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  1. He speaks the truth. Saints fans need to move on.
  2. Did I miss Ra'Shede Hageman somewhere?
  3. So true. How many chances do they need?
  4. I thought nothing could beat this. Until this LOL.
  5. Hopefully a couple QB's get taken and some WR's test well pushing them up draft boards.
  6. Exactly. Very good point.
  7. Oh s**t, where did I leave that wheelbarrow full of money at?
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2019-nfl-mock-draft-four-qbs-in-top-15-bills-make-hakeem-butler-first-wr-off-the-board/amp/
  9. Saints lost!!!!! Haha!!!!!!
  10. Yeah. Where is Saint Ray?
  11. I like the points people already made. #1 It's unfair to compare new generation players with older generation players. It's a completely different game with the rule changes. #2 The franchise a player plays for makes a difference. Like someone said above, Tom Brady on the Browns has a completely different outcome. I will say this. Watching Peyton Manning play at such a high level was amazing. At his best he played as well as anyone ever has.
  12. I always enjoy reading his mock drafts. Always very knowledgeable and very detailed. http://www.draftcountdown.com/mock-draft/2019-mock-draft/
  13. It's nice to see a 5th round pick by the Falcons turn into such a great player. Add to that his dad being an Atlanta Falcon for his entire career and being such a great player as well. A feel good story for sure. Pay the man!
  14. Get well Takk. I'm glad you're ok. Heck of a friend you got there.
  15. Good post Geneaut. Very insightful.
  16. Hageman.... what a waste he turned out to be. I was already forgetting about him.
  17. This is what the fans here take for granted when they act as if Matt Ryan is enept and needs replaced. As if franchise caliber QBs grow on trees. Trolls like to troll I guess.
  18. They could have drafted Matt Ryan. I'm glad they didn't.
  19. I don't know why tanking has to be a conversation around here. It's been said a billion times you don't have to lose on purpose to get better. Why not be more like the Patriots and less like the Jaguars, Browns, Jets, ect. ect?
  20. Nobody said they would make the playoffs or the SB. Just like the Dolphins didn't say they will tank.
  21. I didn't watch the video but nothing in the article quotes the Dolphins saying they will lose on purpose. Any franchise that would lose on purpose doesn't deserve to continue in the NFL. Considering a rebuild doesn't mean they plan to lose on purpose. Every new staff wants their guys. None of this is surprising.
  22. Rams didn't close them out. This is eerily familiar....
  23. Why did the clock reset when Dallas decided to go for the 2 point conversion instead of kick the extra point?