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  1. Yet this board thinks TD is supposed to hit on 100 percent of every round.
  2. Now the Falcons can't get an A+ in next years draft
  3. This might be the biggest news I have ever heard about Takk until
  4. Until the Falcons stop sucking everyone is going to say they suck.
  5. The Falcons need to cover better, get more pressure, and sack the QB more. Debating which is best is a waste of time. They need more of all three.
  6. Most of the teams that traded up lost value.
  7. Why would anyone be more happy or less happy if they got the same two players either way? The "best" player on the board was a WR. I would think the only people who would be arguing the pick would be claiming it should of been Lamb. I don't get all of this crying. Heck, I think 8 out of 10 people on here wanted Delpit at 16 and he went in round two. Should the Falcons be drafting players based on what people in the media say?
  8. My expectations for Takk are pretty low.
  9. I think he was saying things can never be worse than the 28-3 debacle. Don't be scared it can't get any worse than that right?
  10. About the same for me. Last year we kept hearing how Vic Beasley didn't participate in OTA's. He made approximately 12 million that year yet showed a lack of dedication. I know they are optional. However, if a player skips them I expect that player to perform at a high level. Skipping them and sucking gets a one way ticket out of town. It would be nice to hear this year that all the players are participating and working their butt off.
  11. At this point it doesn't matter where anyone was drafted. All that matters is how they perform on the field.
  12. I think that has been the culture for half the Falcons sadly.
  13. Every player on the Atlanta Falcons should be required to watch the series "The Last Dance" What did it take for the Chicago Bulls to start winning championships? Working their a$$es off in the offseason. Not one of them. ALL OF THEM.
  14. Can't turn the ball over that much and expect to win.
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