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  1. Honestly, I'm ok with having Sark back. The mistake was bringing him here to begin with, but at this point I think it would be equally bad to reset with yet ANOTHER new OC. It would be groovy if we lured Matt LaFleur back (in the form of an apology and a giant pile of money) to help Sark actually learn how to use the offense. LaFleur could help game plan, and we could still let Sark call the plays. Obviously this won't happen, so maybe it's more of a comment about how we shouldn't have let go of all of Shanahan's guys who knew more about the offense and playbook and wanted to stick around
  2. It helped for sure. It definitely healed everything from this season's Falcons. I don't have the misfortune of being a UGA fan, so I'm ok there. Does it heal the SB loss? Eh... it takes my mind off it for a while, but I think that one will live on. JAX knocking the Pats out would definitely make the rest of the playoffs a cruise for me. No vested interest in the remaining outcomes, so I could just hope for good games. Thinking about the Vikes a bit more, though, I'm not sure how I'd feel if they won it all in the year just before we host the SB. The added story line of us getting a home SB would be an old-hat story if it happened the year before. Eagles over Jags would be groovy I suppose (as long as the Jags blew a 26-point lead ). Added bonus there that we lost to the eventual SB champs yet again.
  3. The best possible (remaining) ending to this season for Falcons fans would be the Pats blowing a 26-point lead to the Eagles, or some other catastrophic collapse that gets meme-creators to forget all about 28-3 (could be anybody, but it happening to the pats is just a bonus). Runner up for best ending would be Vikings win to cement the Diggs play into football fame for longer. Most realistic ending is the Patriots expose more crappy teams en route to an easy SB win. Keenum won't be able to produce in a playoff road game, and the Eagles will win 6-3 or some garbage score like that so Brady and co. will win in blowouts for their entire path to another title. Fin.
  4. Sadly, this loss for the Saints will eventually fade into nothing outside of this message board and the media and NFL fans will have a fresh slate of things to talk about next week... UNLESS the Vikings go on to win the SB. Should the Vikings win, this miracle play will forever be the biggest part of their SB run and will be brought up 100x more often. So I'm a Vikings fan at the moment. 28-3, because it happened in the SB, has all the staying power in the world. 24-23 will be remembered by a much smaller crowd for a much shorter time period at this point.
  5. The Jets didn't lose in historically awful fashion like the Saints just did, so it's not comparable. If the Saints had simply withered away and lost after being down 17-0, I think there would be maybe a single thread here that could be encapsulated as, "grumble grumble good riddance, Saints, grumble", and nothing more. The Saints just lost a game FOR THE AGES. The Saints just lost by creating yet another play that will have its own name (Minnesota/Minneapolis Miracle). THAT, combined with their arrogance and taunting us about 28-3 for nearly a year, is the reason for the dozens of threads. After the Saints kicked their game-winning FG with less than a minute to go, I was already trying to figure out how miserable it would be to watch a Pats/Saints SB this year. Rooting for the Patriots (which I would have been doing in that situation) would have felt so wrong. The Saints had a great team and they were playing great football, so they had as good a chance as anyone to win it all. Instead, they get the karmic justice of having to be the laughing stock of the entire internet, as we have been for nearly a full year. Obviously their loss doesn't hold a candle to our SB tank-job (although it definitely would be just as bad had this been in a SB). But this at least gives us something to poke back with. It's too bad that this wasn't in the SB, so the rest of the sports world will simply move on next week, but at least us Falcons fans got something to make us forget about our own ouster from the playoffs.
  6. This was pretty cool to watch to see the quiet intensity of the Falcons players and coaches. I love Ryan's composure in the pre-game break. He doesn't need to yell or get emotional to get the team fired up, and yet you can tell they're all dead fu**ing focused on crushing the game. Also, I don't know who that coach/assistant is in the middle of the video saying "We've been in these battles. We've been asked to finish and we finish." but I sure hope the players have the same demeanor and confidence as that guy. If so, then this team is mentally prepped and ready to fight to get to the SB again. These guys seem dialed in.
  7. Wholeheartedly agree. But the only people who have been paying attention to the Falcons are the Falcons fans.
  8. Or some of us try to think about what an unbiased view of the league might look like. An outsider would look at the Saints as having won the division, beaten ATL in our last matchup, and having the flashiest new RB in the league. All that combines to make them look like a tougher team at the moment. To those of us who actually watch and follow the Falcons games, we obviously know our last matchup with the Saints had utter garbage for officiating, and we all know just how close we've been to winning virtually every game this year. People who are just now taking a look at ATL stats and the team have no idea. I didn't say NO *is* a tougher team, just that they *look* that way.
  9. Brilliant poll since it's not possible for them to have been matched up against the Rams.
  10. It's not really that outlandish of a statement. It's not saying that we're an easy matchup; it's just stating that the Saints look like the tougher/hotter team, which I tend to agree with. It also cuts both ways... I'm pleased that we get to play Philly this week rather than the Saints or Vikings. It certainly gives us the best chance to have another week of bantering about being disrespected by the media next week!
  11. Hey, maybe 1990's NFL concepts will come full circle and he'll be right again. The offense will be so backwards that it'll catch defenses off guard. Assuming your guys' DC is out next year as well, it sounds like the Panthers might be in line for another down year while they learn and adjust. Kind of a shame, I agree. Particularly with a guy like Cam who simply won't last as long in the NFL as most QBs due to the hits he takes.
  12. I'm going to destroy something in my home if we have yet another no-call on a PI against Julio. Given the odds of it happening, I should probably watch the game at a friend's house or at a bar...
  13. Eh, I can't see the Saints fearing us much if they end up winning as well. They will have built their own confidence with knocking out the Vikings, they very recently beat us fairly handily (say what you will about the officiating, but the result was a win for them), and we'd be in their building. Perhaps the Vikings would have some level of doubt having to face us, but remember that they would have just knocked off a red hot Saints team, so they would likely have their own confidence... you don't make it to the NFC championship without running and surviving a gauntlet. The AFC championship is a different story, of course...
  14. If this is the argument to be made (I'm not necessarily disagreeing with it, but I haven't spent any time looking at the numbers myself), then you would also have to argue that the number of pass yards they've given up is inflated since teams are throwing the ball more frequently against them. So if you're saying their rush defense isn't as good as their rank indicates, then it would virtually have to be true that their pass defense is better than their rank indicates.