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  1. I just got a pm from someone who wants to remain anonymous. This person told me that you begged them to order you something from Chuck E Cheese. When they asked you why you couldn't do it yourself, you apparently mentioned something about uncontrollable desires and a restraining order. Can you shed some light on this?
  2. It has more to do with the fact the he isn't a dishonest and insufferable loser.
  3. He's a loser. It's that simple. His life sucks. That's why he is here 24/7 with people who can't stand him. This is all he has.
  4. Norm Macdonald was one of the funniest people on the face of the planet. He was a comedic genius who did not give a single f***. I'm going to miss that guy.
  5. I play video games and I have no idea what the f*** trout is talking about.
  6. What's the opposite of funny? I'm honestly asking. I think we need a new word for this ****.
  7. WTH? He is great against 80% of the teams in the league, yet he's invisible against some of the most important. I dunno.
  8. ****, man, where were you after 9/11? These idiots have been begging for a theocracy since the first tower fell.
  9. The elderly Boomer who went crying to the mods because of downvotes on a football message board is calling someone else sensitive. Lol.
  10. My wife did the same thing with her boyfriend today in our backyard, minus the crates.
  11. All ******** aside, I take being a guest in someone's home seriously. I will respect the **** out of your stuff. I'll clean the seat if I get pee on it. I won't take a ****, just like you won't be taking a **** in my house. Guests are like herpes, it doesn't matter how they got there, they're here now and the sooner they go away, the better. You should always have that in the back of your mind when you are in someone else's house.
  12. I have an immense amount of respect for people who understand that I don't want them at my house for very long.
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