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  1. That's basically the entire purpose of our government.
  2. If I had a private bathroom at work I would never leave. And I wouldn't let anyone use it, no matter the circumstances. I wouldn't care if someone's life was on the line.
  3. On the other hand there were business owners flying in for that ****. I'm not sure they fall under the umbrella of economic anxiety.
  4. Look, man. If ten people from the same place (work, message board, softball team..whatever) told me I was acting like a condescending ***, I would probably listen. That's just me. For the record, I am well aware of the fact that I can be abrasive. I guess self-reflection isn't universal.
  5. He has all the facts. Everyone else merely has opinions. He is here to enlighten you. You are here to bask in the shine of his glorious, all encompassing intellect. You should be grateful. We should all be grateful.
  6. You have completely lost it, man. If this board has a cop it's definitely the person who tried to tell people to stop posting twitter links and spent the next year losing his **** about it. Jesus, man.
  7. Oh, I see. You were only speaking to GeorgiaFan like a child. Can you tell us more about how he arrived at his position? I'm guessing he told you he gets all his news from twitter. Otherwise, you are being a pompous ***....again.
  8. The sandwich technique is your friend. Say nice stuff Get to the constructive criticism Reinforce the nice stuff you started with and project it into the future You're welcome...
  9. I'm a grown *** adult who has spent decades reading the news from a variety of sources. I don't even have a twitter account. By the way, who is surprised? Who are these people you are referring to? All I've seen is valid skepticism.
  10. Do you honestly expect me to respond to a post when you end it with something like this? You are easily the most condescending person on this board. Congrats, I guess. If you want to allege that Schumer has been as consistent as Bernie, and that we should treat both of their words the same way, be my guest. I'm not going to waste my time. I think that's idiotic.
  11. It's going to be like the 80's out there on the court.
  12. What Bernie said and proposed goes along with what he has been preaching for decades. You absolutely cannot say the same thing about Schumer. You are smarter than this.
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