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  1. I guess we have to wait 5 years or so to find out. The 5th pick in the draft doesn't automatically mean the player picked there will have the better career than the 16th pick. Just try to enjoy the win and hope the Falcons get their picks right.
  2. Or the Cowboys game. Also the Browns. They got better but the Falcons shouldn't have lost to the Browns.
  3. Awesome!
  4. A spectacular year for Ryan. It's unheard of for a team to struggle so mightily meanwhile the QB plays outstanding. More often than not the ball didn't bounce the Falcons way in 2018. Hopefully with a little better luck and some key injured players back 2019 can be a return to greatness.
  5. The Seahawks were 4-5 at one point. Then they played the Packers, Panthers, 49ers 2 times, and the Vikings. 10 games are against teams at .500 or less. They beat the Chiefs yes. I wouldn't say this season is remarkable though. 10 games vs. sub .500 teams should result in a 10 win season. Perhaps they can make a run in the playoffs. Anything can happen. It wouldn't surprise me though if they were one and done. It reminds me of the early Mike Smith Falcon teams that made the playoffs with a cake regular season schedule only to get smoked in the playoffs.
  6. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/dan-quinn-lists-three-things-falcons-must-do-to-get-back-to-being-super-bowl-con Win the turnover margin, win in the run game on both sides, affect the QB more. Haven't we all been saying these 3 things forever? These are no-brainers. People talk about the evolution of the game but some things will always hold true in the NFL (unless they turn it into flag football). Don't talk about it Quinn and the Falcons. Be about it!!!!
  7. Well said.
  8. Good stuff. Merry Christmas.
  9. Merry Christmas and happy holiday's everyone.
  10. It doesn't do any good to cry about your team winning "meaningless" games. #1 The Patriots don't need top 5 picks to be super bowl contender every year. #2 The Browns, Bills, Raiders and Jaguars are a few great examples of teams that have top 5 picks seemingly every year. Yet they all suck every year. Instead of complaining about something you have no control over. How about you just have a little faith that no matter where the Falcons pick they will get it right?
  11. Realistically it's Matt Ryan and I'm perfectly fine with that. Greatest QB in Atlanta Falcons history. In my dreams Joe Montana or Tom Brady in their primes.
  12. It's a business. He wants to get paid big. 31 other teams wouldn't mind having him on their roster. He knows he's not going to get top dollar. That doesn't mean he should start at what everyone considers to be an acceptable amount. Meeting in the middle is much better for him asking for more at the start. He's a good player who wants to get paid just like everyone else. The difference between me in a scenario is I'm easily replaceable. A player of his caliber at his position in Atlanta would be much harder to replace. I get what you're saying though.
  13. It never hurts to ask. Of course they will ask for the max.
  14. So true.
  15. They won't admit to tanking even if they were. Considering they won yesterday you might as well put the silly notion to rest.
  16. If every team in the NFL had 2 franchise QB's you could pay the player not the position. Considering there are many team with no franchise QB what is a team supposed to do? Let him walk?
  17. Kudos to the person that figures this stuff out.
  18. Canadian radio station... reporting NFL news before anyone else? Seems iffy at best.
  19. Football isn't rocket science. If you can't stop the run and you can't get to the QB you won't win much. It's essential to at least stop one or the other. You have to at least make a team 1 dimensional. Everyone is having their way with this team any way they want to. Add to that a struggling rushing offense and an offensive line that's allowing Matt Ryan to get punished early and often and you have a recipe for failure.
  20. I don't find any comfort in it but maybe others will. If you're the Saints at least you can say, "At least it wasn't a Super Bowl."
  21. Quinn needs to stop calling timeouts for the other teams offense. Use them wisely when they guarantee you get the ball back. Dumb mistake. Given the other team has Aaron Rodgers this just makes the decision even more baffling. If anyone is going to score in a pressure situation it's him.
  22. 28 TD's, 6 INT's, 4076 yards, 108.29 rating while taking a beating from pass rushers all year. What more can you ask of the guy? He's playing stellar. There's a lot wrong on the Falcons but I can assure you it's not Matt Ryan.
  23. Beating the Redskins isn't exactly impressive.
  24. Green Bay is bad. Nothing more.