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  1. So that is what pass protection looks like
  2. It's been one game... We all knew OL and DL would be questionable this season.
  3. Watch ANY other team in the league. No QB has their OL collapse on them as much as Ryan does.
  4. Anyone know where I can get his hoodie Pitts is wearing?
  5. VPN Gamepass to make it think you are outside the US.
  6. Troff'd. That pick we traded for Hurst could have been JK Dobbins
  7. Lots of OL talent this year, not that much DL talent.
  8. Soz, I had to post it because it kept coming up in my text box even when I deleted it, decided I should just post it to get rid of it.
  9. Panthers 2nd round has been a disaster, missed out on so many Tackles
  10. Dang, but lets be real he wasn't making it to the 3rd round
  11. DUAL-HIGH SAFETY Cover-2 man, Cover-2 zone, Tampa 2: these are all defensive schemes that employ two high safeties. Dual-high safeties basically split the field in half, drop into a zone and keep the ball from going over their heads. There are different variations of Cover-2. In a zone concept, the entire defense plays off. In man, only the safeties drop into a zone. In Tampa 2, the Mike linebacker is required to drop into deep middle coverage. All can be effective in the right situation. RICHIE GRANT, UCF, 6’0″ 194 POUNDS Last but certainly not least, Richie Grant could have been a fit in a number of these categories. Grant has the awareness and versatility to work in tandem and seamlessly transfer coverage responsibility. Below you see an example of the range that Grant has. The quarterback makes the mistake of staring down his receiver and Grant is all over it.
  12. If the Pats traded two 4th's to move up I feel like we could have gotten a bit more from Denver.
  13. Not opposed to taking the best safety in the draft. Don't think Ojulari should be the pick, never a good idea to take a player after there has been a run at the position. I have seen videos that say Javonte Williams is not suited the outside zone run schemes.
  14. They are really searching for a weakness if they are labelling getting a concussion a weakness
  15. Someone pull the band, start the draft.
  16. I just saw on Twitter that prior to Shanahan coming to Atlanta Matt Ryan always had his right foot forward before the snap, then in 2015 and since then he as always had his left foot forward before the snap. So I did some research and it turns out to be true. I doubt it means anything but it is a very nuanced thing to change. Apparently Fields footwork is now opposite since Shanahan saw him in person.
  17. Was Julio considered a good blocker before being drafted?
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