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  1. Every player misses their assignments sometimes. What I want to know is what Hooper's good/bad block ratio was. If these examples are the only ones then its not so bad.
  2. Size = Julio Attitude = Julio
  3. Not playing old man Brees and Brady until late in the season is great for us. Both their arms could be well and truly cooked at that point in the season.
  4. 2 prime time games, none against Brady or Brees
  5. Offense keeping up will be most important.
  6. Agree, if the money is there they get paid. In Australia our 2 biggest sports leagues (AFL, NRL) the players have taken a pay cut because the leagues quite frankly don't have the cash reserves to pay them.
  7. The cap wont go down and force teams to cut players because obviously NO other teams would have the space to sign anyone. What is more likely is that ALL players take a % pay cut.
  8. They weren't the champs that year.
  9. All these Terrell videos use the same footage.
  10. This game was before I started watching but geez, giving up 3rd and long at a crucial time seems to be our speciality.
  11. Could be worse, we could have drafted Taco Charlton, we aren't the only team kicking ourselves for not picking Watt.
  12. End of the day I still hope he has a great year because it will benefit us whether he stays or goes. That being said, if he leaves (which is likely) then we are once again in dire need of a pass rusher (Fowler can't do it alone) and unfortunately Quinn's whole shtick is meant to be that he is a pass rush guru.
  13. Didn't we already know this? "Beginning Dec. 30 of 2019, teams have been afforded the opportunity to extend rookie deals of any player selected in the 2017 draft and to exercise the fifth-year options for their first-round selections from that draft. The window to exercise said option closes at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on May 4."
  14. http://www.nfl.com/player/alexmack/71375/profile 1985
  15. For a start he is 35 in November. I suspect we will find out next off season if he wants to play on. Best case Mack playes well in 2020 and signs a cap friendly 1 year extension and Hennesyy becomes the starter at LG and eventually moves to C when the time is right.
  16. Depends, do we suck because the offense can't score or do we suck because the defense gives up 40 points a game?
  17. The only reason people want Weaver was because he was mocked to us in the 1st round months ago.
  18. ESPN dropping the ball keeping up with the picks
  19. Pure pass rusher and an athletic LB
  20. Solid, not spectacular is probably the best way to describe this overall draft class not just our picks.
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