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  1. Going to the pro bowl don't really mean what it used too. Hooper had his best season but even then wasn't special for TEs, just slightly above average. Hooper was 7th in yards, 9th in TDs and his receptions was good (4th) but his AVG was very bad among TEs. Having promise don't mean much, especially when he didn't get much playing time at the end of the season. It is still too early to tell on him. T Coleman was a meh pick in the 3rd. With a 3rd rounder you kinda hope to resign them but we won't. TC had his chance to shine but never really could break through but I think Sark and the oline was part of the problem. The point I was trying to make was that we have reached for players in the 3rd and 2nd that we probably could have waited another round and gotten. Duke in the 3rd, Oliver in the 2nd, Senat in the 3rd, Jalen Collins in the 2nd are just the most recent ones. I think we do the same again. Maybe I'm wrong but I think we could have waited and gotten the same player or type of player a round later. If we did that, it would make our drafts even better.
  2. Did you read where I said I might not do this? Also for an 'avg DE' he did better than our DE's, which was my point showing that our DEs suck (mostly Vic) and we need to upgrade the position. I was also poking fun at the salary cap since a lot of turds on here think that we can just throw money at players as if we don't have some sort of limit of money that teams can spend.
  3. Yeah man, that rumor ends all of that talk.
  4. What has our last 3rd round picks done for us lately? Senat had his moments but nothing special so far (obviously too early to tell, but he did not make an impact as a rookie), and Duke Riley is a big head scratcher of a pick. Not saying I would do this but at least if we did the guy would be an upgrade over what we got. Also why is money suddenly a problem?
  5. So we shouldn't try and upgrade our players?
  6. I agree and think that the elite RBs aren't so easily replaced. Look at Green Bay, and how their RB situation has been crap for so many years. How come they haven't been able to easily get a RB to produce? Look at Carolina before they got CM and how their RBs were crap.
  7. Maybe. Look at what the Colts did with 2 rookie olinemen this past season, B Smith and Q Nelson (I liked both). A Luck had one of the lowest sack totals amongst the starting qbs. Both were taken in the first 37 picks, and it is funny that sports illustrated gave both of those draft picks a D- and a D+, lol. I think the 3 cone and bench BOTH need to be pretty good to come in early and play. In fact our oline was so bad at times with backups, I"m not sure it could be much worse with rookies and it is hard sometimes to get these elite guys as some don't hit FA . Plus the value we get on the rookie contract can be beneficial to us instead of paying a guy 10+ million a year.
  8. One would think with Dan Quinn being the defensive guru that he could at least identify the good olinemen worth drafting or signing in FA.
  9. Yep exactly this. Then throw in the fact that Julio is always lacking in TDs and it really ain't worth spending all that money on a WR when we have way bigger holes in our roster to fill. If we didn't have these gaping holes to fill, and had extra cash to burn then sure but in a salary cap league you got to allocate your money properly. I don't think many of these turds on here understand that and think we can just pay everyone a ton of money all the time. Also as the article mentioned, Julio wasn't complaining about his contract when he signed it. Also if we are just going to keep paying our players more because someone else out there is making more than them at their position but is worse than our player, then why don't we bump up M Ryan's pay another 20 million a season? If anyone deserves it on our team it is M Ryan. Cousins is making $28 guaranteed, with M Ryan making $18.9 million guaranteed. M Ryan's stats blow Cousins out of the water, so why don't we pay M Ryan like it? Just because some team or two out there is stupid and way over pays for a player (Cousins, Sammy W, etc) doesn't mean that we should over pay our player to compensate for it. The main reason for this is that we have major needs on our team that we need to address by throwing money at it.
  10. Clowney has 29 sacks in 62 games and Vic has 29.5 sacks in 62 games. Vic had that one good year and then the rest has been 4, 5, and 5 sacks. Clowney has had 3 seasons with 6+ sacks with Vic only having the 1. I definitely think Clowney would be a big upgrade over Vic.
  11. How many of them 3rd or 4th+ olineman has worked out for us? Our Oline needs revamping big time. If we don't do it in FA we need to spend higher draft picks.
  12. So Julio is out playing his contract by averaging just over 5 tds the past 3 seasons? No, New England is better than everyone because they know how to work the salary cap and know what positions that you don't over spend on, including WRs. Ole Billy wouldn't ever spend a 1st round pick on a WR let alone trade away all them picks that we did to get Julio. Bet you couldn't even tell me the last time the Pats drafted a WR in the 1st round.
  13. Why ask for an upgrade when he has 2 years left on his contract? That is reneging on his contract. Whats the point of signing these long contracts if you are just going to renege on it half way through? If Julio didn't like the terms of the contract to begin with, why did he sign it? I just don't think we should keep paying guys more and more money to keep up with the market, because every year the market increases. I don't think this is smart move to be playing in a salary cap league. Plus look at the Pats and their stud WRs and how much they make. They have proven time and time again that you don't need to spend a lot of money on WRs to win multiple superbowls.
  14. Grady is proving to be one of the best in the league. Also Julio isn't the top WR, but its nice to see your homerism shining through, he is a top 5 though. We also have Sanu and Ridley, so Julio's leverage isn't the same as say Grady, who is like the only guy we have that is proven on the Dline. M Ryan being set has nothing to do with the market changing about every year. Why wouldn't M Ryan want more money in a few years to keep up with the market? M Ryan quietly had a MVP type season, so why shouldn't Matt demand more money when you got guys making more than him that put up worse stats than him? Only Julio can do this? Deion Jones is not replaceable and this season proves it as such. So when Deion signs a new 4 or 5 year contract, why wouldn't he want more money half way through to keep up with the market?
  15. So he didn't sign a 5 year contract with 2 years remaining? Again, if we do this for Julio, what is stopping any other Falcon for wanting the same? As we have seen, almost every year the money rises for the top players at each positional group (for the most part). If you are one of the elite, or near it, you could always keep asking for more money to match the current league market, even though you may have 2-3 years left. If Julio does it and the Falcons cave, then M Ryan, Grady, Deion, Neal, J Matthews, Freeman, etc should all keep asking for more money with 40%-60% of their contract left. Plus look at NE's WRs and what they are paid and see how they differ vastly from the Falcons. If there is any team to copy, it is the Patriots.