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  1. I told you to pm me some time back. You never did. I've been playing with myself ever since.
  2. Order one for me, Sponge. I want a PS5 but I don't want to do a lot of stuff to get it.
  3. Serge, I will literally pay you to talk about anything else. Anything.
  4. I am dying over here. BamaQ has turned a corner. Easily the most entertaining poster we have right now.
  5. If I could buy your intellect for what it's worth and sell it for what you think it's worth....
  6. If we want to trade Lena Dunham we are going to have to take someone like the DC sniper or Candace Owens.
  7. Dude is ignored by 90% of the board and he still spams it every single morning. Sad!
  8. Antifa hates my family is still one of my favorite exchanges on this board.
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