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  1. Better to be known for a choke job than to be known for the dirtiest scumiest SB win that should forever hold an asterisk next to it, (ask Brett Favre how he feels) and a franchise that seemingly has spent most their time in existence with paper bags on their heads Now get your @ss back to the swamps and ready the paper bag for when Brees retires....
  2. Isn't it funny how taints fans forget their years and years and years of wearing paper bags on their heads
  3. Love you 84. You ARE this team and this city. I'm sorry you couldn't get a SB with us, a part of me will always hate this team for letting you walk before you could play in one.
  4. You aren't gonna try and defend that elbow shot though are you? He actually RAISED his forearm and elbow up to the guys head. Nothing to do with Allen going to the ground
  5. Just beat those motherf*****s. It will be the sweetest 4-12 season ever. F*** the AINTS
  6. I'm not on twitter. Never will be. But can anyone here that is let us know if Scam Jordan has posted a response? Has he eaten some crow for being a trash talking dumb@ss?
  7. I f***ing miss you 84!!! Hated this team for a whole year for letting you walk before we could get you to a SB.
  8. Quinn ain't our man. We just hate y'all that much. See you in Atlanta.
  9. I would @ all y'all that were talking **** all week but your names were so forget able I can't remember
  10. Typical Aints fans. Can't wait till the paper bags come back out!
  11. Maybe they do maybe they don't, but **** the taints all the same
  12. Yes sir! And don't let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out!
  13. Where y'all at?? Drew Brees like eating dirt? This is our house and we just made you our b!tch in yours SUCK IT, see you in the ATL! Oh yeah, forgot the obligatory F*CK YOU!! Loooool
  14. What happened to the **** the aints thread? Was funny as hail! Did it get deleted? Lame
  15. Well said OP. Get your @sses to the Benz to show support for one of our all time greats. We miss you 84. More than you know
  16. Good. Get him an Oline than can actually open up freakin lanes and Free will be fine.
  17. Julio was 6 for 93 yards. But sure, keep talking bout how Ramsey "shut him down". I'll be over here laughing lol
  18. I don't think anyone takes you seriously anymore either bud.
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