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  1. Would love to be able to see Quinn and Koetter discussing game tape (like he mentioned) after the last game of the season, from opponent to teammate in under a week.
  2. 3rd round pick for a 31 year old? Pass.
  3. Complain to HR about a mentally unsafe workplace
  4. Give me an RB that can break a tackle Free is good but he usually just powers extra yards and rarely shakes the tackle Teco basically stops if he isnt in space Ito is shifty and more likely to make guys miss than break a tackle
  5. I ain't scurred of Moore whilst Newton is still throwing the ball
  6. He is on thin ice but I ultimately think he gets another shot.
  7. Ito had a better rookie season than Freeman did and in less games. (granted we were pretty inept in 2014)
  8. Just remember that D. Jones, Campbell, Hooper and possibly Neal are going to be up for contracts next year.
  9. Coaches must have confidence in Oliver
  10. Ticket price comparison?
  11. Should have drafted Gurley
  12. Goff was bad but every replay he seemed to have stuff all options to throw to just like Mahomes did. I don't know how BB does it.
  13. Per league policy, the NFL will cover all production costs of the halftime show, which can exceed $10 million, but will not pay the performers. http://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/how-much-are-super-bowl-halftime-show-performers-paid/129xpluuiweyj1fzxiwhkyfkvg
  14. Saints would have rolled the Pats
  15. I dont think our ST would have given up a kickoff TD to swing the momentum. Of course we could have given up yet another lead like in both 2012 playoff games