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  1. They do nothing? May as well save the roster spot then if those are your expectations.
  2. Tyrod's mediocre, but he'll be starting somewhere. There is 0 chance he'd decide to backup Ryan at this point in his career.
  3. What do you mean by 'well'? He basically gets one or two yards per gain until garbage time when he cranks out a big run and gets his average up. He's average or below average at everything. He knows the system and Hill wasn't good, so I wasn't surprised he stuck around, but he's not good.
  4. Ward is the worst player on our team and has been for a while. He had one good play against the Cowboys. I honestly don't know why we bother putting him on the field. Just let D. Coleman be our stand-in and Poe can move to FB full time.
  5. Pun intentional, because we're talking about moving to NO?
  6. If we didn't trade up, we'd just have even more people that didn't make the team because we don't have the room for them. I dislike trade ups when you need to build a team. When you already have a team, it's not the worst idea. Assuming Tak is worth it, of course.
  7. They're rookies. Them needing to improve isn't something I knock them for. Hill was a rub, but it was a 5'th round pick. If we're expecting late round draft picks to always work out and contribute, we've gotten spoiled.
  8. Tak is playing well. Riley and Kazee have shown potential. That's enough. When you're talent laden like our team is, you can afford to pick projects. Oh yeah and Harlow looked good in preseason.
  9. So when Dallas lost two players, he'd already given up. We lost Free, but that's not news worthy. Good stuff.
  10. That's correct. For the topic, I still don't understand why the Boys didn't try running it more. Yeah they were getting shut down in the 1'st. but you can't just abandon it, especially playing against the front we were showing with the passrush we were demonstrating. Not that it really mattered at that point anyway, our offense wasn't going to let them catch back up.
  11. Collins won't be doing much playing probably until the last few games or maybe even the playoffs. He needs to get back into the groove of things first.
  12. I never said that. Also there is a difference between being happy and not deteriorating to mass in-fighting.
  13. That's a lot of assumption right there.
  14. That's a pretty nothing statement. I wouldn't call him top 10, is that still one of the best?