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  1. Go with Matt Ryan
  2. I'm glad the warriors lost. Living in California I can tell you there was no such thing as a Warriors fan in the late 80s all the way to about 2012/2013. Then all of a sudden Warriors fans started emerging.
  3. You can overcome and beat this Mash. Best of wishes to you.
  4. Shame on the people asking the questions. Maybe ask something that requires a different answer. I hope Takk has a stellar year. I also hope the Falcons don't get burned come contract time. Red flags are abundant.
  5. How about a head coach? Mike Smith. I appreciate what he did. I even wanted him gone before he was let go. Still I think he helped establish the direction Arthur Blank wanted this team to go. Much respect.
  6. Matt Ryan is the man.
  7. I will question Julio after he stops producing. Until then Julio keep being Julio.
  8. Calvin probably plays longer if he wasn't a career Detroit Lion. Might be the smartest of them all though getting out early.
  9. Happy Birthday Matt Ryan. My favorite Falcon of all time.
  10. Maybe the Jets can give the Falcons a discount for draft trade ups if he becomes their GM
  11. Big loss to the Falcons. Good luck to him if he takes over the Jets. That franchise has been a joke for it's entire existence.
  12. What a sad story. I understand getting mad at a video game but how do you take it out on a child. There are some sick people in this world.
  13. As a Bulls fan I have to say the NBA draft lottery sucked this year. That being said, what would you guys think of the NFL doing a draft lottery? I know the Falcons don't have good luck. So it's probably a good thing it doesn't exist in the NFL. Still, it does add a bit of excitement to an otherwise boring long offseason for fans. I know I know. BB would find a way to rig it where the Pats get #1 with a zero percent chance. Maybe Tom Brady would deflate all the other teams lottery balls? New Orleans seems to have good luck, maybe they have bounties out. Sorry I'm bored.
  14. Nobody does.
  15. Good question. I would like to know as well.
  16. For the sake of argument maybe it would put to rest the tank vs. don't tank debate that consumes all our lives
  17. Hopefully he's not restless like Patriots owner Robert Craft Now that I think of it, did the NFL let that slide?
  18. I could see him going to the Patriots.
  19. I was completely baffled by the signing of two guards then the drafting of two OL in round 1. Especially fearing they both sounded like guards. However, the more I've seen about this draft class the more I like it. The Falcons got nasty on the O-line. They added corner depth and got a guy for the DL I think they can mold into a great player who can play DE vs run and move inside on pass downs. A brusing RB and a return guy. All in all I'd say that's a heck of a draft. I can't knock the trade ups. One thing is for certain they go and get their guy. Win or lose, they are doing it their way. I'd rather they get who they want that's a fit as opposed to improvise and settle.
  20. That is so creepy lol
  21. I'm sure the construction workers beat everyone to it as it was being built.
  22. Didn't Metcalf have some epic fail numbers at the combine? If I'm not mistaken he had some numbers worse than Tom Brady didn't he?
  23. I like that all the late picks have the necessary physical tools. They just need coached up. Project players to be excited about is always a good thing. In the past it seemed like late picks lacked the physical tools and needed coached up.