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  1. I don't think you're allowed to use the word "owner" anymore.
  2. Would be a hilarious owner/QB combination if this happened! God forbid if Robert McNair tried to use another idiom with Krappernick on the roster, though.
  3. Dude bro, I understand that you didn't think of that super sweet line by yourself, and I "get it" for what you were trying to say. And you getting snarky with me doesn't change the fact that your post is a contradiction. But feel free to recommend a good book for me to read if you have one in mind. Your post (paraphrasing here, so don't get mad) implied that hard work will remove the luck factor that others are discussing. Then you followed that up by conceding that it won't remove luck ALL the time, which means there's still a luck factor. Saying "you WILL get the bounce, but maybe not every time." is equally ridiculous as "60% of the time, it works every time". I'm sorry I made you upset by pointing out a flaw in your post, and I'm sorry that you felt personal insults were your only way out. Godspeed, buddy.
  4. TATF BRO. JK. Congrats on the good news. Scary stuff!
  5. Sigh. Who was in charge of getting the front 7 ready "to go to war" one freaking week earlier? Desire/Passion is the missing ingredient (source: the fans watching the games) rather than talent, and it's wildly disappointing that we didn't have the right guys in the building to say and do whatever it took to get the team ready to play our SB rematch. Grumble grumble. Looking forward to seeing our revival on this brutal stretch of upcoming games. 2 years running, Quinn has always been able to get the team revved up for division rivalries, so let's go stomp Carolina and get ourselves another win streak started.
  6. Your argument that the NFL is doing fine because they are pulling in better ratings than everything else doesn't hold water. The NFL has been doing better than everyone else by a large margin for a long time now, but the point is that their throne isn't quite as sturdy as it once was. Yes, the NFL is still at the top, but you stated yourself that ratings are down across the board. Yes, this doesn't affect the NFL revenues today because the television rights have already been sold through the next few years, but lower ratings for NFL games means the next round of broadcasting contracts will absolutely be affected. The NFL compared to itself from previous years is suffering. I'm with you that next year's Free Agency period will likely not be impacted. The spending will happen because the money is still there. The salary cap will still go up next year, which will result in just as much, or more, spending as we see every year. The interesting thing to keep an eye on, though, is whether the salary cap increases by as much as people expected it to or if the increase is a bit lower than the league estimated it would be. That will be an indicator of how the NFL is doing in areas unrelated to broadcast dollars (such as attendance and merch sales). Again, the money might be completely unaffected this year and even the next, but the next round of TV contracts is going to be very telling. ESPN (Disney) has already come out to essentially warn their shareholders that they won't be able to afford to renew the MNF contract in a few years. Part of that is because of ESPN's own failings, but you can't help but think that another part of it is because the income from drawing in viewers is not sustaining with the cost of paying the NFL for the rights.
  7. Outside of the Browns, 49ers, and Colts this year, every team in the league is competitive. Not to mention, this Jets game was similar to the Bears game for us in that the field conditions drastically level-set the competition. The loose field and the torrential downpour meant the games were destined to be lower-scoring, which increases the chance of an upset (or at least it's more likely to be a one-score game). Considering how many more mistakes we made than the Jets, the fact that we won is great. Four fumbles between Mack-Ryan is not something that's going to keep cropping up. That was a fluke, and we won in spite of it. Now we're about to enter the same type of brutal 3-game stretch we had last year where NOBODY gave us a chance to win but ended up proving to the world we were a contender. Last year was @CAR, @DEN, @SEA. This year is pretty dang similar. If we go at least 2-1 in the next 3 games, I'd say we're back in the conversation.
  8. I assume we all know it's just a coincidence with the dates (though perhaps I'm overestimating this message board). Overall, this is a really fantastic example of customer service and care you're showing here that is well over the top of anything you needed to provide. Had you simply ignored the blip in traffic you were seeing, I highly doubt that your sales would have been negatively affected one iota, even if you probably wouldn't have sold many of those SB prints. That you cared enough to track down what was happening and then took action to make a correction AND conjure up a make-good promo code for an entire fanbase is outstanding. I sincerely hope for great success for you and your business after showing service like this. I'm now infinitely more likely to make some purchases from your site for upcoming Christmas gifts!
  9. Am I the only one that thinks of Red Dawn when reading this DQ quote? It's just such a non-cliche metaphor for a coach to use. John has a long mustache. The chair is against the wall. Maybe he's signaling to the NFL that now is the time to begin their secret plan to give us favorable calls and start down the path of giving us our makeup SB for throwing the last one! /conspiracy
  10. I'm actually kind of surprised at how competitive they've been in many of their games given the miserable roster they have. I doubt there are very many people in the Niners' camp who are too upset with the results thus far, especially considering what Shanahan's first year for us looked like. Even if the team continues to suck all next year, I bet he gets a pass for having (no doubt) a rookie QB. If he fails in his third year as well, then I bet people start talking about giving him the axe, but he would likely have to do something like 5-11 or worse in his third year for that to happen. By then, sure we could pull him back *if* he wanted to come back to ATL, but who the heck knows what our roster is going to look like that far into the future.
  11. Oy, this could be a good thing or bad depending on the body language he's seeing. If people are moping around and feeling sorry for themselves because they've had some bad games, then we're sure as heck gonna have some more bad games. I sincerely hope the 'body language' of the players is showing a lot of anger and fight. Julio doesn't talk a lot, but the team needs to follow his leadership by example and take all the fire he showed on his TD and light something like that in themselves. Outside of Julio and Free, I don't see anybody playing ANGRY, like they're actually going to FIGHT you for those extra yards, and that needs to change.
  12. I've seen this sentiment a lot on the board since the Buffalo game, and to me this is just not a rational excuse. You're stating that we absolutely cannot be without Julio and/or Sanu in every game or our offense won't work. I get the argument that our offense is broken without BOTH of them, as would be the case with any team missing its top 2 WRS (except the giants, evidently), but we are in serious trouble if we can't function as a team if either one of those two guys isn't healthy. If that's the case, we just need to admit the fact that we have terrible WR depth, which I don't believe is true.