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  1. they'd f*cking better be able to after all they've dished out to me over the years! They're good natured for sure, and I'm guessing they'll be a bit more reserved when they're not in their home territory.
  2. I have to assume it's important to get club level on the home side of the stadium, right? Do you have a tip for where in the club section are the better seats for actually watching the game? My assumption would be that it'd be better to sit toward the back to get a better view (too close to the field can make it hard to actually see what's going on in the game). If I can find a good enough price, I'd definitely like to go for club seats.
  3. Thanks for the offer! Full disclosure that I will almost certainly have a few Seahawks fans in tow, so no hard feelings if you pull the invitation. Part of the fun of picking the Seahawks game for me is in convincing some of my buddies to come with me. I've had to root for the away team for every game I've gone to with these guys, so it can finally be their turn. When we get a bit closer to having our plans finalized and figure out what we want to do before game time, I may PM you for some more info on the tailgate!
  4. I got the wife to commit by telling her for a full year that I was going to fly down for the Superbowl in Atlanta if we ended up playing in it. She was so mentally prepared to drop a huge amount of money on the trip that it was easy for me to say "fine, I'll just go for a regular season game next year". I was also 95% ready to pull the trigger to fly down for the NFC championship game in 2016 as the last game in the Georgia Dome, but then I was convinced to wait since it'd probably be cooler to see the new $1.5B stadium. I am stoked for the trip. Can't wait!
  5. Very solid advice, thank you! For whatever reason, I hadn't even considered AirBnB
  6. Hey all, First off, I'll apologize for making a new thread for this since I feel like I see one every year, but can't seem to find any of the old ones now that I need one. I tried some simple searches to look for old threads that would probably have all the information I need, but couldn't quite find one with everything. The subject is that I've finally convinced my wife to take the long trip from Seattle to Atlanta for a Falcons game (I've only ever seen the Falcons live when they're playing against the Seahawks, so what better game to visit than when the Seahawks come to town on Oct. 27). It's going to be a short trip, so I want to get the most out of it, and I'm hoping my local Falcons brothers can help me out like you've done for others in my situation before. I'll start the list with some of the food recommendations I found in another thread that looked interesting, but here's all the stuff I'm hoping to get some help on for my trip: Hotels - any tips on where to stay? Doesn't need to be right near the stadium if there's a better part of town that might be closer to good food/drink Highland Inn Embassy Suites at Centennial Olympic Park AirBnB - look in Virginia Highlands, Inman Park, Kirkwood Food - what's the top local gem I make sure I visit? Some options I have so far: Homegrown - for breakfast/brunch The Varsity (locals say don't go) Fox Bros BBQ Antico pizza Twin Smoker Optimist Rock's Chicken & Fries Drinks - my wife and I love our crafty, aged, specialty beers. What's the best brewery and/or beer pub in the city? The Porter Beer Bar Wrecking Bar Brewpub Brickstore Pub Max Lager's Twain's Sweetwater Brewery Hopstix Tickets/Stadium attractions - maybe the most important item! What's the best place to get a seat? Is it worth the club level experience where I can walk down to the field for a bit? I plan to get to the stadium early so that I can do my exploring before the game. Are there any must-see attractions in the stadium I should focus on, or would I be plenty happy just wandering around and taking it all in? Cost effective - just get the cheapest seats and watch the game from the endzone rail Club seats - worth the cost to be able to walk down to the field level I'll try to keep this thread updated to pull in any recommendations I get so that maybe this one can help someone else out for their trip in the future. Thanks in advance for anyone with contributions!
  7. This isn't my *favorite*, especially when you take a look at all the wonderful options available, but it at least deserves a nomination.
  8. It helped for sure. It definitely healed everything from this season's Falcons. I don't have the misfortune of being a UGA fan, so I'm ok there. Does it heal the SB loss? Eh... it takes my mind off it for a while, but I think that one will live on. JAX knocking the Pats out would definitely make the rest of the playoffs a cruise for me. No vested interest in the remaining outcomes, so I could just hope for good games. Thinking about the Vikes a bit more, though, I'm not sure how I'd feel if they won it all in the year just before we host the SB. The added story line of us getting a home SB would be an old-hat story if it happened the year before. Eagles over Jags would be groovy I suppose (as long as the Jags blew a 26-point lead ). Added bonus there that we lost to the eventual SB champs yet again.
  9. The best possible (remaining) ending to this season for Falcons fans would be the Pats blowing a 26-point lead to the Eagles, or some other catastrophic collapse that gets meme-creators to forget all about 28-3 (could be anybody, but it happening to the pats is just a bonus). Runner up for best ending would be Vikings win to cement the Diggs play into football fame for longer. Most realistic ending is the Patriots expose more crappy teams en route to an easy SB win. Keenum won't be able to produce in a playoff road game, and the Eagles will win 6-3 or some garbage score like that so Brady and co. will win in blowouts for their entire path to another title. Fin.
  10. The Jets didn't lose in historically awful fashion like the Saints just did, so it's not comparable. If the Saints had simply withered away and lost after being down 17-0, I think there would be maybe a single thread here that could be encapsulated as, "grumble grumble good riddance, Saints, grumble", and nothing more. The Saints just lost a game FOR THE AGES. The Saints just lost by creating yet another play that will have its own name (Minnesota/Minneapolis Miracle). THAT, combined with their arrogance and taunting us about 28-3 for nearly a year, is the reason for the dozens of threads. After the Saints kicked their game-winning FG with less than a minute to go, I was already trying to figure out how miserable it would be to watch a Pats/Saints SB this year. Rooting for the Patriots (which I would have been doing in that situation) would have felt so wrong. The Saints had a great team and they were playing great football, so they had as good a chance as anyone to win it all. Instead, they get the karmic justice of having to be the laughing stock of the entire internet, as we have been for nearly a full year. Obviously their loss doesn't hold a candle to our SB tank-job (although it definitely would be just as bad had this been in a SB). But this at least gives us something to poke back with. It's too bad that this wasn't in the SB, so the rest of the sports world will simply move on next week, but at least us Falcons fans got something to make us forget about our own ouster from the playoffs.