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  1. 48 minutes ago, AvidFalconFan said:

    Gotta stay at 4 and get that new QB.

    Matt is good but we will never win a championship with him as our QB.

    Matt's a statue in the pocket. Yes the ol was not good but Matt just stands there with little to no movement. His strength is definitely not improvising and making a play when the original play breaks down. 

    The sooner we get that new QB  this team can move forward. This team needs a new leader.



    So much wrong with this post

  2. 1 minute ago, isproab said:

    Top 8 QB, ok but he didn't help us past 4 wins. 2016 was the peak. 17, 18, 19, 20 not an improvement. 

    #4 gets #4 money no matter if he is a QB or a kicker. 

    Committed for 2 years to Ryan, so what. #4 can sit for 12, 21 or 30 games

    We can afford to pay #4 his slot value regardless of position. 

    Factor player or not, Falcons can pick whomever. YOU just don't want a QB. 

    .... None of my counter points are lies. You just don't want to hear it. I will gladly spend 2021 in cap/roster h*ll if it means a better spot for the future. Now I'm not going to say my ideal is the way to go, but if that is what the GM and organization dubs as best, who are you to argue. 

    Honestly, what would you say if they pull the trigger on Fields or a QB at #4? Of all your points, what's going to be the logical answer if the organization totally rejects them? 

    Either scenario can happen. 


    And what a waste that would be

  3. 11 minutes ago, flrybranch said:

    1) There were 5 starting QB's older than him in 2020, Brees, Brady, Roth, Rodgers, Rivers, 6 if you count Fitzmagic. 2 of those 5 are now gone (and Fitzmagic isn't starting next season), so yeah 36 is old for a QB. Don't cherry pick your data points by looking at one division.

    2) Twist it any way you want, the salary cap should not and will not have an effect on who is drafted with todays slotted contracts. Preparing the "QB of the future" would not be a waste, a luxury maybe, but not a waste.

    3) $8M cap saving with a 2022 Pre-June 1 cut. Go to Sportrac and look it up.

    4) Well I at least learned who David Hume is. I'm still saying your beating the same three dead horses here.

    5) Contracts are slotted now. The only negotiation is the offsets and a few minor things. $$$ are set by the latest CBA.

    6) They were 7-9, 7-9, 4-12. One player to the current roster is not making the playoffs. 

    7) With QB's things get weird with rankings. If you want to ignore that, then fair enough.



    FWIW, Fitz is starting this coming season, and to to counter you argument at number 6, we had those records large in part due to a completely inept defensive coaching unit, not to mention the work of the artist formally known as DK. I dont think you can gloss over what a big impact those factors had on our middling to bad seasons.

  4. 2 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    I just don’t think Matt is a killer and believe we need one at QB.   I know Matt is still a good QB, an adequate QB, however you want to describe him.  If he stays in the league 5 more years he will even have the numbers to get to the HOF.  Matt just can’t make a wrong play right.  While that was never his forte’ it will only get worse with age.   He’s not Brady who had a much stronger arm before he got the age on him. Brady’s a killer.   Brees is a killler - you can age more gracefully in the league of you are those things.

    I remember a quote, dont recall who it was, but it always stuck with me.

    "Matt Ryan, he may may look like a choir boy, but he'll step on your throat to win a football game"

    Then he went full F**k you and told the panthers "to get the F**k off our field" and I knew for sure it was true.

    So i have to disagree with that statement of Matt not being a killer. He's an absolute gamer, and has passion and the poise to match.

  5. 10 minutes ago, theDIRTYcode said:

    That I completely agree with. And for what it's worth, if it was my decision to make between Kyle Pitts and Justin Fields, I'm taking the QB. Not because I hate Matt Ryan or even think it's the smart thing to do given the salary cap. I think 28-3 is a mindset, and everyone involved needs to ******* go so we can finally be rid of that ****.

    Honestly bud, no offense, I'm REALLY glad you are not making the decision.

  6. 12 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    Like I have said in other posts, I will still be excited if Falcons go in another direction and I have much affection for Kyle Pitts in a Falcons uniform especially - would have no problem if Falcons take him at #4.

    While I love Fields as a player, I can be happy for his success in another uniform.   Obviously I was happy for his success at Ohio State even though I preferred he have that success at UGA.

    If Falcons took Pitts at #4, took Lance at #4 or traded down and took Surtain or Parsons that would also be exciting.

    I ride or die with the Falcons - whatever they do I will support and hope for the best.

    Oh i know dude, i have seen you say you would be happy with Pitts or trade downs etc, which is what sets you apart from this crazy I want a QB crowd who dont seem to realize we dont need one. I realize you have a lot of personali interest in the young man and I applaud that. Im not hoping for him to fail, I just dont want to see him in a Falcons uni as I believe it is not the right move for our team. Thats all i will say

  7. 3 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

    I guess where I part company is simply I believe it’s acceptable to have overlap.  I am fine with Matt staying on for now but you always heard the saying to shop for your groceries when you aren’t hungry - I believe that applies here.

    There aren’t great options for uber talented quarterbacks in every draft.    This current Falcons team isn’t Super Bowl ready and it’s going to take a few years of Fontenot putting his team together to get there - I accept that.

    We see people put together these 20-move off-seasons to get us players to win the SuperBowl this year - not buying it and by the time all this would happen, Matt will start slipping.   He already looked like he lost his fastball to me in several games last year.

    Young quarterbacks need seasoning and you take them when they present themselves.  Packers extended their window and extra 12-14 years when they drafted Aaron Rogers when they still had Brett Favre.

    Like i said i respect you opinion here dawg, ive been here a long time and i know you have. But I think we would never have restructured Matt if the FO didnt think we had a chance to rebound rather quickly. They must think our super bowl window isnt quite closed, and drafting a QB doesnt fit with that scenario for me. We can do an awful lot with that pick to add to what e already have, instead of wasting it by having a kid sit on a bench for 2 years.

    But honestly my guy, I feel this has been said so many times before, by me and countless others, and it is literally flogging a dead horse until draft day.

  8. 4 hours ago, g-dawg said:

    OP, don’t worry about criticisms of your thread.   They all wanted Dorsey as well in 2008.  I did as well but I learned from it.

    Difference is in 2008 all we had was Joey Harrington, so your point is kinda moot there G-Dawg, much as i respect your opinion around here

  9. Just now, Herr Doktor said:

    I'm not opposed to a QB at four.  I am opposed to him sitting for two years.  That's the issue for me.  Otherwise, I really don't have a problem with any kid selected there.  

    Dok, those two things go hand in hand. Cant have one without the other. Matt isnt going anywhere for two years. So in reality you are opposed to a QB a 4 no?

  10. 1 hour ago, JetJones11 said:

    You know the whole draft is a crapshoot we have 9 pick we can address defense later on after #4 the value is not there n to trade the pick just to trade it cause you don’t want to hurt Matt’s feelings is dumb ... TF has a 6 year deal he’s not betting his tenure on a 13 year vet who is who he is ... Matt L and the Packers drafted a QB in the middle of the 1st but we scared to take fields at 4 when we earned that 4-12 record 

    And how did that work out for the Packers? Arod aint going nowhere, and they fell flat in the playoffs. Arod himself was pissed that the pick was wasted. Now, Matt is too much of a professional to b!tch and moan about draft picks being wasted, but it doesnt change the fact that Jordan Love was a wasted pick and so will be us drafting a QB with the 4th frickin overall when we have a HOF QB sitting here desperate to compete.


    Do you really hate Matt that much? Or is he just too boring for you? Maybe he plays too much Golf? Bet you get real p!ssed seeing him in golf pants huh

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