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  1. Its mine this year! Join up y'all, its a fun league
  2. "Michael Vick, being Michael Vick!" Lol great memories there. Nice find!
  3. True you do not, but I would'nt think none the less of Matty if he were to give one of our rooks a little ribbing, it doesnt hurt, and we know it happens in every locker room/practice field. I can understand leaving it for a more private time if the joke was a bit more adult or a a different nature, but it really wasnt. Dont forget all these guys were rookies once, so they've all been there themselves. It looked all in good spirit to me, and CMC seemed to laugh off the moment. So i cant see an issue here.
  4. Vets giving Rooks a hard time? Jeez thats new.... /purple Nothing to see here. Man it really doesnt take much these days for people to get on somebodies back about any little thing.
  5. Players vs Coaches kicking competition. With incentives! Lol love this stuff
  6. Shanghai, this is a football forum, maybe you should spend more time talking football? Im sure there are a thousand forums you can take the world politics chatter to. Not being a d*ck, but its tired man.
  7. Excellent news!!!!! Miss ya Mike! Happy you get to retire back home where you belong. F**k the haters! Go cry in a corner somewhere if you still aint over it
  8. Bugs me too. He's not trying to duplicate the D from Seattle, he is building his own defensive force the way he wants too. So far, its pretty d@mn exciting, and the best part, hes far from done yet. As Falcons fans, we are now really excited about our D. When was the last time THAT happened?
  9. The entire D-V-D of course, and Matt and Roddy, but most of all? #86 y'all FINN!!
  10. Understandable....
  11. I want to see him making plays. Not just laying someone out. I like what i see from Neal so far, but he needs to show he was worthy of that first round pick.
  12. 2 RB sets are always good Brandon but i hope it doesnt comr at the expense of our FB. I love the fact we are one of the few teams that still carry one, and a FB's importance is too often overlooked.
  13. This. I was one that wanted a 3 down back, and I believe Free can be one, but the fact that we can just whip Teco off the sideline for a bit of electricity, is beyond useful. I would like to see Free and Teco on the field together more, make defenses pee their pants!
  14. Hope we get that ring for you big man. Wanted it for Roddy. Hope what you have done for our team is more appreciated by the FO than the blood, sweat and tears Roddy gave.
  15. I really really hope he gets another HC job be it this one or another. GL Smitty, we're thankful for what you did for us! Class act.