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  1. Skill of the players aside, how is Teco at all comparable to Bell? They play completely differently. .
  2. He's not bad, people just don't know what they're looking at. None of those except maybe average punt are solely on the punter either. As for Garland, he's a hero in real life and on the message board, but he was average to below average on the field. One great play against the Seahawks at DT and not much else. We can do better.
  3. The perfect plans/conspiracies make no sense because it throws the truthers off the trail.
  4. Then you draft them both and have 3 stud DT's.
  5. Yeah the NFL really wanted the Rams to be the underdog that takes it all the way to a huge SB win, that's why they won against the Ain'ts and then went on to smash the Patriots in the SB. Oh wait.
  6. Yes. And to the inevitable stats-brigade remember that punters don't do anything on their own (Except when everyone else sucks so bad that they need to punt and tackle on the same play...).
  7. This is wild speculation. Vic has 10.5 more sacks than Golden does, has as many or more sacks in every single year of their careers, and also has much fewer injury-related concerns. Golden is exactly like Vic except worse: One big year and 'nothing' besides that, like people accuse Vic of, except his one big year is worse than Vic's and he's done much less than Vic in his 'down' years. But the grass is always greener on TATF.
  8. I'm not saying do it but saying he hasn't done anything when last year he would have been #1 on our team in sacks isn't true.
  9. 7 Sacks last year would have tied for 1st on our team.
  10. Our DLine was weak partly because of Reed not doing much. Keeping him and his 1 sack wasn't going to help. We can pick up 4'th/5'th string corners for cheap, Wilson or even Poole back are likely. Kazee worked at Nickel in preseasons past, I'm sure Q knows if he can play the position.
  11. Oliver was as good if not better than Alf last year, Means was as good as Reed, Kazee is our replacement for Poole. We have replacements for everyone.
  12. It's not a coincidence Teco didn't get any carries in these situations. You don't try to gain 1 yard by running to the sideline, and that's all Teco can really do. There's no doubt in my mind that number of conversions would have been higher with Free healthy.
  13. Some nice Safeties there but not backups. Clay and Curry would have been nice a contract ago, they're on the downslope now though.
  14. None so far. They all had their cheaper replacements on the roster already and were cut for understandable reasons (Old, overpaid, or just not very good).
  15. I'm actually okay with this. High upside, low cost, worth the chance.