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  1. I am not overly fussed, if he was younger I would be all over it but he will be turning 28 in the first year of a new contract.
  2. Matt is currently 9th on the all time 4th quarter come backs list with 30. However the last 3 years he has only had 4 of them. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/comeback.cgi?player=RyanMa00
  3. Does anyone else feel like it isnt Tampa Bay playing? Feels more like the Tom Brady football team
  4. Luckily FS is one of the easier positions to fix.
  5. This is what QB purgatory looks like. Be thankful we have Ryan.
  6. Anyone know where I can buy gloves like Ryan is wearing? (With the Falcons logo on the palm)
  7. Would rather take the best corner in the draft than OL.
  8. Brady is probably the luckiest and most consistent player of all time. But when you watch Mahomes play his talent is on another level, if Mahomes wins this year and another few Superbowls he could easily be gunning for Brady's mantle.
  9. They didnt call holding on GB, they called it PI despite being uncatchable
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