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  1. Solid. I like it.
  2. The urgency should be every year. This shouldn't be any different.
  3. As long as they get the job done that's all that really matters. I expect top 5 offense. Hoisting a Lombardi is the ultimate entertainment. I don't care how they do it as long as they do it.
  4. I agree. Hopefully the players can buy in more than the fans. What's not to like about Quinn taking care of the defense and giving Matt Ryan what he wants? It's time for the players to execute.
  5. He's definitely overcome some major tragedy with the passing of his mother at such a young age. I expect him blow up the combine and become an instant fan favorite. He's one of those players I can cheer for no matter where he goes.
  6. It's the guy Matt Ryan wanted. At this point I think Ryan has earned the right to have some say and get what he wants. If Ryan wants him there must be a good reason. Try to find some comfort in that. On paper I like what they've done. The offense should be top 5. At least that's the expectation. There's no reason it shouldn't be if they get some O-line help via free agency and or the draft. Now the defense is all on Quinn. Just like it should be. If the team is ever going to have continued success they must get run stuffers and pass rushers. Last but not least there's the players themselves. Players have to give their all. If every player had a work ethic like Matt Ryan I think the team would have already hoisted a Lombardi at least 2 times. If it's obvious someone isn't giving their all I want to see them benched. Doesn't it always seem like some people on the field are just going through the motions? There needs to be a desire from everyone that being mediocre isn't acceptable. To the players I say. Do your job and do it to the best of your abilities ALL THE TIME. NO MORE EXCUSES. You're either in or your out. What's it going to be?
  7. Time to bring Mike Tice out of retirement to coach the O-Line again. They did pretty well while he was in ATL.
  8. It seems in the past the Falcons make a lot of trades when they have comp picks. I expect them to be very aggressive this draft. I don't agree with trading up typically but I see it happening. They're not afraid to go get who they want and I believe they look for players who can make an instant impact.
  9. Well said.
  10. If the Falcons let him go then watch the Patriots or Steelers will sign him and he will develop.
  11. Throwing money at the problem doesn't necessarily mean it's taken care of. It's important to use premium draft picks on the lines.
  12. I'd rather keep the draft pick honestly.
  13. I guess I will cheer for the Chargers.
  14. 100 percent agree.
  15. Either choice seems solid. I wonder what $$$$ they will command.
  16. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2019/01/06/2019-nfl-mock-draft-2-georgia-players-join-falcons/amp/
  17. Not surprising after what Elway said.
  18. It's a team sport. Matt Ryan does his part.
  19. I figured the Cowboys would win. Now everyone can stop talking about how the Falcons need to be more like Seattle. They had a cake schedule and aren't impressive at all. Hopefully the Cowboys lose next week.
  20. Wasn't Matt Ryan almost sacked a career number of times this season? Also, the team was ranked towards the bottom in rushing yards. How does this get the O line ranked 12th?
  21. The Falcons are being aggressive. I have to admit I didn't think all 3 coordinators would be gone. At least it sends a message. Losing isn't acceptable for any reason.
  22. Tanking is dumb. The End.
  23. I prefer winning games 100 percent of the time. At the professional level you give your all every time or you get the **** out! There's no such thing as a meaningless win. This isn't Madden 2000whatever. Losses can be an infectious disease. Careful what you ask for when you talk about tanking. Losing can become contagious. There might come a time the team wins 2-3 games a year for a 3-10 year stretch. There's things like team morale, job security, career records, marketing, ticket sales, and many others to consider. Any of you tankers want to spend $$$$ to go watch a game you know your team is going to purposely lose? Don't think so.