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  1. Wasn't so long ago that no teams were signing our free agents.
  2. Isnt Brees contract for 2 years?
  3. I think an exemption will be made.
  4. I don't see a world where Simmons gets past the Panthers who just lost Keuchly.
  5. Mahomes is going to overtake Brady as the GOAT.
  6. Please tell me which teams had a better draft than us that year.
  7. His career is dependant on him playing.
  8. Would rather a CB
  9. We have 3 blokes competing for that LG spot and 2 of them are costing a bunch of cap. The only OL position I am ok with addressing in the draft is a future C. Gurley makes drafting an RB an interesting decision, will definitely throw other teams off. The majority of our picks have to be defense. CB > LB > DT =/= DE
  10. Don't waste your time watching.
  11. Best case scenario he balls out and we get to argue about what his next contract should be. Worst case he signs somewhere else and we get a comp pick next year.
  12. I would bet that there are more 'bloodline' players that weren't good enough.
  13. I could get behind it at pick #26~
  14. Dante Fowler spin move vs Vic Beasley spin move