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  1. Senat must not be that good. Isn't really hard to understand here. If he were good, he would be playing (barring injury).
  2. You must be that ex mod that kept an eye on Vic all game that I keep hearing aboot?
  3. The Falcons organization don't need 6 preseason games to get in sync, but the actual players probably do need some game time to get use to game time speed. D Freeman only had 3 attempts this preseason (in 2 games), Julio had 0 preseason experience, Sanu had 4 preseason targets, Ridley had 4 targets, and Hooper had the most work out of any starting skill player outside of M Ryan. Seems like every year we just about start off on the wrong foot and I think it really does take a few games to really get back to regular season form. Too bad we can't utilize the preseason to shake out some of the cobwebs and instead have to do it during the regular season. This team was clearly not ready to play yesterday.
  4. A lot has to do with a run game. We have no run game. I've been saying for a long time, but Freeman is not a lead back. Love the dude, but we need a back that we can pound the defense. Freeman has that attitude but his body is too small. If he was 6' tall, this would not be a problem. I Smith is even smaller than Freeman, even though they are really just about the same size. Then we are almost at 3:1 pass to run and teams know what we are doing. I see these other teams using play action and they have guys wide open. And its like that because those teams either can run the ball or sticks with the running game to keep the defense honest when using play action.
  5. But guys, Julio got paid!
  6. Yeah all those previous 1st round busts. All of a sudden they gonna put it to get for the great Dimitroff'd.
  7. Isn't M Ryan like the youngest qb to get over so many thousands of yards by a certain age? Can Dak put up those stats by that age? If not, then passing must not be a strength of Daks. /retardlogic
  8. Don't look like our guys were too good at stopping the run either.
  9. Wish M Ryan would do that. If any player should be allowed to skip preseason (meaningless games) it is M Ryan. Yet Ryan keeps showing up and practicing. What a selfish leader M Ryan is.
  10. Can I get some of what you smoking. It is obvious you got that top shelf.
  11. Its funny how this board will support PFF when it boasts up a Falcons player, but then act as if PFF is trash if they talk bad about a Falcon. I remember when they had us rated at like 7th or so most talented team to start the season and how everyone was so butt hurt by it saying we were at least a top 3 team. Usually a top 3 team makes the playoffs, which we did not.
  12. So because A Brown is ok with walking away from a game, all of a sudden it makes him into a lesser WR? Low level IQ logic right there.
  13. If it would have been a good joke, we would have known it then.
  14. They should have 2 preseason games. Your starters can get some work in (quarter first game, first half 2nd game) and still have plenty of time for backups. Really 3 games might be better but every game played has a potential for injuries, so I'm of the thought of cutting out more of those meaningless games (preseason) for safety reasons.
  15. Exactly this. If we have a backup qb that needs to play, then our whole gameplan will change. So if for some reason Ryan missed a few games, we might can still be in it. But if Ryan goes down for the rest of the season after an injury, then our team is screwed. So you do want a backup worth something for a game or two, but if you are going to rely on him for most of the season, then you might as well start looking at next season. So I don't think it should really matter too much on who the backup is, and therefore go for the best deal, unless there is a backup qb out there that is that much better than the rest. And if anything, why not just roll with Sanu. We can do the wildcat thing and he can make some passes.