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  1. The 2003-2008 all black - BEST Jersey we've EVER had
  2. Theres a reason i have him on ignore
  3. Sport, champ, shoulda gone for the triple Dad-speech and added in "Tiger"
  4. Would rather get the originals. When i wear my RBK 45, you know its Duckett. It has Nike on it, you know its Debo
  5. I feel for Mr Blank. Always tries to do right by his players and sometimes gets slapped in the face he stood by Michael Vick and defended him, and Mike lied to his face. Much as i love Mike, he let us all down that year, and I know Mr Blank was disappointed in him.
  6. Difference is, Roddy wanted to stay here and was treated like a piece of garbage.
  7. I get what you are saying, but it is a slap in the face and a kick in the balls the organization, the fans, and everyone that supported him here and bought his jersey. For those reasons, I'll still appreciate him for what he did here, but i wont root for him to win anywhere else because of the way he ha handled this, and the attitude he has taken.
  8. That maybe so, but the way Julio came out and said "Im outta there, I wanna win" wasnt exactly showing respect or doing right by this organization that stood by him, paid him millions of dollars, and a city that loved him. Quite frankly, these actions from JJ have caused me to lose a lot of respect for him, and if you wanna leave that badly JJ, on those terms, there aint no anchor tied to your *** hoss, theres the door. Loyalty and respect swing both ways.
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