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  1. I know we've moved on a bit from this, but I want to bring it back around because I feel like I missed something. When was this holdout? What did JJ hold out from exactly?
  2. Just cut every single player, absorb their dead cap the next year or two (obviously you'll have to play each game with waterboys in the meantime to save money) and then really load up on dudes when we have 50 billion in cap space. Superbowl.
  3. This coming year: who knows? If we have a great team around him Schaub could probably guide us to some wins. He's well past his prime but he's got smarts and experience so he should be able to hold a good team together. Last year we did not have that kind of a team and Schaub could maybe have gotten us into 2 lucky wins. Hard to imagine much more than that given we didn't have a defense or running game so it would all have been on him. Not to mention our running game would have been even worse (imagine that) because teams wouldn't have to respect our passing game nearly as much. Despite what people want to think, Ryan does carry this team on his shoulders. Maybe this year we'll have a team that won't require that to be good, but we certainly needed every second of it last year.
  4. Agree with who? Nobody else said McGary was a bad pick.
  5. That game against the Ain'ts made me so happy that year. One of my fondest memories watching the Falcons. Also half the defenses Eli faces do that to him so I'm not as impressed there. Hahah
  6. Fun until everybody figured them out lol. That Denver game was a beauty though. The thing with Nolan was he was forced to do weird **** because he didn't have the talent to play straight up. I think this roster has proved we have the talent to play straight up: whether we play up to the talent is another matter. And you may be right, but he won't lead out the gate by getting crazy. He'll play his defense the way he always had. Maybe if it's clear that's not good enough he'll try to fiddle with it, but by then we won't have anything to lose anyway. I'm not worried.
  7. Once in a blue moon, and not turn your hips and run backwards kind of coverages. My point is Nolan got cute all the time: it was his calling card actually. Quinn switches it up sometimes because you have to or else your defense gets predictable. He isn't over here about to make Takk a cover LB'er full time or even 5% of the time. Find me a decent DC that has never dropped a DLineman into coverage. There isn't one. Doing it a handful of times a season isn't getting gimmicky. Think about it this way: Sanu gets to the throw the ball a few times a season, but we aren't a gimmicky offense. Tebow's offenses were gimmicky because the weird run-pass trickery was a backbone of the offensive gameplan, not just an occasional thing.
  8. Some posters are acting like Quinn is Mike Nolan about to pull out his "Drop the DT into a deep zone" plays. Quinn has never been like that.
  9. The Pats usually lose some dumb games at the start of the season though.
  10. The Falcons have had good regular season records too under Ryan. Also the two years after 14-2 were 11-5 and 8-8, so either their roster wasn't great for a long time after that or the coaches were royally screwing up. Either way is exactly my point, Rivers has had **** luck.
  11. People need to watch JJ's bit through to the end. He really makes a great point: when he's asked if the 'wide-open drops' are a factor, Nate says he considered them, but ultimately no because they come in between such huge swaths of production and great catches. This is what our fans (and NFL fans in general) really struggle with: forgetting the few bad plays and seeing all the great ones.
  12. Yeah, no way around the deficient coaching both have experienced. At least Kyle got Ryan his MVP before ruining everything, I guess. I'm surprised Rivers didn't just give up and retire after watching that Ray Rice 30 yard 4'th down. That would have broken me. hahah
  13. And I would say Ryan has had more recently. It all evens out to the fact both have had some rough luck that lead to them being underappreciated by the talking heads of the NFL.
  14. So for the first two years of his 15 year career? I didn't say he's never had anything, just that largely he hasn't, same as Ryan.
  15. How? They've rarely had an above average defense and their OLine has been trash since Rivers has gotten there. They've usually had one or two good receivers and nothing else and largely their RB's have been sub par. Ryan has had way better weapons, has at least occasionally had good OLines, and has had really good RB's. Both Ryan and Rivers have never really had a D they could rely on though. Although I would also say having terrible coaching (which the Chargers definitely also have) should only further my point that Rivers has had a real bad time of it in the league, not dispute it.