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  1. Oh I was agreeing with you. A WR's stats should always be considered with the qb's he has had over their career.
  2. Not only that, but look at the qbs for ARI. Yes Fitz had Kurt Warner but at the twilight of his career. And Warner only had 1 season with ARI with over 4,000 passing yards. Then Fitz had Derek Anderson, Kevin Kolb (WHO???), John Skelton (WHO?), Carson Palmer (not bad), Drew Stanton, Josh Rosen and now Kyler Murray. Palmer did have 3 years with over 4,000 yards with ARI. So Fitz only had 4 seasons with a qb throwing for over 4,000 yards. How many has M Ryan done?
  3. Maybe. But we aren't talking about hypotheticals. We are talking what about they have done until now. Fitz has had the better career, end of story. So why would Julio be ranked ahead of him? Lets revisit this in 10-20 years and you might have a point by then. But right now, Julio is behind Larry. Plus lets not forget that the WR's qb or qbs in Fitz's case, has a lot to do with their stats. I never looked it up, but Fitz had some really bad qbs during his time in ARI. Julio has been lucky so far to have a HOF in M Ryan his whole career. Plus if we looking at yards, Fitz has way more yards than Julio. Just because you feel some deep tingling within you, doesn't make it true. Let Julio play 15 seasons and then he probably passes Fitz on the all time WR list. But not right now.
  4. Kinda hard to not overpay players when our owner wants to make it happen.
  5. Take off the homer glasses. Also Fitz has been in the league 15 seasons. Fitz has 9 seasons of 1,000+ yards. Julio has only been in the league for 9 years. Fitz has also missed only 6 games in his career, whereas Julio has missed 18 games. Fitz has 11 pro bowl appearances (not that it really matters anymore) to Julio's 7. Fitz has 5 seasons with 10 or more TDs, whereas Julio only has 1. Maybe by the time Julio is finished he could end up being better, but right now I think you got to give it to Fitz at this point.
  6. I'd take SF's DEF over our DEF. ;
  7. If Senat was any good, he would be playing. Yall act like there is some conspiracy as to why he isn't playing, but a head coach who is on the hot seat isn't going to be benching his good players just for some pothead wackos to conspiracize over. And my question would by "Why won't you ask DQ and co the real hard questions?" Obviously some good ones have been asked here and they would never be asked.
  8. I mean, how many yards does the author think that Julio is gonna have in a season? He said if you have Julio, you should be able to rack up the yards, but Julio had his worst yardage season since 2013. Dude is acting like Julio should easily bring in 4000 yards himself. Not to mention Ryan actually missed some playing time too. What an idiot. And no one is saying Ryan is blameless, but on a team full of players who should take the blame, Ryan and possibly Grady are the last two you want to try and put blame on for this sheet(can't sensor me beaches) season.
  9. Great season eh fellas? We completely miss the playoffs and then win enough games to save DQ and TD's job for another season while screwing ourselves out of a better draft picks. High fives for everyone. #wediddidit
  10. I've just seen many many wasted picks by TD through many head coaches and he has constantly left us with a bad ol/dl especially in the draft. His contract work hasn't really done us any favors but I believe Blank could be a hindering us here. TD should be the first one fired and honestly DQ and company should go too. This probably won't happen though, so we'll be stuck with DQ and TD for at least another year.
  11. He set this team up so well contract wise and with oline and dline talent. Surely I couldn't do any better.
  12. Exactly. Pay me TD's salary and I can focus 100% of my work to the Falcons and I absolutely would do better at scouting. **** I'd probably do better with contracts as well. Like Freeman and Vic would still be here.
  13. I've been wanting the Falcons to tank and the only way to do that is bench Ryan. Dude has no quit and is all heart! Of course we "falcon" it up and win these meaningless games and get worse draft picks and probably save DQ's and/or TD's job.
  14. Exactly. And one had a HOF qb and the other not so much. Both are elite of the elite and insane actually that they both were in the same grade and were both highly touted coming out of high school. It has been an awesome ride watching them grow and now getting close to the end of their careers.