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  1. Stop spitting facts bro. It upsets some folk round the parts
  2. We're are'nt taking a QB. We will take BPA at 4 (Thats not a QB) which could very well be PItts, or we trade down.
  3. FWIW, Fitz is starting this coming season, and to to counter you argument at number 6, we had those records large in part due to a completely inept defensive coaching unit, not to mention the work of the artist formally known as DK. I dont think you can gloss over what a big impact those factors had on our middling to bad seasons.
  4. I remember a quote, dont recall who it was, but it always stuck with me. "Matt Ryan, he may may look like a choir boy, but he'll step on your throat to win a football game" Then he went full F**k you and told the panthers "to get the F**k off our field" and I knew for sure it was true. So i have to disagree with that statement of Matt not being a killer. He's an absolute gamer, and has passion and the poise to match.
  5. Honestly bud, no offense, I'm REALLY glad you are not making the decision.
  6. I would LOVE this tbh. Not sure how desperate the Chargers will be but god d@mn that a lovely draft
  7. Oh i know dude, i have seen you say you would be happy with Pitts or trade downs etc, which is what sets you apart from this crazy I want a QB crowd who dont seem to realize we dont need one. I realize you have a lot of personali interest in the young man and I applaud that. Im not hoping for him to fail, I just dont want to see him in a Falcons uni as I believe it is not the right move for our team. Thats all i will say
  8. Like i said i respect you opinion here dawg, ive been here a long time and i know you have. But I think we would never have restructured Matt if the FO didnt think we had a chance to rebound rather quickly. They must think our super bowl window isnt quite closed, and drafting a QB doesnt fit with that scenario for me. We can do an awful lot with that pick to add to what e already have, instead of wasting it by having a kid sit on a bench for 2 years. But honestly my guy, I feel this has been said so many times before, by me and countless others, and it is literally flogging a dead horse u
  9. Can the mods merge this clusterF*** of DAILY Fields threads into one? I feel like im gonna lose my mind
  10. Difference is in 2008 all we had was Joey Harrington, so your point is kinda moot there G-Dawg, much as i respect your opinion around here
  11. I'm Pagan, but y'all do you. I thought however, we tried to avoid politics and religion round these parts. Enjoy your weekend everyone
  12. Dok, those two things go hand in hand. Cant have one without the other. Matt isnt going anywhere for two years. So in reality you are opposed to a QB a 4 no?
  13. And how did that work out for the Packers? Arod aint going nowhere, and they fell flat in the playoffs. Arod himself was pissed that the pick was wasted. Now, Matt is too much of a professional to b!tch and moan about draft picks being wasted, but it doesnt change the fact that Jordan Love was a wasted pick and so will be us drafting a QB with the 4th frickin overall when we have a HOF QB sitting here desperate to compete. Do you really hate Matt that much? Or is he just too boring for you? Maybe he plays too much Golf? Bet you get real p!ssed seeing him in golf pants huh
  14. Drafted by who? And who says your boy Fields or any of these other QBs don't turn into a Mitch Bisky? The facts are these, we dont need a QB, but we DO need various other positions. Im sorry thats so difficult to understand
  15. WE. DONT. NEED. A. QB! What we need, is to surround our current HOF QB with Talent on both sides of the ball.
  16. ANOTHER f*****g Fields thread. How many we up to a day now? He definately does NOT need to be the pick.
  17. I'm gonna make the trip. Went for the last one in 2014 and despite the result it was a blast
  18. LMFAO. Yeah, Matt blew all those leads. What an @ss That post alone tells me you dont know what you're talking about.
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