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  1. No way is Dallas better than either us or the Steelers. None of their top three are better than either of the other top three's.
  2. There's 2 problems with that assertion though. One, Robinson isn't on the roster anymore. And secondly, if he were on the roster, he doesn't play the same position as Boldin would. Boldin, Hardy, and Sanu are the three receivers out of the ones discussed that play the same role. Boldin wouldn't come in and take the position of a deep threat, because he's not one. Just like we wouldn't bring in a speedster and replace Sanu or Hardy's snaps with his. They're used in different ways and are on the field in different situations, they aren't fighting each other for playing time.
  3. No point, we already have Sanu and Hardy for that role. I've always liked him as a player but we're okay at that position.
  4. Yeah Ish is a better SS than Neas and we moved him to full time LB'er this season. lol
  5. It's not sad because that's not his role. Sanu didn't have huge amounts of yards either, he had first downs and TD's, same as Hardy. Aldrick was the deep threat so of course he's going to have more yards. Hardy's a chain mover.
  6. Hardy got playing time the little bit Sanu was injured, and showed to be what he needs to be in that role, which is reliable and a willing blocker. I'm also curious to see what we do between him and Sanu, honestly. Hardy did have 4 TD's last year in very limited snaps, so that's saying something. I still can't believe that Raiders TD.
  7. I'm not sure if he'll need to, didn't we keep 4 TE's active last year?
  8. Aldrick does not have Hardy's role, he has Turbo's role. They're the field stretchers. Hardy's not that guy, so he's not fighting either of the aforementioned for snaps. Hardy's more in competition with Sanu (And Nick Williams when he was here) than anybody else.
  9. Yes he is. I'm still sorry to see him go. He's the kind of guy you'd love to fill out your roster with. Even this past year when he was never the starter, he still found a way to make plays as a backup and on special teams. And obviously his leadership wasn't quieted by being on the sidelines. I hope he gets some opportunities in Detroit.
  10. Ask Jameis Winston how physical Jalen Collins is.
  11. Same, though I did have some mild hope that English would make the PS. I knew he would never make the roster, we have too many bodies there.
  12. I think we should take a moment to give one more thanks to Paul Worrilow. He came in as an UDFA, started for us for years, and then, despite knowing it would cost him his job, he took Debo under his wing and taught him a little of that outstanding hard work Worrilow always had. Worrilow got where he is because he worked harder than everyone else. He was never an athletic freak or football IQ genius, he just outworked everybody else. If Debo puts in as much work as Worr did, he's going to be the best LB'er in the league.
  13. The Pats never have Gronk that late in the season, to be fair.
  14. I'll just say bias goes both ways, and some of the things you said in this post show that. He wasn't as good as you want to make it seem. His potential was great, as you pointed out, but that never amounted to anything. You don't get awards based on unfulfilled potential.
  15. I agree that he'll probably not break out until at least year two. And hopefully we don't rush him back.