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  1. Say what you like but the play of Ryan has not been good in whole again. It's likely he will deliver another game winning drive but he needs to start playing well all game or at least most of the game. I am a Matt Ryan fan. It's not like we have someone better I just would like to have the conversation on why he is playing so poorly. It's seems we don't even all agree he is playing poorly.
  2. Why did shanahan throw that pass. It was nearly picked
  3. Time for another 3rd down batted ball Wow gross over throw
  4. Ok smart guy why do Ryan look like Blaine Gabbert. Is that not Ryan's fault. Geesh
  5. Ryan has audible authority! Stop blaming the coaches.
  6. Over thrown under thrown and Not checking out of heavy fronts. Even the deep throw he made to Jones was under thrown. No excuses today. It's just Ryan refusing to find passing lanes in the defensive line.
  7. They complaining about the pocket or pressure but he had a clean pocket on the pick and the skip throw. He fumbled the ball with no one near him
  8. The interception throw by Ryan was thrown behind the TE so even if it wasn't intercepted it would have been incomplete! It was only a 10 yard pass
  9. What happen on the skip pass in the first drive? He had a perfect pocket and it was only a 10 yard pass. I have seen Ryan do that many time this year. Smh
  10. I spell words wrong. Fact. Matt Ryan has been playing horrible. Fact
  11. We will not cover a Tight End and they love to throw to Olson. It's a bad look for us.
  12. If I'm wrong the thread will be resurrected. (Hopefully that happens) However if I am right there will be half this board coming unglued because they prefer the home field playoff game over the wildcard spots the mauling will cause.
  13. Say what you want but Ryan over throws and stares down targets and forces passes. I just feel we might get a swirly from them Again
  14. They are better than they have been and they were plenty good enough already. Really hoping to be wrong and eat crow but it doesn't look good at all.
  15. Is Matt Ryan allowed to throw accurately anymore?
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