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  1. Don't forget about Kevin Whi.... aaaaaaand he just broke his leg while I was typing this.
  2. Interesting info about Shanny, but the fact that other coaches 'consider' not taking HC jobs and leaving because of their families does nothing to excuse how much of a do*che McDaniels is for what he did to the Colts. The guy accepted the job, gave them the go-ahead to schedule a press conference, and had effectively hired several assistant coaches.... suddenly after he does all that something changed to make it better for his family to stay in NE? If McDaniels truly decided it was best "for his family" to not move to Indy, he would've made that decision before he accepted the job. The guy is a sleazeball. I'm guessing the truth is closer to the fact that he's entrenched and accepted in the cheating culture of NE ("the patriot way") and he's a guy who Robert Kraft trusts to continue down the Belichick path when he takes over, so they made an insane push to keep him in place. Good for the Falcons for actually trying to keep Shanny here, though. I'm sure, even if they had been successful, Shanny would never have accepted the SF job and backed out later.
  3. The Patriots are a great team surrounded in their conference by mediocrity. The point that people are making here is that the Pats are essentially gifted a trip to the final four every year based on the mediocrity around them. Yes, there are a solid four team in the AFC, but the Patriots being among the best, they essentially have a 50-50 shot an AFC championship each year, and a 25% chance at a SB just by virtue of being a great team. Being a great team in the NFC, meanwhile, doesn't even guarantee you a playoff spot each year because of the depth of competition.
  4. This is just as good of a question to illustrate the point that I think OP is trying to make. IMO, the Patriots dynasty simply wouldn't exist if they were in the NFC. The Patriots' division has provided them a free/easy ticket to the playoffs for a very long time, and then the lack of depth in the AFC has provided them an easier path to the AFC championship games than they would ever have gotten in the NFC. As a good/great team (which the Patriots have been), you're set up with a scenario of effectively a 2-game playoff almost every year rather than the 3-4 game playoff that NFC teams have, which puts you in the SB or winning the SB a lot. Even with being as good as the Patriots have been, having to go up against the Packers/Seahawks/Falcons/Panthers/Cowboys is a much harder path than the Texans/Bengals/Titans/Ravens path that they have been gifted for so long. By that virtue alone, the Patriots would make it to half or fewer of the SBs they've been to over the last 16 years.
  5. It would have been a 52-yarder on 3rd down, where we would still have a chance to get closer AND run some clock. After the penalty, it was 62 yards out, as it put us on the 45 yard line on 3rd & 33.
  6. I agree, but that's completely irrelevant. With or without the call against Sanu, it would have been offsetting penalties since Matthews was already called for holding on that play. It should have been replay 3rd down from 10 yards closer and still in field goal range.
  7. The block was 10 yards upfield, so it would've been 1st & 15. That one pisses me off significantly less than the facemask on Sanu. I mean... the guy was carrying the football and got yanked to the ground by nothing but his facemask, and none of the refs saw it? He had the freaking ball. THAT call would've directly led to us still being in FG range for the game winning kick. I'm not even that upset about Freeman giving up the strip sack in the SB because, even after that point in the game, there were still SO many things that had to go wrong for us to lose. Back on topic, though... Harry Douglas tripping was the worst play I can remember. In hindsight, Keanu's knee was pretty awful for the outcome of the game as well, but it's hard to blame just that for the loss since we had an entire 2nd half of football left to play. Similar outrage was caused by the f**king blocked punt in New Orleans, but being a regular season game, likely can't qualify as the worst on record.
  8. This is the exact same argument that the Saints used to claim that officiating screwed them in our first matchup, and it's a garbage argument by itself. The penalty totals being mismatched doesn't mean anything if you can't point to flags that shouldn't have been thrown for one team and/or plays where there should have been flags for the other. The Saints had NONE of this: every flag that was thrown was a legit penalty, and they could only point to a single instance where ATL should have gotten a flag (on an illegal contact or PI or something where one of their guys got poked in the eye), and they completely ignored that the Saints could actually have been flagged quite a few more times on other plays to make the totals even more favorable for us. The penalty totals alone mean nothing. That being said, I don't know how many more penalties should have been called for either team yesterday. The brutal calls that I saw watching live were the awful long PI call at the end of the half and the missed super-obvious holding call on the Pats' last first down play. So there were at least two that favored the Pats, and probably many more. I have no idea how many missed calls favored the Jags, so it's only half the story.
  9. I can't believe that Philly fans have actually turned me to root for NE... something I thought would never happen. I've seen too many videos of their fans throwing beer bottles and trash at other fans and even the Vikings team bus to say I want anything good to happen to that fan base and that city. I totally get setting things on fire, getting hammered, climbing light poles, wearing the dog masks, and ALL of the ridiculous stuff they've been doing all week, but have some f**king decency and respect for other human beings. What a trash fan base. On the other side of the coin, it doesn't matter one iota for Tom Brady's legacy whether or not he wins this game. He's been to the SB 8 times in 16 years (winning at least 5 of them), made it to 7 straight AFC championship games, holds a ton of career and single-season passing records, and is likely the winningest QB of all time (I assume). So it's not like losing this SB will suddenly make the Tom Brady talk go away. Screw it, let him have this one. Go Pats.
  10. Honestly, I'm ok with having Sark back. The mistake was bringing him here to begin with, but at this point I think it would be equally bad to reset with yet ANOTHER new OC. It would be groovy if we lured Matt LaFleur back (in the form of an apology and a giant pile of money) to help Sark actually learn how to use the offense. LaFleur could help game plan, and we could still let Sark call the plays. Obviously this won't happen, so maybe it's more of a comment about how we shouldn't have let go of all of Shanahan's guys who knew more about the offense and playbook and wanted to stick around
  11. It helped for sure. It definitely healed everything from this season's Falcons. I don't have the misfortune of being a UGA fan, so I'm ok there. Does it heal the SB loss? Eh... it takes my mind off it for a while, but I think that one will live on. JAX knocking the Pats out would definitely make the rest of the playoffs a cruise for me. No vested interest in the remaining outcomes, so I could just hope for good games. Thinking about the Vikes a bit more, though, I'm not sure how I'd feel if they won it all in the year just before we host the SB. The added story line of us getting a home SB would be an old-hat story if it happened the year before. Eagles over Jags would be groovy I suppose (as long as the Jags blew a 26-point lead ). Added bonus there that we lost to the eventual SB champs yet again.
  12. The best possible (remaining) ending to this season for Falcons fans would be the Pats blowing a 26-point lead to the Eagles, or some other catastrophic collapse that gets meme-creators to forget all about 28-3 (could be anybody, but it happening to the pats is just a bonus). Runner up for best ending would be Vikings win to cement the Diggs play into football fame for longer. Most realistic ending is the Patriots expose more crappy teams en route to an easy SB win. Keenum won't be able to produce in a playoff road game, and the Eagles will win 6-3 or some garbage score like that so Brady and co. will win in blowouts for their entire path to another title. Fin.
  13. Sadly, this loss for the Saints will eventually fade into nothing outside of this message board and the media and NFL fans will have a fresh slate of things to talk about next week... UNLESS the Vikings go on to win the SB. Should the Vikings win, this miracle play will forever be the biggest part of their SB run and will be brought up 100x more often. So I'm a Vikings fan at the moment. 28-3, because it happened in the SB, has all the staying power in the world. 24-23 will be remembered by a much smaller crowd for a much shorter time period at this point.
  14. The Jets didn't lose in historically awful fashion like the Saints just did, so it's not comparable. If the Saints had simply withered away and lost after being down 17-0, I think there would be maybe a single thread here that could be encapsulated as, "grumble grumble good riddance, Saints, grumble", and nothing more. The Saints just lost a game FOR THE AGES. The Saints just lost by creating yet another play that will have its own name (Minnesota/Minneapolis Miracle). THAT, combined with their arrogance and taunting us about 28-3 for nearly a year, is the reason for the dozens of threads. After the Saints kicked their game-winning FG with less than a minute to go, I was already trying to figure out how miserable it would be to watch a Pats/Saints SB this year. Rooting for the Patriots (which I would have been doing in that situation) would have felt so wrong. The Saints had a great team and they were playing great football, so they had as good a chance as anyone to win it all. Instead, they get the karmic justice of having to be the laughing stock of the entire internet, as we have been for nearly a full year. Obviously their loss doesn't hold a candle to our SB tank-job (although it definitely would be just as bad had this been in a SB). But this at least gives us something to poke back with. It's too bad that this wasn't in the SB, so the rest of the sports world will simply move on next week, but at least us Falcons fans got something to make us forget about our own ouster from the playoffs.