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  1. Hooper is my fantasy TE
  2. Would love to know why Ryan fell over on the play where Mack was holding Jones.
  3. Our D will be better but statistically it won't be because our O will put up such big numbers that we will give teams plenty of junk time stats that don't matter.
  4. Any info on how Collins has been doing?
  5. Ryan has had all 3 OCs go on to become a HC.
  6. Is there a prize for the winner
  7. I just don't get how Olsen gets himself wide open ALL THE TIME!
  8. I agree, but if 2018 is another weak OL class then we aren't going to take OL in the 1st or 2nd just because.
  9. Eh we could go many ways at the draft. G, FS, DE, DT maybe even a WR if there is a good one there.
  10. Boohoo get over it, maybe Ryan could have not fumbled it, maybe Brady could have not thrown a pick 6... stuff happens.
  11. Now that there is a news article about them they will probably get their season tickets back.
  12. Wasn't he let go because he was 1 of 3 overpaid and under performing RBs?
  13. We score too fast sometimes. I would love to see the run game just dominate for an entire drive and eat some major clock once we are ahead.
  14. Surely you could have used screens from ANY other game we played.