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  1. Oh pleeeeease let's Brees' last NFL throw be that pick
  2. Thank you! What about this is hard to understand for some of you so called Falcons fans? Lol
  3. I hope the Tampa D sends Brees into a painful retirement
  4. Never said you were.... But what you are is a Falcons fan rooting for the taints which is more wrong on incredibly many levels
  5. Rooting for the taints should be ban worthy up in here
  6. And I would happily walk around in nothing but that before I will ever root for the taints
  7. Nah. I will take the big stink division loss today.
  8. No factor on earth should make any self respecting Falcons fan to ever, EVVVEEEERRRR (channeling Chris Jericho) want the taints to win a game. It's as unnatural as it gets. Go Brady
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