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  1. To be fair, with just better coaching, the Falcons could have easily been 6-3 instead of the 3-6 just over half way through the season.
  2. That must mean that some 2008 first round qb is with their original team. Wonder who that could be?
  3. M Ryan has been good enough compared to other qb winning qbs but ATLs defense usually fails in comparison. M Ryan was up 28-3. what more does he need to do win a SB victory? M Ryan isn't the problem or never has been. DEF has always been the problem. Or do people think Brady had a hand in holding KC to 9 points?
  4. With any kind of DEF or HC we should have been 6-3 after 9 games instead of 3-6. No way anyone with half a brain can deny this. Having said that, I'm fine with how things played out as we got rid of DK, DQ, and TD. Though the window is all but shut now with Ryan and Julio. But there is still a chance, though it is very slim.
  5. I get that we struggled the past several years. But this year could have easily been much better, sitting at 6-3, instead of 3-6 with a few different plays. I am glad DQ is gone but dude ****in got it right when he first got here. Shanny was a homerun hire and who knows what could have happened if he stayed. The best the Falcons has ever done is with DQ yet everyone ***** on him like he is some scrub who made us 0-16 every year. DQ might have peaked with us, but **** we peaked with DQ as well. It was time to move on, no doubt, but DQ did more for us than any other coach has ever do
  6. What do you expect the media to say, "we need to hear less of him" ?? 😁
  7. I love how you debate and addressed your main points in great detail with plenty of examples. 🤪
  8. I would feel like a total jackass if I said that in real life. 😄
  9. The question is how long can M Ryan perform at a level that is just good enough? Throwing for 4500+ with 26 TDs with DK isn't that bad at all. I think Ryan still has it and still has plenty of time. Not saying he is Brady or close to him but with the advances of modern science and technology it is easier for players to extend their career, and M Ryan has proven that he is a very hard worker and one can expect him to continue playing at a above avg level for at least another several years (hopefully until at least 40). So unless you don't think Ryan is the answer at qb, I don't see drafting
  10. Why is it so hard to speak proper English? Its Atlanta. Whats next, calling it George-gia?
  11. Why would any Falcon fan be upset about M Ryan making it in the HOF? Dude has been the perfect role model on and off the field. You can hate his contract or how he has been playing lately but no way any real Falcon fan can be upset if he makes it in the HOF.
  12. I think you should have kept your feelings to yourself and not posted about them. Also why you trying to stifle the black man?
  13. I 100% agree with your premise. Hire the person who you think gives this team the best chance to win. Who cares what color they are, but I guess some people do see the world as just black and white.
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