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  1. Takk looks fitter than he has ever been. He should look better playing opposite Fowler instead of Beasley.
  2. Is it a problem in ice hockey?
  3. Its hard to predict how long he can play for but I reckon he will overtake Moss's yardage.
  4. Just accept that we aren't going back to the old logo. (even with it having red) Gradients are bad.
  5. Don't worry, he has been bullied for his wrongthink and changed his tune.
  6. Every player misses their assignments sometimes. What I want to know is what Hooper's good/bad block ratio was. If these examples are the only ones then its not so bad.
  7. Size = Julio Attitude = Julio
  8. Not playing old man Brees and Brady until late in the season is great for us. Both their arms could be well and truly cooked at that point in the season.
  9. 2 prime time games, none against Brady or Brees
  10. Offense keeping up will be most important.
  11. Agree, if the money is there they get paid. In Australia our 2 biggest sports leagues (AFL, NRL) the players have taken a pay cut because the leagues quite frankly don't have the cash reserves to pay them.
  12. The cap wont go down and force teams to cut players because obviously NO other teams would have the space to sign anyone. What is more likely is that ALL players take a % pay cut.
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