.
  7. He was my favourite out of our latest round of tryout players. Realistically he's a practice squad candidate, but our depth at LB and Edge are both trash so you never know.
  8. Nobody will replace JJ. Ridley will be Ridley, Pitts will be Pitts. Our WR room got worse and our TE room got better, that's all.
  9. Some of you guys are real sour about a little early-OTA's warmup article.
  10. People are going to be shocked how different they look without the Koetter handicap.
  11. I like our safeties a lot more than I did going into last year. Our CB's have potential, I just hope they actually realize it.
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