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  1. The Falcons have focused on the lines a lot lately. Two 1st round O-lineman last year. The 2nd round pick this year was DL, 3rd round this year was OL. Hard to complain about that.
  2. Does this take into account our 2nd round TE?
  3. I like what AJ Dillin brings. Old school ground and pound back. Seems it's a dead breed in today's NFL sadly
  4. I thought the Falcons were going to have a chance at Willekes in the 7th.
  5. You guys obsession with Hooker is well documented
  6. Why didn't this happen? How am I supposed to believe anthing he says if he isn't a man of his word?
  7. The goal is a championship. Don't forget TD helped build a SuperBowl caliber roster. It's not his fault it was squandered away.
  8. Just goes to show how the 40 is overrated. Gage had a 4.42 in the 40. Davidson ran a 5.04 in the 40. All it took was one player altering his path slightly.
  9. Real draft spots Chaisson went round 1 pick 20 Madubuike went round round 3 pick 7 Ojemudia went round 3 pick 13 Hand went round 5 pick 24 Williams went undrafted Danna round 5 pick 32 I think my mock held up decently well as far as where people went. I picked Hand a round early, Williams went undrafted, and Danna went in the 5th instead of the 7th.
  10. He can't throw 30 picks from the bench.
  11. I think people forget Dimitroff helped assemble a SuperBowl roster. A team that should have won a championship. Through no fault of his own it was squandered away.
  12. This definitely will be worth looking back on in 2/3 years to compare. For now I would have to say all those players are very comparable and I would say it's close. The problem is those players likely have different outcomes in Atlanta than they will in Dallas. Scheme fit is important too.
  13. I hate the Cowboys. That said I did like their draft.
  14. I like what the Vikings and Cowboys did in the draft. This is flawed. The Browns can never be the best at anything, kidding. Maybe
  15. OP didn't know the Falcons were going punter in the 7th obviously
  16. When you finish the season going 6-2 trading up in the 1st round feels foolish.
  17. It doesn't But suggesting trading all these picks for Young is a ridiculous notion. It would of taken all of next years as well.
  18. No but I will say this. I really like what the Cowboys and Vikings did this draft.
  19. Lol. I didn't even think of that but you're right
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