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  1. Freeman, Freeman sucks. I blame him largely for the Superbowl loss. Strip sack no block that changed the game. He then got paid handsomely and has done absolutely nothing since. Players like him are what's largely wrong with this team. "I got mine" now I'm going through the motions just to keep it. The Falcons are better without him.

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  2. I was fine with the Falcons taking Matthews. They weren't the only team that passed on AD and for good reason. The man had short arms and was undersized. Nobody could have predicted he would turn into what he did. Remarkable player. In hindsight of course the Falcons take AD. Question: Would he be the same player in ATL? Right now all of ATL except Ryan looks like trash. 

  3. Blank is a fine owner. Can I call him an owner? Wait, completely off topic. Anyway, Blank is fine. He dumped Mike Smith and he will do the same with DQ if he has to. This season is lost. No sense in letting DQ off the hook for these losses. He can either find a way to turn the biggest dumpster fire around or be gone at the end of the season. Seeing him at his lowest and how he reacts and responds is key. I'm sure Blank is pissed to even have to consider a new coach.

  4. 6 hours ago, blkbigdog35 said:

    Percentage of Snaps Played through Week 4:

    Atlanta Falcons

    Julio Jones: 74.6%

    Calvin Ridley: 72.7%

    Mohamed Sanu: 83.4%

    Los Angeles Rams

    Robert Woods: 96.7%

    Cooper Kupp: 93.8%

    Brandin Cooks: 92.9%

    Houston Texans

    DeAndre Hopkins: 96.4%

    Will Fuller: 94.8%

    Cleveland Browns

    Odell Beckham Jr.: 96.7%

    Jarvis Landry: 99.0%

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Mike Evans: 88.2%

    Chris Godwin: 94.3%

    As you can see, the Falcons WR trio is lagging far behind comparable offenses in percentage of snaps played. That’s even more puzzling when you consider that Atlanta’s trio is probably the most talented of all. It’s an inexcusable schematic mistake when you take into account the resources poured into the position group.


    This is disturbing considering the Falcons are one of the teams who have been behind the most so far this season.

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