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  1. We played some pretty good defenses last year. Also the nature of a zone run scheme is weaker pass protection due to smaller and lighter OL.
  2. Gonna have a slump as big as Beasley's.
  3. Ah crap how did I leave Julio out??? And yeah I guess Zeke. Guess I just said Hopkins cos he hasn't placed at all on the top 100.
  4. Who are the obvious 10 not assigned yet? (in no order) Ryan Brady Rodgers Brown Bell Beckham Jr Miller Mack Hopkins ???
  5. Ishmael
  6. Some of your goods are way way way too unrealistic You seriously expect 38-45 points a game? Top 5 D would be tremendous 5-7+ yards a carry is absurd Some of your bads are pretty big stretches. Dallas had the 4th best D.... since when? 4.8 yards per carry is bad? How many players break 70+ yarders in their entire career? You are overrating the FB position
  7. If they are going to be so trivial then they might as well factor in how easy the Patriot's schedule was compared to ours.
  8. But but we pumped in stadium noise
  9. Hard to say really. He is a dominant force but he has never been the sole weapon on our offense so he doesn't get the ball as much as say OBJ who has only 5 less touchdowns than Julio in 3 less seasons. I think Julio's lack of touchdowns is going to be a big factor. He has to surpass Roddy first. Do people consider Steve Smith a HoFer?
  10. We got Trufant at the same age bracket as Beasley and Alford is 2 years older than Tru. Josh Norman is 3 years older than Tru and has only 1 more season. Vic is hardly old
  11. Hopefully this is ok to post here. I really want a black throwback Keanu Neal jersey, unfortunately my choices are a bit limited: Buy the $100 pro-line jersey which I hear is bad quality http://www.nflshop.com/Keanu_Neal_Atlanta_Falcons_Men_Jerseys/Mens_Atlanta_Falcons_Keanu_Neal_NFL_Pro_Line_Black_Alternate_Player_Jersey Buy the $300 custom Jersey and get his name on it, I don't really want to spend that much on a jersey http://www.nflshop.com/Keanu_Neal_Atlanta_Falcons_Men_Jerseys/Mens_Atlanta_Falcons_Nike_Black_Custom_Elite_Jersey Ideally I would buy the $150 version but that is not available online ( that I can find) the womens version is available but not the mens http://www.nflshop.com/Keanu_Neal_Atlanta_Falcons_Jerseys/Womens_Atlanta_Falcons_Nike_Black_Custom_Game_Jersey Is there any other place in which I could buy the male version of the $150 type like this one http://www.nflshop.com/Atlanta_Falcons_Men_Jerseys/Mens_Atlanta_Falcons_Julio_Jones_Nike_Black_Vapor_Untouchable_Limited_Player_Jersey - Thanks.
  12. Can you link me the page with the gifs?
  13. For a tandem back that is pretty darn impressive