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  1. For what? He was already at the down line and everyone else was running up to the spot anyway
  2. **** players are so afraid of hitting QBs even when they run
  3. Thats a BS horse collar against the Saints
  4. Saints run D
  5. Which shoulder?
  6. And that is all that matters to the owners. If the tickets are sold then they make the money regardless.
  7. I don't care who scores them but we do need more of them. Especially in the second half.
  8. TE is one of the hardest positions to become good at in the NFL, there are less good TEs than there are QBs. So far our play calling isn't doing him or any other receivers any favours.
  9. OP is making toast wrong
  10. Yes our D won us the game against Chicago and Detroit. But they also forced 0 turnovers in both those games.
  11. I hate to say I told you so but...
  12. I would start Watson over Ryan, reasons: Ryan still needs to up his game this year, I wasted my 2015 season starting Ryan by continuously telling myself that he will be good this week surely. Ryan isn't afraid to hand off to the RB in the redzone Texans run game is suspect Its the Browns Even if Ryan has a better game than Watson it won't be by more than 5 points so its worth the risk.
  13. Every Panthers scoring drive has had a big penalty go their way
  14. My phone survives more than 4 hours a charge