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  1. they'd f*cking better be able to after all they've dished out to me over the years! They're good natured for sure, and I'm guessing they'll be a bit more reserved when they're not in their home territory.
  2. I have to assume it's important to get club level on the home side of the stadium, right? Do you have a tip for where in the club section are the better seats for actually watching the game? My assumption would be that it'd be better to sit toward the back to get a better view (too close to the field can make it hard to actually see what's going on in the game). If I can find a good enough price, I'd definitely like to go for club seats.
  3. Thanks for the offer! Full disclosure that I will almost certainly have a few Seahawks fans in tow, so no hard feelings if you pull the invitation. Part of the fun of picking the Seahawks game for me is in convincing some of my buddies to come with me. I've had to root for the away team for every game I've gone to with these guys, so it can finally be their turn. When we get a bit closer to having our plans finalized and figure out what we want to do before game time, I may PM you for some more info on the tailgate!
  4. I got the wife to commit by telling her for a full year that I was going to fly down for the Superbowl in Atlanta if we ended up playing in it. She was so mentally prepared to drop a huge amount of money on the trip that it was easy for me to say "fine, I'll just go for a regular season game next year". I was also 95% ready to pull the trigger to fly down for the NFC championship game in 2016 as the last game in the Georgia Dome, but then I was convinced to wait since it'd probably be cooler to see the new $1.5B stadium. I am stoked for the trip. Can't wait!
  5. Very solid advice, thank you! For whatever reason, I hadn't even considered AirBnB
  6. Hey all, First off, I'll apologize for making a new thread for this since I feel like I see one every year, but can't seem to find any of the old ones now that I need one. I tried some simple searches to look for old threads that would probably have all the information I need, but couldn't quite find one with everything. The subject is that I've finally convinced my wife to take the long trip from Seattle to Atlanta for a Falcons game (I've only ever seen the Falcons live when they're playing against the Seahawks, so what better game to visit than when the Seahawks come to town on O
  7. This isn't my *favorite*, especially when you take a look at all the wonderful options available, but it at least deserves a nomination.
  8. 8 for 65 yds. It's gonna be the most expensive high five you've ever had to give if you have to fly all the way to Seattle to give it to me when I win. I'll buy you a beer while you're here, though.
  9. "I don't see how losing _____ makes you a loser" is a statement that is not exactly rich with comprehension. Losing, regardless of what you have lost, is the very definition of being a loser. Yes, the thread title was sneaky and made me roll my eyes when I opened the thread, but that doesn't make it wrong.
  10. This is the most exciting piece to me. This feels like a Shanahan-esque level of detail on a micro-aspect of the game that just clears the way for success. Hopefully some of Ridley's commitment and detail to game planning rubs off on Sark this year.
  11. Anybody else watch that video and just think about how truly awful Jalen Hurts would've looked without Ridley on the field? Also, I feel like this is a weird criticism of Ridley, but I couldn't help but notice that he is constantly trying to get too cute after the catch with his jukes and dekes downfield, and I feel like it cost him touchdowns in a lot of those highlights. Granted, the very same moves turned plenty of 5-yard gains into 15+ yard gains, but I feel like he would benefit from learning when it's time to just turn on the jets and make people catch him. Otherwise he risks
  12. Look at the year (2015). That's what they were ranked a their position coming out of HS.
  13. The problem with all of this is that if it's so wildly obvious to everyone who Atlanta would pick at 26, then it becomes 100% likely someone else who likes the guy will trade in front of us to snag him. Being so obvious with who we want to draft all but guarantees we will need to surprise a few other teams by trading up a few spots to snag him. A similar situation is the way we stole Takk from the Cowboys last year. Teams knew the Cowboys were drafting Takk, so someone swooped in and nabbed him first. Gotta hope that doesn't happen to us or that this is a misdirection play.
  14. Hart tried to get past security, and then turned away when he was told to. Bennett evidently aggressively pushed his way past security after being turned away. Very different things, even removing from consideration the physical differences between the two men you're comparing.
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