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  1. And Julios fumble
  2. We just took a CB in the 2nd and we have more pressing issues than corner with our early picks, no doubt we need some depth though. Luke?
  3. I love how the broadcast finally has to cut his voice out cos of the swearing
  4. Ugh why don't my links ever just show the video? https://streamable.com/9zplh#
  5. Why don't 2 point attempts use clock?
  6. Beasley has been invisible
  7. Glad we don't have this locker room trash on our team.
  8. Panthers were hating on him just last week
  9. He has a 2014 Freeman feel about him
  10. Can you imagine Saquon Barkley with a good OL...
  11. Paying for an injured Levitre doesnt help things either
  12. Anyone got PFF stats for each individual lineman?
  13. Yes he will. Garoppolo ACL bascially gives him a mulligan. Not that he is in the hot seat anyway.
  14. Difference is we wouldn't get it
  15. Why did we let Parker go again?