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  1. But hey if we can just finish the season strong, it has to carry over for the following season! LOL
  2. So if nothing gets done from this, then clearly Blank is part of the problem? Many have cited Blank being part of the problem in the past, even with all the good he has done for the city and the Falcons.
  3. Why would you ever think that your comment would have me so distraught that it kept me up at night? LMAO pretentious much bub?
  4. It isn't as simple as that. If that were the case, DQ should have been let go a long time ago.
  5. Why would it keep me up at night? Bet you think your farts smell great too?
  6. And? Ryan is that last to put blame on for this game. Unless you want to blame Ryan for not jumping on that onside kick. Ryan's offense put up how many points today?
  7. Yeah right. We will finish the season strong enough to put us middle of the pack during the draft, just like we have the past several seasons. Probably closer to 7-9 than 4-12.
  8. Anyway to fire Blank while we at it? He is as much of the problem too.
  9. M Ryan shouldn't have pressed so hard at the LOS against DK Metcalf, and it wouldn't have put him so badly out of position. Think if Ryan didn't do that, he could have easily had a pick 6, then ran in the 2 pointer conversion. What a joke of a football player!
  10. How could anyone not see how bad our 2ndary was going to be this season? CBs are all unproven, and none at this point in time should ever be a cb1. We should have gotten a replacement for Tru, and I'm not talking about Oliver or someone like AJ who won't be ready this season, but someone who can come in and be a legit corner with experience. I know we didn't have much in the salary cap but that was one of the biggest holes that NEEDED to be addressed.
  11. My bad he didn't hold out preseason, he just didn't play any. LOL He also wasn't sure if he was going to play game 1 but we saw how the extension worked out for him. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/will-julio-jones-skip-falcons-opener-receiver-gives-vague-answer-when-asked-if-****-play-in-week-1/ Again, M Ryan should use similar tactics and get an extension to get more money. M Ryan should be paid more than some of those scrubs making more than him. The same sentiment was said about Julio and should be said about M Ryan. If anyone on the Falcons deserve more money
  12. Held out of OTAs and some preseason. Also threatened to hold out. M Ryan should take the same approach. Julio paved the way.
  13. Defense doesn't look good, especially these young corners. Dan Quinn still making bone head coaching decisions, and the oline still getting pushed around. But to sum it all up, its quite obvious all the blame should be on M Ryan. /s
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