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  1. Antone Smith just restarted with THA BEARS WTH Dimittroffed needs too end !!!
  2. Had we taken Gurley can you not say we put 50+ up on board then 25th in defense would not mean shiznal!!!
  3. GURLEY waxed his *** in college so now tell me your thoughts
  4. Just an FYI he was catching balls yesterday from Matt !!!
  5. SHHHHH there will be a surprise in the backfield this weekend ???????? (JV)
  6. GAME PLAN run the I with Snelling,Quizz,Vaughn.....Alot of screens and that will open the lanes for Gonzo,Julio and Douglas (Let Roddy rest)
  7. What ever happened to this guy? @AJCFalcons Where is once-promising #Falcons tackle prospect Jose Valdez?http://t.co/V9cZxKAk41
  8. Better call up Turner tha afterburner looks like the same backfield **** my 350 lb butt could do more
  9. Our Falcons lose due to limited offense starters working in training camp
  10. Matt goes down we are doomed why the **** are we trying to make a mobile Quarterback a pocket passer WTH what an idiot
  11. Hum there can only be "ONE CHAMPION" get on board with me !!! 1BADASSBIRD
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