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  1. This?
  2. Feelings not hurt at all amigo! I was just trying to inform the thread. Also, I don't think anybody likes Ledbetter.
  3. You guys are reading the article wrong. Ledbetter didn't say anything about Hill. Rather, Hill called HIMSELF the best RB in the draft.
  4. Does anyone else remember the early years of coach Smith? When he also had a very fired-up attitude and was incredibly passionate... and WON games for us? Later on (in large part due to some medical issues I've heard) he became very mellow and lost a lot of the fire he had in his first few years. I sincerely hope we never see a similar transformation with DQ because I completely agree with you. DQ's attitude and passion flows through our players, and the difference is obvious on the field.
  5. Seems like another option is that, if he does show that he can produce like a legit starter, he may effectively make Poe expendable. More accurately, he may present himself as a better cost-to-production option than Poe since Poe will likely be asking for a great deal more money.
  6. I... uh...what? I think you misunderstood what I was saying, so I'll try to clarify... I meant that it is the easy and obvious thing for ESPN reporters to say "GB and NE will be good this year" because they have already been consistently great. I did not intend to imply that ATL has been consistently great. In fact, the point I was making is that last year would qualify as our first great year, and this year could qualify as our second. All the reporters who wait until we have been great for 5 straight years before they start agreeing that we will be great in year 6 are the lazy, silly folks I mentioned. Saying GB will be good takes no effort or intelligence. Saying ATL will be good requires going against the grain and thinking for one's self. My overall point is that sports reporting at this point is a bunch of people regurgitating each others' opinions, and it's very rare for someone to branch out from the popular norm of "GB and NE will be good" and think about the potential of others teams, with the exception of the 'flavor of the month' type up and comers like OAK and TB. ATL is not a popular pick to be successful among reporters, therefore ATL will not be a popular pick to be successful among other reporters.
  7. This is silly. How easy of a job is it to heap praise on a team that has already been consistently great? At some point, that team had to have it's first (or second) great year. I realize that ESPN does, in fact, pay people to do exactly this (hindsight reporting), but that doesn't change the fact that it's silly and lazy.
  8. Mack for sure, but I bet he's the only OL who makes it. Gabriel made so many highlights last year that I bet he makes it too, albeit in the bottom half. It would be cool to see both Deion and Keanu show up, but I doubt they both make it. Deion made more big splash plays, so I'm guessing he gets in. I think Coleman gets snubbed, too. With Ryan, Julio, and Freeman, I'm guessing we get 6 guys. The wild card would be if a big showing in a single game is enough to get a spot (like 3 sacks or maybe a pick-6 in the super bowl).
  9. rofl, so it is my fault after all. Thanks for the pro tip, guys. I will be sure to use the font coloring next time I feel like putting up a cheeky post.
  10. Laughable. Manziel is a 2-time MVP thanks to Shanahan's coaching: District 27-4A MVP in 2009, District 28-4A MVP in 2010.
  11. Really now? So you've now presumably done the research to individually pick out that both statements were completely and utterly wrong. So much so that they were seemingly hand-picked for their wrongness. And yet somehow taking that next leap in logic to think that perhaps that was done on purpose was just too much? Also, who is Brian House? I was pegging Johnny Football as the name to pull from Kyle's Cleveland year. Pick apart the rest of my original post all you want, but I KNOW Manziel was an MVP, so at least I got one out of those three.
  12. The entire post was supposed to be over-the-top backwards as a comment to reinforce that Matt Ryan is gonna be just fine. Based on going 0 for 2 so far on landing that joke, I clearly didn't do a good job. Apologies for that, and I'll try to end my thread hijacking here and turn it back over to Falcons media coverage: Matt Ryan is gonna be just fine.
  13. This is pretty much my philosophy, too. It's unfortunate that a bad thing happened to a person, but I enjoy that a bad thing happened to the Saints. The only time I enjoy a bad thing happening to a person is when they have it coming to them. It's not a lot of people who make that list for me, but Richard Sherman and Cam Newton are at the top of it.
  14. THEY ARE????? Well at least I can sleep well tonight knowing that that was the ONLY ridiculous thing from my post.
  15. Shanahan was the sole reason Ryan did well. You can prove this by comparing how well each of them has done with other OCs/QBs in their career: Every single one of the QBs that have entered Shanahan's systems have gone on to be MVPs and have had top-5 QB production while Shanahan was around All of Matt Ryan's other OC's have fizzled out and not a single one has gone on to be a head coach. The writing is on the wall, man. Matt can't be successful without Kyle, and Kyle can't fail without Matt.