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  1. He would convince them to switch to tide. Because tide cleans better in cold than the bargain brand in hot. Twice the ice. I ❤️🍜
  2. He hired Dan Quinn, he hired Dan Quinn, oh did I mention he hired Dan Quinn. Sucks. I was pulling for DQ and thought he would be good. Carried by that Seattle D.
  3. All the Falcons have to do is cut Matt Ryan right now and sign any guy in Georgia that can run and throw a football. Immediate Super Bowl contender. 🤣
  4. Favorable schedules do the Falcons no favor. Here's the Falcons in a nutshell. Teams that are favored to beat the Falcons win 99.9% of the time. Teams that are 50/50 beat the Falcons 75% of the time. Teams that are the underdog still beat the Falcons 30% of the time. Favorable schedules just give false hope. As fans we think the team has turned a corner. Then they play a contender and we are brought back down to earth.
  5. If any team could get a half point scored on them it's the Falcons.
  6. Why are the Falcons punting? Everyone knows you go for it every 4th down in madden. You call your same cheese play and scramble with your QB after you trade MR for a scrambling QB of course. Arthur Smith, WTH are you smoking???
  7. I'll take dumbest thread topics for 500 please.
  8. Matt Ryan needs to go back in time and be born in Georgia with both parents being track stars. He will then be accepted by all on here.
  9. The same. The Falcons are the Falcons and they are going to continue to Falcon.
  10. Terrible defense. Absolutely terrible. Pass defense is the worst in the league.
  11. In hindsight everything the Falcons have done should have been different....
  12. Justin Fields is as Falcons related as Kyle Shanahan and Julio Jones. Oh wait, at least those two were Falcons. Fields is irrelevant here.
  13. Shouldn't Mayfield be on this list even if he's in the game 😄
  14. The way things are going the Falcons will have that 😉
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