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  1. Brees is a psychopath with football. There are many stories of how competitive he is. This isn’t the first time he’s been on the practice field going over his progressions. He’s done this for years. That’s why he’s able to play at an elite level even at almost 41 and why he’s been elite for 10+ years.
  2. Carmichael is great as an assistant coach, but he is not HC material. He does not have that commanding feel to him. Just listen to him in interviews. He’s a behind the scenes guy, not a leader type, which makes him excellent as a coordinator.
  3. I mean I didn’t say it wasn’t an impressive win. I believed going into the season it would be between NO and ATL for the division. Matt Ryan has been extremely turnover prone so far and that was very close to a loss with Wentz throwing to great value brand receivers. It’s a good win, a crucial win, but not something to where I believe Atlanta is running away with the division. Again, it’s wide open. I don’t see that as some unfair or homer assessment looking at the division. Atlanta should be the favorite for the division as of now with the schedule NO has til Brees returns.
  4. Winston was terrible week 1 and should’ve had an INT against Carolina. It hit Luke K right in the hands. Winston is a scrub. carolina is a mess with Cam we obviously have issues with Brees and it’ll be tough with this schedule. falcons aren’t scaring anyone either. its wide open.
  5. They replaced him with Malcolm Brown, so that’s an upgrade. Davison is actually pretty good against the run. Don’t expect anything from him as a pass rusher at all. Overall I’d say he’s an average DT. I highly doubt he starts for you guys, but as far as depth goes, good signing. He will at least be in the d line rotation.
  6. He’s solid depth. Played decent snaps for us. He’s above average on run defense, below average as a pass rusher.
  7. Example 1 Example 2 So because you disagree with me I am trolling? I read message boards for many teams and occasionally chime in. It is pretty common knowledge that the premium positions are QB, EDGE, LT, and Corner. Think of the Superbowl winner over the last decade, how often do you see an elite WR? I love Mike Thomas, but he isn't as valuable as Cam Jordan is.
  8. Dude. This is nonsense. Think of the last team to win a Super Bowl with a super high paid WR. The most important positions, the premiums are: QB, LT, EDGE, CB. Pass rushers are far move valuable than a WR.
  9. Funny that the team with a championship would be considered inferior to a team that is 0-2 in the Superbowl. It's funny. I'd expect Falcon fans to pull crap like this if the Saints collapsed. That's what makes a rivalry great.
  10. Are you 12? Just as me saying Failcons would be ridiculous, so is saying Taints. You sound like an idiot. And yea, the Saints have been surprisingly bad at home as of late, doesn't mean they can't flip the switch. The dome was known as one of the hardest places for opposing teams to win for quite some times, there's no reason they can't get back to dominating in there. They beat the crap out of GB @ Home, and are capable of running it up on anyone in the dome especially with the crowd rockin. The fans will absolutely be into it Sunday. With that said I expect the typical Saints/Falcons game,
  11. LOLOLOLOLOLOL The Saints are 24-16 on the road since 2009, and that includes the 2012 season which was an anomaly being that Payton was out. Wanna take a guess where that ranks with the rest of the league? Well, it's tied for first with the Patriots and Eagles. Calling a team that has beat the Falcons 13 out of the last 16 times crappy, that's hilarious. And they are elite my friend, wether the idiots on here want to admit it or not, they are.
  12. I personally hope Smith stays as coach for you guys forever. I will not deny the talent Atlanta has; Julio, Roddy, Ryan, who is criminally underrated, etc. Smith is just such a soft coach to me. I fear for the day that you guys actually get a competent coach in there, because Smith isn't that guy. He has racked up lots of wins, and brought the team out of obscurity, similar to what Payton did with the Saints; but the guy lacks the guts it seems to me to send the Falcons over the top. Payton might be an arrogant ***** at times, but he will try to step on a teams throat and has guts. Mike Smith
  13. Can't say that I disagree with that. Talib shutdown JImmy, although he was injured at the time, as did Seattle. Trufant is excellent, but he's not near the level of a Sherman or Talib, not yet. The best way to beat the Saints is to get pressure in Brees' face. They have way too many weapons. If you try to take Graham out the game there's Colston, who is actually healthy this year and looks great, and Cooks (not sure if Stills will be ready to go). There's also a guy named Pierre Thomas who consistently seems to give the Falcons fits. If Atlanta can get in Brees' face consistently they will cau
  14. Well, that's actually not true. The Falcons have won one playoff game since then. The Saints have won two (vs Detroit 2011 and @Philadelphia just this past season). ONE playoff win for the Falcons while having the top seed in the NFC twice, that is unbelievably pathetic. Playoff loses for the Falcons include a game in which they scored only 2 points vs the Giants, mind-blowing to say the least An absolutely embarrassing beating by GB when the game was IN ATLANTA. One of the biggest choke jobs I've ever seen in the NFC Championship vs SF They also almost blew the game vs Seattle in 2012 Need
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