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  1. Preach JP! In fact I would be perfectly fine with some posting a new **** the aints thread daily.
  2. So the vast majority of this board clearly wants him. The vast majority of this board clearly wants to win.
  3. Yes! Happy. When healthy, he is great. Obviously, he's gotta stay healthy. But maybe that could mean we get him for a little bit less. He is still easily worth a shot.
  4. I am so pumped for this game! Lets go Hawks, raise the roof! Sooo wanna beat theses guys
  5. Soaring motherf***ing Hawks! 17 and rolling baby. Think we're finally gettin our respect guys
  6. Oh Torris. Tsk tsk tsk
  7. Yes! Thankyou Paul. Was from NFL top 100 players couple years ago. Good memory
  8. My favorite qoute on Matt Ryan, forget who said it, bit it goes like this; "Matt Ryan may look like a choir boy, but he WILL step on your throat to win a football game."