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  1. Whilst you are not wrong, every team in the NFL has short passing options for quick gains... DK doesn't. Its no wonder our redzone passing offense is awful because DK has no clue how to call short pass plays.
  2. Saints D is very good but DK is incapable of running short passing plays on early downs that every other team can do. How many 3rd and shorts did we have where Ryan had nowhere to go?
  3. Maybe if the offense could get at least one first down in the last two drives it wouldn't have been so close. Its not all on the defense.
  4. Are they even really the Buccaneers? Might as well be called the Tom Brady's.
  5. Better draft pick and good for my fantasy team 🙃
  6. Still think they are getting beat over top too much but I prefer forcing the QB to make a good throw instead of giving up soft cushions underneath.
  7. Interview and hire based on merit, just like the players.
  8. So the offense is still going to be unwatchable...
  9. Billy would trade Ridley to the Giants for Freeman
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