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  1. Justin Houston pleeeeeeeeease and thankyou
  2. I'll take Ryan for as long as he feels he's got it. I think he deserves that.
  3. I dont see why not. Its happening more and more in todays league, you can play well into your 40s. Im not saying its going to happen, but theres more than a good chance Ryan can go another 5.
  4. Vel, 20 years ago or 50 years ago, right now, in this situation, its a silly move when we can use it to build our roster around Matt, not to replace him in a year or two. I understand where you're coming from here man, but all I am saying is its not a smart move for us right here right now.
  5. Oh I'm more than happy to put your @ss on ignore my friend, you're making it all so easy. Seems to me the two o you are the only ones running round here downvoting the rest of the board because you want a new QB. Carry on
  6. Yes I'm a Vick fan. But that was 20 years ago, and in this current situation, we have a hall of fame QB sitting here who can still play, not Chris Chandler. Also, as a Vick fan, im not blind to the fact that Matt is the best QB we have ever had. In this current situation, drafting a player to sit for 2 years is a Bad move
  7. Drafting a player with the fourth overall pick just to sit the bench all next season is a bad draft move. Why dont some of y'all get that? Every thread on here talking sense has jetpac boy and macknsweetjones hitting with the downvotes cuz they mad that we aint getting a mobile QB. Its actually sad
  8. I was and still am a bigger Vick fan than most, but I cannot understand how some of y'all don't see what a waste of resources drafting a QB to sit for two years is. We have an opportunity before us, to either draft another great offensive weapon, or trade back and accumulate more fire power to potentially fill starting positions on this roster. Do people hate MR that much that you cant see that? Will a shiny new QB at 4 make you sleep better? I dont freaking get it.
  9. You're talking about Ryan likes he's 2015 Peyton Manning when his arm fell off....He's not. Not quite sure how you reckon a rookie QB gives us a better chance to win than a top QB like Ryan.
  10. I wouldnt be mad with those Redskins or Broncos scenarios one bit tbh. In fact i would love it
  11. TBH i thought it was gonna be 2004/5 NFC Divisional vs Rams
  12. This post should be held aloft at the top of TATF for all to see, forever
  13. We (Most of us) love you Matty! We (Not enough of us) appreciate you Ice!
  14. To be fair I dont think he will be all that expensive now
  15. I agree, but I want at least one Edge FA guy signed, y'all know I want Houston, then I'll be happy to get to the draft!
  16. I dunno why but i really like this guy. Hoping he can be a great blocker for us, catch some redzone TD's and bring a bit of much needed attitude to the team. All things we've been lacking in for years This is exactly the kind of player I want on my team, and I look forward to rootin for him on sunday afternoons
  17. The down voters really know nothing huh. Y'all hate Matt that much? He's here, get over it. We aren't taking your shiny new mobile QB at 4, get over it. Oh thats right I forgot, taking at QB at 4 will instantly fix our defensive woes. Silly me. Carry on /P
  18. Nah but if we take a QB at 4 we'd be in shoo in right? Lol. Matt gives us the best chance to win, we all know it, and more importantly, the FO clearly knows it.
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