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  1. Didn't the commentary team say it was blocked?
  2. Idk why you risk Bryant kicking off when the team is full of elite athletes that should be able to kick a ball out the endzone
  3. My god just get Sanu to punt
  4. Mahomes is just unreal
  5. If Newton cant throw and u dont use him for short yardage rushes then why is he playing? Jonathan Stewart would have just leapt over the entire pile
  6. Patriots would have done a QB sneak and got it 10/10 times
  7. I would like him to be active but the problem against the Vikings were the DEs not the DTs
  8. Week 1 2019 = Loss Week 1 2018 = Loss Week 1 2017 = Win Week 1 2016 = Loss Week 1 2015 = Win
  9. It was pretty sickening watching our outside pitch run gain no yards then the Vikings run the same play and get 20 yards.
  10. Just because he did it today doesn't make it a strength of his
  11. No, Matt isn't good at lofting passes like that
  12. Watching the Patriots O just angers me, Brady has nothing but wide open players to throw to for huge gains on short routes
  13. Speculation, not what the actual injury is