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  1. During the game commentators be like, the Panthers should really find Newton a true WR1. Benjamin, Funchess, Samuel, DJ Moore all high picks Maybe the problem is Cam
  2. Saints O playcalls have been bad
  3. Obviously we will probably have a different draft pick come the end of the season. This thread is about where we are currently. Sorry you are wrong.
  4. Every single draft order link I go to has us at 6 except for ESPN
  5. CBS puts us at 6 too? https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2019-nfl-draft-order-cardinals-no-1-49ers-fall-to-fourth-with-two-game-winning-streak/
  6. Wanting Hooper to hold onto the ball is hardly an unpopular opinion.
  7. http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
  8. We moved from 4th to 6th pick. Now stop crying.
  9. Well that is one way to lose the respect of your players.
  10. We could stop them scoring but lets not pretend that we had quarterbacks running scared and getting interceptions at will like the Bears are this year
  11. Cap is going up so Ryans cap hit will be a bargain.
  12. Unfortunately a bigger cap just increases the amount of $ Jarrett etc will get, they will probably count for a similar % of cap space regardless. Biggest benefit is it makes Ryan and Matthews contracts easier to manage.
  13. Its a good article but the term "front runner" isn't what we are at all. Front runner noun a person who leads in any competition. an entrant in a race who breaks to the frontimmediately and establishes the pace forthe field. an entrant in a race who performs well onlywhen ahead of the field. We are definitely not #3
  14. But but but crowd numbers are down and the league is dying....
  15. "Some would say he (Mathews) hasn't performed as expected for a first round pick. " That sir, is an opinion.