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  1. Reverse cowgirl. One wrong slip by her.... Oh wait this was football related. Um, linebacker seems a little thin.
  2. ^ Is this going to be a Falcons vs Falcons game?
  3. Yep. I've seen it all playing madden. I just played to enjoy the game. However, the person on the other end always ruined the game experience. People will do anything to not lose a meaningless online game. It's terrible.
  4. I remember playing online back in the day and of course every pass play the game would lag right when I went to throw the ball. This also occurred every time I tried to kick a FG. It was almost like the other person was wiggling the wire connection to cause it.......
  5. The overalls are lower but they did it across the board so no complaint there. I like that aspect because having the worst players in the NFL ranked 65 is too high. I think Matt Ryan is higher than an 89 but other than that it looks reasonable.
  6. Why stop at 10? I see your 10 and raise you another 10. 20 sacks or no dreads.
  7. Congrats. It's a moment you will never forget.
  8. I'm sorry for your loss Tandy.
  9. Haha, funny.
  10. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/madden-nfl-20-ratings-revealed-for-falcons-2019-draft-class Sorry if this was already posted I didn't see it on the 1st two pages.
  11. I was at home for the first one. My entire house felt like it was on water. The 2nd one I was at work and I could instantly feel it was stronger. Hang in there Ridgecrest. These could be felt from LA to Las Vegas. Crazy.
  12. 28-3 is the biggest choke of all time.
  13. Watching his highlights still gives me chills. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-throwback/0ap3000001034547/NFL-Throwback-Michael-Vick-s-top-25-plays
  14. My favorite Vick moment as well. I couldn't believe what I had just seen.
  15. Cam Newton's dress attire is stange. Like Michael Jackson strange.
  16. Good news. Glad to hear.
  17. Maybe MJD is still holding a grudge from the super bowl play that Freeman had "no idea" what was going on and let Matt Ryan take a blind side strip sack that changed the entire game. I know I am.
  18. I don't remember the game but I remember the play. Brett Favre rolls out to Michael Strahan's side and slides so Strahan can get the single season sack record.
  19. Good point. The Raiders got screwed.
  20. Looks like we have Matt Ryan's successor.
  21. Can he rush the passer or protect the pocket? Sorry couldn't resist. Congratulations.
  22. Haha. Now that is hilarious.
  23. Go with Matt Ryan
  24. I'm glad the warriors lost. Living in California I can tell you there was no such thing as a Warriors fan in the late 80s all the way to about 2012/2013. Then all of a sudden Warriors fans started emerging.
  25. You can overcome and beat this Mash. Best of wishes to you.