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  1. Wilson's my favourite QB this draft, but he reminds me of RG3 in a lot of ways: good and bad. Would hate to see our franchise QB get Weatherspooned like RG3 did.
  2. Wondering the same. My main concern with Wilson is that I worry he's going to break in the pros if he keeps playing like he does with the ball in his hands, but I think that sliding, getting out of bounds, and throwing the ball away are relatively easy to teach yourself.
  3. Out of all the QB's I'm not enthused about us maybe taking, I really do not want Fields. His weaknesses are much harder to fix than the other guys'.
  4. We could also build for the future by building an actual team first instead of just sticking another QB into the dumpster fire.
  5. The Jags would have chosen Lawrence over Meyer, if that was the choice they were given. That's not necessarily smart but they would have. He's going to be a Jag.
  6. I don't think anyone's said that PFF sucks yet, so I'll say it: PFF sucks. They're especially bad when it comes to evaluating positions that rely more heavily on other positions in order to do well, which is most positions but especially CB's.
  7. Not happy, but we'll see how it goes. I hope he changes my mind.
  8. We're not going to choose anyone who's been a HC before. Whether that's a good idea or not I'm not sure but that's just the way it is. We're hungry for the Next big thing.
  9. In the cover 3 those outside CB's are going to be bailing deep most of the time anyway, the short throws aren't their responsibility. The whole scheme is predicated on giving up short throws without any YAC. The soft zones weren't the issue, it was that we either missed the tackles after the catch or our guys were out of position leading to big gains off those short catches. Didn't help that our Fs has been sub par forever, which makes the strength of the defense (Deeper throws) a weakness. It wasn't playing off that was the issue it was who we had on the followup that was a problem.
  10. I always liked TD but he was the dude that always pulled out a head scratcher. It's not about a WR so much as just doing what I never would have thought we'd do. He zeroed in on 'his guy' and moved up if he had to. That's not a bad thing but I don't think that's the play in this draft.
  11. The best thing about TD no longer being here is knowing with absolute certainty that we aren't going to trade up to #3 to draft a WR. I would love a trade down.
  12. I'm more talking about EB than Hackett when I say that. Reid has had some good coaches come out from under him but they're usually DC or ST coordinators, not OC's. I like Hackett as an OC though I have no idea how he'd do as HC. I really do Hope Font is a good one because he seems like he's about to be the guy. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth because he's an Ain't and we'll be gifting them picks by doing it. It'll make me that much saltier if he turns out to be a dud. lol
  13. Who knows exactly what that means: I imagine it's different for every team. I guess it's good he has some experience working with FA's and contracts, though TD was fine in those areas too.
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