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  1. He shouldnt even be asking Roddy, that number needs retiring even though we dont retire numbers. P****s me of enough seeing Koo wear number 7!
  2. Fair reasoning but taking him isnt going to help us this year. We can do a whole lot more with that pick that will. Im not happy with calling the season a wash before its begun, that is effectively what drafting a QB at 4 will be doing.
  3. If we had Joey Harrington under center i would be the first one to say draft one of these kids. But you know what? We Don't. We have a future HOFer, who can still play. That should be all there is to say on the subject, but no doubt we will be hearing this ish til draft day
  4. Why, exactly? Why do you want him? Why do you want him to sit on the bench for two years? I see a a few people saying they want a new QB, but no one says why. Is it new? Exciting? We have a QB, still playing at a high level. We dont need a new QB
  5. How are we winning just as many games with Pitts? He's a game breaker. Sewell, can bolster our O line. Surtain, can bolster our secondary. A QB? Sits his *** on the bench til Ryan leaves. We draft a QB and that says to me we are giving up on the next two years. Thats not the message i want to send to ths team. And is 2021 the ONLY year we will ever be able to draft a QB? No, so why waste the opportunity we have to build this team to win now. Lets be real, barring MAJOR collapses by our DQ ran defense, we were a playoff team last year.
  6. I dont think thats the case. We are committed to Ryan for at least two years. Why wouldnt we try and build around him the best we can for those two years instead of wasting the opportunity by drafting the future? Makes no sense.
  7. I told you bro you cant be throwing around good points and sound reasoning like that. We need that new mobile QB at 4 remember? /p
  8. If we take a QB at 4 with all the other holes on this team, this will be me;
  9. Justin Houston pleeeeeeeeease and thankyou
  10. I'll take Ryan for as long as he feels he's got it. I think he deserves that.
  11. I dont see why not. Its happening more and more in todays league, you can play well into your 40s. Im not saying its going to happen, but theres more than a good chance Ryan can go another 5.
  12. Vel, 20 years ago or 50 years ago, right now, in this situation, its a silly move when we can use it to build our roster around Matt, not to replace him in a year or two. I understand where you're coming from here man, but all I am saying is its not a smart move for us right here right now.
  13. Oh I'm more than happy to put your @ss on ignore my friend, you're making it all so easy. Seems to me the two o you are the only ones running round here downvoting the rest of the board because you want a new QB. Carry on
  14. Yes I'm a Vick fan. But that was 20 years ago, and in this current situation, we have a hall of fame QB sitting here who can still play, not Chris Chandler. Also, as a Vick fan, im not blind to the fact that Matt is the best QB we have ever had. In this current situation, drafting a player to sit for 2 years is a Bad move
  15. Drafting a player with the fourth overall pick just to sit the bench all next season is a bad draft move. Why dont some of y'all get that? Every thread on here talking sense has jetpac boy and macknsweetjones hitting with the downvotes cuz they mad that we aint getting a mobile QB. Its actually sad
  16. I was and still am a bigger Vick fan than most, but I cannot understand how some of y'all don't see what a waste of resources drafting a QB to sit for two years is. We have an opportunity before us, to either draft another great offensive weapon, or trade back and accumulate more fire power to potentially fill starting positions on this roster. Do people hate MR that much that you cant see that? Will a shiny new QB at 4 make you sleep better? I dont freaking get it.
  17. You're talking about Ryan likes he's 2015 Peyton Manning when his arm fell off....He's not. Not quite sure how you reckon a rookie QB gives us a better chance to win than a top QB like Ryan.
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