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  1. It all comes down to our pass rushing getting even better and playing with a lead.
  2. He also had an extra one against Detroit that didn't count because we accepted a penalty.
  3. Just look at the English Premier League The same teams up the top all the time because of $$$
  4. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ are to come
  5. Tampa Bay Buc's 2017 stats: Mike Evans 1001 yards 5 TDs DeSean Jackson 668 yards 3 TDs Adam Humphries 631 yards 1 TD Atlanta Falcons 2017 stats: Julio Jones 1444 yards 3 TDs Mohamed Sanu 703 yards 5 TDs Calvin Ridley That is both teams top 3 WRs, yeah sure Ridley is new but he is obviously in our top 3, so whilst Hardy and Hall had I guess you could say below average seasons our top 3 is still better than theirs.
  6. "Third, it’s would be foolish to not consider the racial component, especially against the backdrop of the ongoing anthem debate. Some (many) white fans surely resent (consciously or not) the fact that African-American men parlay God-given physical skills into the kind of money and fame that the average white person never will enjoy, no matter how hard he or she works. So when African-American players try to get more money that some (many) white fans think they don’t really deserve, those fans get even more upset, reasoning that the players who already have more than they should should simply be happy with what they’re getting." people would have the exact same opinion if a white man was holding out
  7. Was a decent article until he brought race into it.
  8. Straight swap for OBJ
  9. I wouldn't be giving him any guaranteed money that is for sure.
  10. Ridley would have almost no bearing on this. He wants to get paid for being the best 1 or 2 receiver in the league halfway through his contract. I don't see Trufant or Alford kicking up a stink with us drafting Oliver.
  11. Soooo soon? Aka next season he will be 30.
  12. Should have signed a shorter contract mr Jones
  13. Other: add incentives to his contract that he can achieve should he not be injured I know he is a great player but im hesitant to give a soon to be 30 oft injured player a cap hurting extension
  14. Why? Unless a team has too much cap space it would just be throwing money away for when he inevitably gets injured.