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  1. No chit. Yea, we have to watch it. Killing an endangered lion for sport is certainly the same as eating a reptile. I'll give you credit, though. You are consistantly consitant. Old, tired and stale. I'd type more, but, it's hard to type with a cow sammich in my hand. I think pig is on the menu tonite.
  2. No order- MJ Lebron Bird Magic Wilt Russell Dr J Kareem Oscar PISTOL PETE!!!
  3. You obviously have never seen a Floyd fight. He's a BOXER, not a fighter. He comes in to box. He's 48-0. He is what he is. You have to hit him in order to beat him. Easier said than done.
  4. No desperation, here. Was just throwing it out there.I'll try harder to meet your approval in the future.I guess I really need to watch what I write. Without meaning to, I gave you the assumption that I cared about your DDoooshbag opinion. I'll try to better. I apologize.
  5. Maybe it was his time with the Falcons that caused him to murder. Years later, he returns to Georgia and has a flashback. It's a case of NFLPTSD.
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