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  1. 8 for 65 yds. It's gonna be the most expensive high five you've ever had to give if you have to fly all the way to Seattle to give it to me when I win. I'll buy you a beer while you're here, though.
  2. "I don't see how losing _____ makes you a loser" is a statement that is not exactly rich with comprehension. Losing, regardless of what you have lost, is the very definition of being a loser. Yes, the thread title was sneaky and made me roll my eyes when I opened the thread, but that doesn't make it wrong.
  3. This is the most exciting piece to me. This feels like a Shanahan-esque level of detail on a micro-aspect of the game that just clears the way for success. Hopefully some of Ridley's commitment and detail to game planning rubs off on Sark this year.
  4. Anybody else watch that video and just think about how truly awful Jalen Hurts would've looked without Ridley on the field? Also, I feel like this is a weird criticism of Ridley, but I couldn't help but notice that he is constantly trying to get too cute after the catch with his jukes and dekes downfield, and I feel like it cost him touchdowns in a lot of those highlights. Granted, the very same moves turned plenty of 5-yard gains into 15+ yard gains, but I feel like he would benefit from learning when it's time to just turn on the jets and make people catch him. Otherwise he risks keeping these Falcons a very frustrating team to watch if he keeps getting himself tackled at the 5 and we fail to punch it in for 3 plays.
  5. Look at the year (2015). That's what they were ranked a their position coming out of HS.
  6. The problem with all of this is that if it's so wildly obvious to everyone who Atlanta would pick at 26, then it becomes 100% likely someone else who likes the guy will trade in front of us to snag him. Being so obvious with who we want to draft all but guarantees we will need to surprise a few other teams by trading up a few spots to snag him. A similar situation is the way we stole Takk from the Cowboys last year. Teams knew the Cowboys were drafting Takk, so someone swooped in and nabbed him first. Gotta hope that doesn't happen to us or that this is a misdirection play.
  7. Hart tried to get past security, and then turned away when he was told to. Bennett evidently aggressively pushed his way past security after being turned away. Very different things, even removing from consideration the physical differences between the two men you're comparing.
  8. I wonder if the Quinn-Carroll connection is actually what saved us in trading for Bennett here.. something from Carroll like, "trust me, don't trade for him" because he knew this was coming. Either way, if this ends up costing him time, it looks like we dodged a bullet.
  9. Don't forget about Kevin Whi.... aaaaaaand he just broke his leg while I was typing this.
  10. Interesting info about Shanny, but the fact that other coaches 'consider' not taking HC jobs and leaving because of their families does nothing to excuse how much of a do*che McDaniels is for what he did to the Colts. The guy accepted the job, gave them the go-ahead to schedule a press conference, and had effectively hired several assistant coaches.... suddenly after he does all that something changed to make it better for his family to stay in NE? If McDaniels truly decided it was best "for his family" to not move to Indy, he would've made that decision before he accepted the job. The guy is a sleazeball. I'm guessing the truth is closer to the fact that he's entrenched and accepted in the cheating culture of NE ("the patriot way") and he's a guy who Robert Kraft trusts to continue down the Belichick path when he takes over, so they made an insane push to keep him in place. Good for the Falcons for actually trying to keep Shanny here, though. I'm sure, even if they had been successful, Shanny would never have accepted the SF job and backed out later.
  11. The Patriots are a great team surrounded in their conference by mediocrity. The point that people are making here is that the Pats are essentially gifted a trip to the final four every year based on the mediocrity around them. Yes, there are a solid four team in the AFC, but the Patriots being among the best, they essentially have a 50-50 shot an AFC championship each year, and a 25% chance at a SB just by virtue of being a great team. Being a great team in the NFC, meanwhile, doesn't even guarantee you a playoff spot each year because of the depth of competition.
  12. This is just as good of a question to illustrate the point that I think OP is trying to make. IMO, the Patriots dynasty simply wouldn't exist if they were in the NFC. The Patriots' division has provided them a free/easy ticket to the playoffs for a very long time, and then the lack of depth in the AFC has provided them an easier path to the AFC championship games than they would ever have gotten in the NFC. As a good/great team (which the Patriots have been), you're set up with a scenario of effectively a 2-game playoff almost every year rather than the 3-4 game playoff that NFC teams have, which puts you in the SB or winning the SB a lot. Even with being as good as the Patriots have been, having to go up against the Packers/Seahawks/Falcons/Panthers/Cowboys is a much harder path than the Texans/Bengals/Titans/Ravens path that they have been gifted for so long. By that virtue alone, the Patriots would make it to half or fewer of the SBs they've been to over the last 16 years.
  13. It would have been a 52-yarder on 3rd down, where we would still have a chance to get closer AND run some clock. After the penalty, it was 62 yards out, as it put us on the 45 yard line on 3rd & 33.