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  1. That's correct. An offside or encroachment penalty wouldn't have changed anything except I guess made it easier if you wanted to actually go for it on 4'th down. I don't think a yard and a half should make that decision for you though.
  2. JJ did work with Ryan in the offseason. What do you want them to do, be roomates?
  3. This. Go ask some Bills or Browns fans if win/loss records affect them watching the team or not. Our fans are spoiled, man.
  4. Nah man he's just locking instead of gliding like Ridley's doing. All we need is Sanu to come in breakdancing and our WR's would have the hip hop dance scene covered. His TD celebrations are really bad though. Should stick with the 'Jet' into the endzone and nothing else.
  5. Indeed, which is why the play of Riley, our DB's, and a few others are so disheartening. There's no fix for our playmakers all going to IR, unfortunately. We really could have been a top 10 if not top 5 team on both sides of the ball before the injuries. But Jones could get us at least to top 20 defense level play, which is a lot better than what we have now. Not a savior, but his return will make a difference.
  6. Yeah and he's gotten better but there's still a lot to be desired in that department. Jones certainly won't immediately make us SB shoe-ins, if that's what people are expecting, but there will be far fewer blown plays where our guys just aren't in the right position.
  7. Communication has been our biggest downfall after losing him and Rico. Getting him back will help big time in that department. Plus it gets Riley off the field a lot more. Won't turn us into a great or maybe even good defense on his own, but it will help a lot in those regards.
  8. That image says we played the Eagles twice while Kyle was here. We beat them 26-24 at home in his first ever game with us and lost 15-24 on the road the next year.
  9. Don't they both have like 10 year contracts? Not sure the owner would waste that much money even if they can be fired.
  10. I didn't say every single WCO is the same, I said those things you picked out as Kyle's tweaks are common between all of them. Every WCO is timing-based, built on playaction, and I can't think of one off the top of my head that isn't primarily zone-based blocking either. The differences between each WCO is only in the playcallers, not the system itself.
  11. It's not Hardy. Andre Roberts and even Devin Hester barely did anything with us on punts. Hester had a handful of good punt returns over the span of multiple seasons and he's the best of all time.
  12. The issues (besides D. Jones probably playing and them, like every fanbase, somehow thinking their CB's can hang with JJ) is in the very beginning: they say their defense played well last season so they should magically do so again. The problem is our offense was pretty trashy last season and now it's one of the best in the league. Could their defense step up and beat us? Sure, Cleveland did it. But that's not a bet I would make.
  13. All that is the same in literally every West Coast offense.
  14. I mean, one is a man's death and the other is a football game.
  15. We can beat Dallas without him. Not sure if we will or not, but we easily can. We'll need him for the Ain'ts game though. It comes down to how good he really is. If he can only go one out of the next two games, it's the Ain'ts. If he's good enough to handle both, let him handle both.