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  1. Preach JP! In fact I would be perfectly fine with some posting a new **** the aints thread daily.
  2. Falcons are my one and only team. I do look out for the Redskins tho, as they were my Dads team. I lost him 2 years ago, so I will always cheer them on on sundays in memory of him. Funny story, the ONLY other time ive worn another teams colors was to check the Redskins jersey i bought my Dad for xmas one year was the right size! It came straight off again.... Check that, if im being honest, i wore my buddies Colts cap during Super Bowl in 2010 for obvious reasons....lol
  3. Yahoo is very good, I also think ESPN is as well, having leagues on both services. But the platform thats getting better and better in my opinion, is Fleaflicker. It now has an app, which granted is just an app version of their website, but its all very conveniant, and easy to navigate.
  4. Most definately not!
  5. Not too long ago, the Bears had the very best defense in the league, and it took them with Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman at QB all the way to the super bowl. I'm sure the FO in Chicago have been trying to re-create those Urlacher years for a while now.
  6. All I'll say is numbers are all well and good, but unless you can put every single variable that can happen in a single football game in your math, the numbers will never show the real picture. One guys opinion.
  7. Agree with all this. Their Dline is elite, however if theres one guy you gotta be glad isnt playing, its Brandon Graham. I dont think he'll be ready for a couple games yet
  8. I read that he was moved around to hybrid OLB sometimes by the pats.
  9. You must not know many aints fans huh....
  10. WE know Matt is a Franchise QB, and thats all that really matters. We are lucky to have him
  11. Say WHAT?? How could you not recognize the great Warrick, and then confuse him with Terron Ward
  12. Well said Coach Zimmerman! Sure 2007 was a long time ago, but Petrino can still go sit in traffic
  13. So the vast majority of this board clearly wants him. The vast majority of this board clearly wants to win.
  14. Yes! Happy. When healthy, he is great. Obviously, he's gotta stay healthy. But maybe that could mean we get him for a little bit less. He is still easily worth a shot.
  15. I am so pumped for this game! Lets go Hawks, raise the roof! Sooo wanna beat theses guys