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  1. Do you get some kinda alert on your cell whenever a Ryan thread pops up on TAFT, bt12483?
  2. I believe Matty is on the verge of being "Elite" or what ever you want to call it, "Elite" quarterbacks win Super Bowls, but winning one doesn't make you one. That's the point. He's saying Matt is already good enough to win one, and THAT would make him elite. Its that final stepping stone. Did anyone say that about Flacco before the 2012 season? Don't think so. Winning a SB certainly hasn't made him one. The word just gets tossed around way too much for my liking. If you think Matt Ryan is overrated, you need to sit down and relax, you may be drunk.
  3. There is no place for tanking in sports!!!! Why do you even watch the game if you support losing on purpose??!!
  4. Ugh. I hate how "Tanking" or losing on purpose is even spoken of in professional sports. Wanna make Football into sports entertainment? Work it like a wrestling show? Yeah, no thanks....
  5. Heard it on 790. The Super Bowl tix were definatley above and beyond. Pure class by #84.
  6. I agree its win/win in a sense, but the chance to draft a Clowney or a Mack doesnt come about vety often. I'm even for trading up for either of those guys. Especially after our bad year last year, this is the PERFECT time to get er done. O line help can be found either later on it the draft, or closer to the season when the last cuts happen. This is our chance to changr our Defense, to a formidable force. Lets not pass that up! Rising up for '14! I cant wait.
  7. Could not agree more. It has to be Clowney or Mack in the first. If they go ahead and draft OT, I just hope to h@ll we nab Attaochu in the second.
  8. Be 27 by tha time football season rolls round
  9. I think sometimes people forget that a 1000 yd year is just over 60 yds a game. If he plays all 16, I wouldnt call it bold at all. SJax still got juice left!
  10. I would love this. Ware and Allen, and Asamoah.
  11. I'm happy with Smitty. I like him as our coach. He has passion. Although, if I'm honest, listening to him sometimes, I wish he'd stop using "He did/is doing/ a very nice job of...." etc, in his d@mn interviews, ha. But yeah, Smitty has done a "Very nice job" for 5 years, and 1 down year doesnt, and wont define him. Build us a defense TD, I bet they'll be no call for Smith's head then.
  12. Babs works his tail off every snap. Hes gotta stay, because you need someone like that on the D line
  13. Best QB we've ever had. As a huge Vicj fan, I have no trouble in saying that. I believe in Matty Ice! To the stupid haters, before you post, just think about how long we've waited to be consistently good over a long stretch. You can thank our QB for most of that.
  14. I reckon SJax goes off in this game. Seahawks have been gettin' gashed against the run as of late. I reckon Roddy will be back, and have himself a pretty nice game. And I reckon, if we can keep a run game up, Ol Matty Ice and co, can win us this game. Yeah, hawks, we got yo number Please. I want to go to bed happy this sunday.
  15. Well deserved too, if y'ask me. Matty Ice Lighting everybody up this year, I love it.
  16. We have Matt Ryan, Roddy, Gonzo, and Steven Jackson. It IS possible. Like Ive said before, we were a pretty good team before Julio was even drafted, and we still made it to the playoffs. Now, I realize we are 1-4, and have a LOT to do. But all I'm saying is, its not impossible!
  17. I went 10-6. SJax will be back hopefully after the bye. Roddy wont be out for the season. And, remember we had 3 pretty darn good years before Julio. Matt, Roddy, Sjax and Gonzo. No reason we cant get there without Julio. Sure, he'll be missed. But we have enough offensive talent still to MAKE it to the playoffs. As long as we are there, we have a shot. And hows that for a positive attitude
  18. What was the point of yours? Just to ridicule another poster? Hmmm. On topic, I myself find it utterly bewildering that our offense has only put up 40 once in 20 games. Things need to change. Im in the camp that believes they will, otherwise, the changes will eventually happen from the top. The best thing for us right now is too come out on fire tonight, and keep it burning ALL night. No letting up, scoring on every possible drive!
  19. Dude, Drew STILL threw for 5000 yds last year. Oh yeah and Payton was sitting at home watching it on TV. Its Drew, not Payton.
  20. Uh, what!? Yeah, cos that doesnt make you sound as evil and cold as you portray Mike to be.... No, no, Im not getting drawn into this! Especially not with Falcons fans. We need to get the h@ll over it, because no matter what, he will still be loved by many in the ATL, myself included. But, we are in a position now, as a franchise, that os incredibly exciting. We are legit year after year. So why must some of us still be bitter towards a guy that hasnt played for us in 7 years? We've got more important things! Like getting a SB. Lets be happy bout where we are!
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