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  1. Well no matter how low it is let's be real. Nobody wants to see it get lower. This topic of tanking always gets brought up every losing season. There's a lot more to it than just where a team drafts. Ticket sales are important. Nobody is going to admit they're tanking so really it's just a silly topic anyway. I have a feeling it's going to be another long offseason.
  2. Odds are better of course. Is it really worth keeping everyone's morale down and players all giving up on each other permanently? It's easy to say people can hit the reset button for a new season. But it isn't true. The Super Bowl loss still haunts this team.
  3. I don't agree with tanking. Winning is contagious, so is losing. If you think losing 8 games in a row to finish the season won't effect the mentality of next season you're mistaken. This team needs a boost of confidence going forward. People think just because you have a top 5 pick it instantly makes your team better. There's no guarantee of that. The chances might be better but the 12th overall pick might turn out to be the best player in the draft.
  4. Sadly being a Falcons fan isn't the end of my sports disappointment. You all know the struggles the Atlanta Falcons have had. To put it in perspective I've been a fan since 2001. I've been an Angel's fan for 3 years. It's very disappointing to have arguably the best player in baseball on a losing team. Similar to the Falcons, every free agent they sign seems to underperform. Sadly a lot of money is tied up in Albert Pujols. He's a lock to make the hall of fame. Unfortunately the guy is way past his prime and is only hurting the team by not retiring. They have a new skipper so there's optimism. I just can't help but wonder will they ever make the playoffs. Lastly I'm a Bulls fan. I've been a fan since 1991. Surprisingly Scottie Pippen was my favorite player instead of MJ. I did witness 6 championships in 8 years so maybe I have no complaint here. It's frustrating that every time they become a contender ownership breaks them down and starts over. Coach Hoiberg just got fired after posting losing records every year. So a new coach next year will mean hitting the reset button again. Feel free to share your sports fan nightmares here.
  5. Well it has been 20 years. There's people on here who complain about the Falcons who have been a fan for 5 minutes
  6. Yeah 7. But the one for the Angel's was before I started following baseball and before I was a fan of the Angel's. The Bulls got 6, but it was a long time ago and I was still too young to really understand how rare the feat truely was.
  7. This thread is just ridiculous.
  8. Maybe the lines will get attention this offseason.
  9. I was always into basketball growing up. I finally decided to give football a chance. I was so intrigued by a 2nd year QB named Michael Vick I became a Falcons fan instantly. Watching his highlights even today still gives me chills. It's a shame his work ethic was the way it was and that his career went the way it did. I had 5 Vick jerseys. The old black, the old white, and the newer black, newer white, and newer red. Oh what could have been.
  10. Well he's the best QB this franchise has ever had, won an MVP, and will be in the hall of fame.
  11. This is so true. The passive play is annoying. I swear this team gets so scared to fail trying they end up failing without trying.
  12. Good news. He can get back in the groove and be ready next year in all aspects.
  13. I don't endorse tanking but if the Falcons somehow manage to lose out at least the upside is a higher pick. Personally I would like to see them win the last 3 games and finish strong. Better yet win out. Yes I'm aware it gives them a worse pick. I don't care. The momentum and confidence it can give them for next year can't be measured. The coaches and players need to believe in everyone again. Before flaming away remember there are no guarantees in the draft. The #1 pick could be the biggest bust in NFL history. The number 18th pick might end up a greatest of all time candidate. Instead, try to believe no matter where the Falcons pick they get it right.
  14. That stuff should be avoided. In the end we're all on the same side. We all may not always agree on everything but ultimately we all want the same thing. Let's hope whatever avenue the Falcons take they can somehow break the curse and win some championships. Thank you, thumbs up back at you.
  15. It's buyer beware for any position really. The only sure thing about the draft is there's no sure thing. Players struggling now may turn into hall of famers. Players playing well now may fizzle out. We all can think of busts and steals for every position. It's a crap shoot. Ridley has been successful but I don't think it's wise to consider him a solid pick just yet. He's behind Julio and Sanu. He's not exactly lining up vs the best defenders, or the main focus of defenses. Solid post I do feel ya about the NFL evolving.
  16. He probably just peaked already. He was a surprise player who overachieved for the Falcons. Mike Tice had the offensive line looking good for a bit.
  17. A nice consultation prize is a Saints loss =)
  18. If you have 4 WR #1s on your team and the best player is a WR in round 1 are you going to draft him even if you have absolutely nothing at guard, defensive tackle, tackle, and defensive end? I'm not saying you reach. But there's no way there isn't a player worth taking at these positions DT, DE, G, OT, even LB at any time of a draft. Play calling lost the Super Bowl yes. So did not having good lines on both sides of the ball. Maybe a team with better O and D lines wins that game anyway. A big holding call cost them dearly. Not stopping the run or getting to Tom Brady cost them in OT. Ignore the lines forever and you get what you see from the Falcons. It's a fact they ignore them and it's a fact they are a perennial loser. This can't be a coincidence. They have modest success vs teams they're better than and should beat. They always lose to the great teams. You don't get what I'm saying about offensive lineman. You say they're projects so don't draft them. All players are projects at all positions. Even if they take longer to develop you still need them. Even if they take longer to develop it holds true for every team. Yet highly successful teams still pick them. The most successful teams know it and they draft it. Football isn't rocket science. If you don't have solid lines on both sides of the ball it doesn't matter what else you have. The Falcons are proof lines matter. Julio Jones can be wide open. It doesn't matter if Matt Ryan is on his back. Corners can't cover forever. So you better at some point get to the QB or you're in for a long day. If you can't stop the run you're in for a long day. Having good lines on both sides of the ball makes everyone's job easier. This is way it starts and ends in the trenches.
  19. There's always an exception. Generally speaking super bowl winning teams have good offensive and defensive lines. Dallas has a terrible coach. They also had a QB named Tony Romo who always choked in the big games. Teams like the Steelers and Patriots get it. Yes Dallas has been bad (I love it) but they are currently leading their division and just beat the Saints. I agree franchise QB is #1 no doubt about that. Stating offense lineman just aren't good and ready coming out of college isn't an excuse to have a bad line. Even if it's true it holds true for everyone. Yet there are teams with much better lines than the Falcons. The Falcons have had success over the past decade but ultimately they can't ever get over the hump. They always end up losing to someone who dominates them in the trenches. They're soft on both sides of the ball on the lines. It's not really surprising they lose so much recently. If you can't stop the run, you can't get to the QB, you can't protect your QB, and you can't run the ball, you aren't going to be very successful. I like Ridley but you don't draft a WR#3 in round 1 when you have the O and D lines this team has. Even if it takes the lineman 3 years to develop every year you wait to address it is just prolonging the problem.
  20. The only time I ever cheer for the Saints it's against the Cowboys......
  21. They need a red bull. It will give them wings. Then they can just fly. #FixTheLines
  22. Noooooo! I was going to ask this lol.
  23. This can be said of all positions really. Everyone needs time to develop. There are teams that have good lines because they draft early and often. The GM's complaining are the ones drafting sporty position players to sell tickets intead of getting the grinders in the trenches. Games are won and lost in the trenches. #FixTheLines