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  1. See, adjustments and clock management are the kind of thing I was looking for, thank you. I'm not being difficult, I just wanted to know what you liked about him, rather than what you liked about the team he ran. Those are importantly distinct things when you're trying to separate a coach from his team's success (which we apparently didn't do when we brought Quinn here). Still not sure how you'd call the 9'ers at that time an average roster, but I can get behind the rest, especially since those are notable weaknesses of our current coaches.
  2. Had the same effect on me watching that play unfold tbh.
  3. I just want someone to tell me something specific he's good at, that's all. lol. I'm happy to be wrong.
  4. Guys don't choose to coach college if they're getting phonecalls from the NFL.
  5. Not a Quinn fan at all my man. I'm not giving or taking away credit from anyone. I'm just going to say there's a reason he's never coached in the NFL again, and there's also a reason there are hotseat rumors of him going around the college sphere too, and it's not because he's an amazing coach.
  6. I'm not saying any of that, I just asked what he does that's good. Don't tell me the results, tell me why he got those results. You must have actual reasons if you like him. And again, didn't say that. But wins isn't something a coach can do well, they're the result of him doing things well (or not, sometimes). That's all. Like you just said, Quinn is not the reason we almost won the SB that year, so clearly it's more nuanced than just pointing to the 9'ers record.
  7. Harbaugh didn't call their offense, though. And he definitely didn't call their defense, which was one of if not the best in the league at the time. So again, what did He specifically do well?
  8. Okay what are the things he's really good at, specifically? Also that 9'ers team was not trash, that roster was stacked.
  9. Graham just decided 'nah' on that play, even after it went 10 yards. Didn't block, didn't go for the ball, nothing.
  10. Sure he's an amazing pass catcher but when was the last time you saw him pancake block anyone? Checkmate.
  11. As much as this forum loves to try to work our conditioning into things, that's not it. Our defense is bad at the best of times and our offense is hit or miss, which not only lends itself to second half collapses on its own, but also means our defense is on the field a lot because our offense either scores fast or punts fast.
  12. Well he's average at most things and his players usually hate him so much they stop trying to win for him after a few years. Oh you wanted positives? Well, he shares a name with a good coach. So... there's that.
  13. Yes, he is. He went lower coach > DC > HC. Knapp went lower coach > OC and then back down to lower coach because he couldn't hack it.
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