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  1. Can't wait for the season to start so all these doubters can shut the F up
  2. Every time you see 'Hear me out' you know it's gonna be a bad idea
  3. Bring him f***ing home!! Gurley to Atlantie, 5 years too late, but i'll take it! Screw going into this year RBBC
  4. I would love a different McCoy. Give me Shady. I really don't wanna go into this season with Ito and Ollison. Shady is my favorite current NFL RB and he's definitely still got some juice in the tank. Should also be pretty cheap. I've dreamed about LeSean McCoy in a Falcons uni for the longest time
  5. Olsen still has it. I've no doubt about that. And if we let Hoop walk, and can get him fairly cheap, I have zero problem with scooping him to be a third down and red zone threat, and to mentor a young guy like Graham who I actually really like. I would like this move a lot.
  6. The hail we would. I never want that j@ckass anywhere near this team. Jus sayin
  7. Do you and the other Taint fans we for some reason let stain our boards, remember saying how much of an easy win that was gonna be? Good times
  8. SKOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Where are our resident taint fans at? Y'all were stinkin up the joint yesterday about how much this was gonna be an easy win...... LOL!! GO BACK TO AINTS REPORT
  9. Is this for real? He's an undercover Taint?
  10. And yet, all that famine, war, and worldwide anguish still exist. Maybe the "big man" is taking a few days off..ya know, except to take credit for football players winning games...hmmm
  11. Nah, we good, we'll leave the dirty tactics to you guys and your vicodin poppin head coach But hey, keep being proud of your scummy play, I guess it's what y'all are best at in that toilet bowl that is Nawlins
  12. I want Free to stay, and I think we will be better for it. The thought of going into next year with Ito, Hill and Ollison is entirely unappealing and we need to be drafting defense and linemen, not RBs.
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