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  1. I think the NFL trend is becoming pass on 3rd and short. I do miss the big backs bowling ball their way on short yardage like Lewis and Bettis.
  2. Lol, got me.
  3. I think the OP did time because he was the ref that didn't call PI in the Rams win over the Aints. We all are in your dept OP.
  4. If he wants to get paid next offseason he will be great this year. Keep him this year. Let him walk next season.
  5. 70 miles away and none taken. Maybe there's a good reason for that.
  6. BB went WR in round 1. He never picks a WR round 1 yet he took one over Ford and Taylor. If they aren't good enough for BB then I'm glad they aren't Falcons. It's not like the Falcons were the only team that passed on them. Alot of teams did.
  7. One thing you can't argue is the Falcons get who they want. Put some trust in the front office to get it right. They have been drafting successfully for awhile now.
  8. We all knew they were going to move up. I've been saying it all offseason. It was a surprise they took two OL though. I hope they both have great careers.
  9. I'm pretty sure they are taught at the rookie seminar to avoid social media disputes. I know it's hard, but taking the high road is the way to go.
  10. This sums up my feelings as well. I'm not sure what dropped Ford out of the 1st. I know Taylor for medical (knee). That made the list for RT alot shorter. I think NE takes either (Lindstrom & McGary) at 32. NE passed on Ford as well so that makes me feel better about McGary.
  11. Not really fair Wilkins wasn't available. He was the one I wanted but hey, if he isn't there he isn't there.
  12. I knew they would select a WR. Two things are certain in Falcons drafting. They will trade up and they will take a WR somewhere.
  13. http://www.draftcountdown.com/2019/1st-round-review/ This is what he said about the picks. "For much of the pre-draft process there was very little first round buzz for Lindstrom, despite what seemed like universal love within the scouting community. That began to change as the draft neared and he wound up being selected earlier than almost anyone imagined. Lindstrom is a well-rounded blocker with a great mix of physical tools and intangibles, but I can’t help but wonder if the Falcons will ultimately regret passing on some of the talented defensive linemen that were still available. Atlanta prioritized upgrading the offensive line to protect Matt Ryan this offseason though and they put their money where there mouth was with this choice." "Apparently the Falcons really, really wanted to fix their offensive line. Arguably to the point of overkill, paying a steep price to trade back into the first round. To the tune of their second and third round picks. Other than taking themselves out of a bountiful Day 2, I don’t have a problem with this move. Atlanta is only going as far as Matt Ryan takes them so nothing should take precedence over keeping their quarterback upright. Plus I’m a fan of McGary and thought he had a chance to sneak into round one. Sure there are still issues on defense that will now be challenging to address, but at least they shouldn’t have to worry about Matty Ice getting pummeled."
  14. That would be awesome.
  15. I wanted Wilkins so initially I was disappointed. Obviously he was already taken so there's nothing that can be done about that. I was baffled by the Falcons taking OL, then trading up for more OL. Obviously the front office thinks highly of them. Hopefully they become dominate players for many years to come.
  16. Can you imagine how much grief one of us would of got mocking Lindstrom at 14, followed by a trade up for McGary???? I'm still in shock this happened. Now the defense gets no love until at least the 4th round. I hope these 2 guys become studs because right now I feel very disappointed that the defense is getting nothing to improve. This draft has started out as the most bizarre I've seen for Atlanta. I guess on the bright side the O-Line cuts will free up money.
  17. I try to never grief someone. As we all know the draft is crazy and anything can happen.
  18. McGary at RT concerns me. His pass protection is questionable. Everyone says the picks will protect Ryan. The only way I see him protecting Ryan early in his career is by his run blocking. If they run well Ryan won't be asked to do so much. What do you think?
  19. That's what he's listed as yes. The knock on him is pass protection. I feel like he will be a guard.
  20. It's a mixed bag of emotions. I think alot of people (myself included) believed if the Falcons selected a RT, DT, CB in the top 3 rounds they were set to compete for a superbowl. After the 1st round it looks more like a 2/3 year plan. I just need someone to tell me who the RT is. I'm concerned we drafted two guards.
  21. I've noticed this as well. There seems to always be a commercial break when the Falcons select.
  22. My initial response to seeing what the Falcons selected was disappointment. I wanted Wilkins. Well, he was already gone. Looking at round one. Defenders were flying off the board. By the mid to late part of round 1, the value had become OL. Did Lindstrom at 14 seem like value prior to the draft? No. Obviously the front office thinks very highly of him. He's a bit confusing to me because I have read he could be a 10 year starter to he flat out sucks. Trading up for McGary seemed strange since the Falcons already signed two guards and drafted Lindstrom. McGary's biggest weakness is pass protection. Do you want that at RT day one? Seems like he might be better suited for guard. Who is the RT to start the season? Lindstrom? Maybe. Why didn't he play there his final year? The Falcons came into the draft needing a RT. They drafted two OL in the 1st, and might still need a RT. Not having a 2nd or 3rd round pick stings, but I knew they were going to trade up. I just wish I had more confidence that one of these two guys is the RT. Hey, what do I truely know. I just hope these guys succeed and live up to their selections. A 14th pick and a trade up come with high expectations.