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  1. Tre Boston is a Free Safety.
  2. Now Ryan only has 2/3 ex OCs be HCs
  3. Us not scoring for an entire half is to blame
  4. I don't know, Jags have been in the league like 20 years vs our 50 and it would hurt for them to win one before us. Vikings and Eagles both have never won one and have been in the league longer than us so I wouldn't mind them winning. We all know Pats are gonna win tho.
  5. That was the worst tackle attempt i have ever seen
  6. Left too much time on the clock
  7. Kamara is such a turd
  8. Well done Keeenum
  9. We did one against the Rams
  10. Vikes O has so much rythmn
  11. I feel like DE and WR should also be in play. I don't think Reed and Clayborn are going to be here much longer and Vic is barely a DE If there is a very good WR available we should bite as we need some youth at the position since no one else besides Julio can reliably get open or stretch the field. (Carolina likely to take the one we like though)
  12. Who is our oldest coach? I feel like we need some older guys on the sideline to steady the ship.
  13. If you don't win the Superbowl there was no point being there It's not like we went out in the Wildcard round, we beat the much vaunted Rams in LA and we had every chance to win again today. Did you Seahawks and Packers deserve to be there instead?
  14. Don't care about the Pats at this stage anymore, no shame in them winning. Everyone else in the league hates them anyway. The NFL will be more enjoyable for all once BB and TB are gone