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  1. You are correct WFW, you didn't see any downfield throws from Brees. Arm strength is gone?
  2. Hey now, watch those insults. You could get banned for that.
  3. Tell you what? You're asking the questions. Geeezz, atleast learn how to troll a board.
  4. How cute, you miss Saints fans. The thread was about how the board was dead on game day. Thanks for trying to twist it. Good job.
  5. Falcons To Have Sneaky Playoff Campaign? You said a mouth full there...LMAO!!!!
  6. You, don't even know the entire story, however you are calling the guy a thug? Typical falcon fan.
  7. You guys are so sensitive on this board now. You three musketeers will figure it out. Relax fellow, I'm sure you will have new Saints fans to troll in a few months .
  8. Name calling? I thought that was one of your nick names. Chill out little guy.
  9. I was just pointing out the board is not the same from my original post. I don't post on SR and never will. If anyone is butthurt, that would be you sir.
  10. d-nuts, what is my other account you speak of?
  11. D-nut is a little rustled? Second, don't tell me where to go post. Third, you have no more Saints fans to hassle..lmao! PS, if it doesn't feel right talking to me. Just move along to your next troll thread, kid.
  12. I was pretty clear in my original post. What's your question?
  13. I don't see much success coming from the falcons this year either. M.Ryan will be running for his life most games.
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