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  1. I am glad I got to go there for the first time twice last year. Maybe they were waiting for the demo before putting up the flags etc in the new stadium
  2. Russell Wilson not following protocol is Russell Wilson's fault not the NFL's. I don't see why the NFL should fund players medical needs after their career is over, what else should the NFL do for them? Buy them a house, get them a job? (NFL should only be responsible for medical needs if the NFL itself caused an injury through idiocy like that Browns OL that had his career ruined from a referees flag exploding in his eye) The obvious thing to do is have players sign a waiver saying that they know the risks of the sport. If they don't like it then they can go get a job where people actually die like logging or joining the army.
  3. Everyone just rags on the NFL with concussions because they are the biggest sport in the US. Its the same way everyone blames McDonalds for people being fat when Wendy's, Taco Bell, KFC etc etc share equal 'blame'. (people can eat what they want)
  4. One thing I have noticed with Ryan is that he never throws touch passes where he just gently lobs it up for the receiver to make a play. He always seems to have force it to its spot hard and fast.
  5. Its borderline criminal how few TDs Julio gets compared to Brown
  6. Would rather Brian Hoyer...
  7. I am not going to get all uppity over 4th and later round picks not being great, they can't all be Devondre Campbell and Grady Jarrett Takk looks good and we all know that DEs take some time to come on especially when are not slotting into an already great DLine. Riley has a lot of scope for improvement. I think if we had had a 2nd rounder our draft would look a lot better. (I am happy with Takk though)
  8. Their D is still legit, its not making as many plays as previous years but its still very good. Their O sucks and fails against any half decent D.
  9. We had a lot of catches in traffic today that had been dropped in previous weeks. Relying on catches in traffic all the time is not a recipe for success.
  10. I'll take Sean Lee out as as big a loss as Freeman for us. Not having Tyron Smith was their biggest issue
  11. Forced fumble counts as a sack
  12. Cos the snap was a bit high he had to adjust