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  1. Honestly, this shows how bad we were Dimitroff'd! To have no one else other than a rookie LG forced to start in the NFL. But but but but we had 5 first rounders starting on OL (last year lol).
  2. What is there to love about Atlanta? I live in the state, but seems to be too violent for my liking. https://www.11alive.com/article/news/verify/verify-atlanta-crime-versus-chicago/85-d157ec52-ab54-4a99-98f1-5ab9d97ea86b To even be compared to Chicago in crime is bad enough, yet ATL tops them in some categories.
  3. It is very stupid to ask M Ryan to take a pay cut. Dude has had many many terrible olines over the years and is consistently being harassed by the defense. It isn't going to be an overnight fix for Dimitroff's terrible oline management.
  4. That is about the stupidest take ever. We are talking about a game, not brian surgery or rocket science. Plenty of people watching from their couch are smarter than these coaches yet choose to go into a field that is more meaningful to their fellow man than coaching some overpaid adults to play some game. Not saying dude you are replying too is some guru but to think that because someone isn't coaching in the NFL doesn't mean that they don't know jack **** about a simple game like football. Either way I think this loss shows us that we are still being Dimitroff'd.
  5. How much of a team player can one be without actually being out there with the team?
  6. When is the NFL going to promote more diversity among the teams? We need more spanish people in the NFL, among indians, eskimos, japanese, etc. Black people make up the majority of the NFL, so when can the NFL do the virtue signaling of promoting other minorities in the NFL? Whats the point of the NFL using minority claims, when we all know they mean more black people as coaches? Why is the NFL not promoting other minorities?
  7. Not to mention the most violent dogfighter in the history of the NFL as well.
  8. The link I posted has everything (nothing I couldn't find yet, though I stick more mainstream I guess) at the time of the live event. You go to it when nothing is playing, and it won't show anything. Many different links to view the event and some are crap and some are legit as ****.
  9. https://sportsurge.net/#/groups/0 Thank me later.
  10. I remember a few years ago they did a thing where it showed how much time each qb takes to get rid of the ball and M Ryan was either 1st or towards the top of the list with like 2.5 or something seconds before getting the ball out on avg. Then throw in how M Ryan has the most pressures out of any qb on the list, and 3rd over all, and it really shows how bad our oline has been. You got some qbs like Brady in NE that would get all day to make passes, same with Peyton on some of his teams. But you will hardly ever see M Ryan with that kind of time. He just doesn't get that time like some of the greats do, which really should show you how great M Ryan really is. Even the 2016 season, M Ryan was 5 sacks off of being sacked the most. That 2016 season, M Ryan had 37 sacks, compared to T Brady with only 15 sacks, and M Ryan still had the highest qbr out of all qbs. Impressive. With a good/great Oline, M Ryan still has more than just a few good years left.
  11. But the excuse when Julio was using it after year 2 or 3 out of a 5 year deal, is that there were other WRs getting paid more than him, who weren't as good as Julio. Many on here agreed with this logic, but with M Ryan, all of a sudden it isn't a good idea?
  12. Ryan still has some good quality years left. Julio probably does too, but Julio misses a lot of games and practices. Not sure I've ever heard about M Ryan doing anything close to that. Also M Ryan is better than a lot of other qbs who are being paid more than him. Wondering if M Ryan should threaten to sit out OTAs and training camp if he doesn't get a new better deal?
  13. I do feel like A Blank needs to just take a hands off approach to the Falcons. Hire people that you have 100% faith in, and let them do their jobs. Just wondering how many players or coaches were kept around just because of Blank, that otherwise shouldn't have been kept?
  14. You literally said : Teams basically consider players cattle. They don't care about them and if it becomes advantageous for them to cut a player they will do so mercilessly. Then I showed how the Falcons bent over backwards to give Julio whatever he wanted. That is the exact opposite of the Falcons considering Julio as cattle. A farmer doesn't negotiate with the cattle, so your whole premise is f'd to begin with. And who is saying that players aren't trying to make money in the NFL? That is such a stupid take. Julio signed a contract for 5 years and then wanted to renege on it with 3 years remaining. Was there some dude behind closed doors with a gun to Julio's head to force him in signing that contract? Why sign a 5 year deal if you are going to b*tch and moan after every season wanting more money? Then consider how he hardly practices and misses critical plays during the game. Julio is given special treatment, more so than any other Falcon. So to act like the Falcons treat him as some kind of cattle is asinine. Plus Julio agreed to the payment terms presented in his contract. Why sign the contract if you ain't happy about it or one for that long if you know you want more money every year thereafter?
  15. And how does the falcons coddling Julio and giving him what he wants fit into your bs narrative?
  16. Fishing is a great one for me. Love going to the beach and surf fishing or on the piers. Ocean fish are just so much better to eat, and for the most part, imo, a lot more fun to catch. You really never know what you could hook up on in the ocean. Only thing is I live about 4 hours from the closest beach so I don't get to go as much as I would like too.
  17. Julio signed a 5 year contract, and then after 2 years wanted to redo it and threatened to sit out because of it. It was a trash move back then and many were defending him. I've always said that these stud stars in the NFL only need to sign short term deals, like 2 or 3 years max. That way they can make more money assuming they live up to their expectations. Otherwise you got guys like Julio complaining about it in year 2 and 3 when it is a 5 year contract. Same with Freeman bringing up wanting a pay raise the day or two before the superbowl, ffs. Then Freeman misses a huge block, didn't even try, and Ryan was sacked for it. Thats why I don't get all the M Ryan hate, as he comes in every day and is always working hard. You see him doing these workouts without coaches, and you never hear him complain or talk **** about anyone, no do you ever see him miss practices all the time. Ryan has taken a beating with our oline and still hardly ever misses any plays.
  18. Now imagine M Ryan doing it and how much butt hurt everyone would get then. Funny how when Julio does things it isn't no big deal...
  19. People act like Julio isn't a primadonna but he definitely is. Funny how he would hold out and want more money with over 50%of his contract still left and then still constantly sit on the sidelines on critical 3rd and 4th down plays. Trade him to the Jets for a bag of potatoes and call it a day. Matty Ice can get more use out of that.
  20. Or maybe replace Julio sitting on the bench on a critical 3rd or 4th down play. Or maybe he can hopefully fill Julio's role in missing several games a year.
  21. People seem to forget, but we could have easily been 6-3 after 9 games instead of 3-6 with just better coaching. I think this team is closer to making it to the super bowl than it is to finish with a losing record.
  22. Matt Ryan is definitely underpaid. Remember when people were saying so and so player is making more than Julio but is less talented as justification on Julio getting paid more. The exact same can be said about Ryan and some qbs getting paid more than him, like Wentz and Goff for starters. M Ryan should be making at least as much as those guys ahead of him that are less talented than M Ryan. Ryan should definitely get paid more than Dak.
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