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  1. I can't say I argue with much there. If it's wrong I'd like Dan Quinn to prove it.
  2. I agree. If this team needs to have the very best player at every position to win it's doomed.
  3. The better the team appears on paper the worse it seems to perform on the field. Theres no excuse for what has transpired for the past three weeks. It's a joke. It's embarrassing.
  4. Matt Ryan spoke on this. Every snap matters.
  5. Good insight.
  6. Very unfortunate. Hopefully he can recover fully.
  7. Yet this is who Matt Ryan wanted. I'm confused.
  8. I haven't seen a legit Falcons defense in my entire 19 years as a fan. Not once have I ever been confident they could stop anyone when it was needed. Sad considering DQ and Mike Smith were both defensive coaches.
  9. I don't think he can shake the 28-3. It's pretty much been downhill from there.
  10. Julio is the man. If anything the Failquinn's could use another Julio. Maybe on defense.
  11. The entire team is playing bad. Even the players we've come accustomed to doing well have struggled. I don't know what this team did in the offseason and through the first 3 weeks of the season for preparation. Whatever it is, it's not working.
  12. Sounds like the Failquinn's to me.
  13. Ewwww.
  14. I feel like DQ needs the best player in the league at every position to be successful. Like he had in Seattle.
  15. It's all bad. Failquinn's.
  16. A ridiculous comparison. Apples and oranges. Night and day. The Failquinn's have looked terrible for the 1st three weeks of the season. This sucks. I was hoping Quinn was the guy.
  17. Sucks for Neal sorry to hear it. That being said the defense hasn't stopped much even with him. The sky isn't falling yet but I think it's getting very close.
  18. The Atlanta Failquinn's look terrible for the 3rd game in a row this year.
  19. The Failquinn's.
  20. The Falcons played terrible last week vs the Eagles they just happened to still win somehow. This is the 3rd game this season they have looked like garbage. Failquinn's strike again.
  21. The 1st: Michael Vick. Even today I get chills watching his highlights. What a shame it turned out the way it did. No player in the league has ever had his skill set. The agility, mobility, speed, and elusiveness. An effortless flick of the wrist launching a football 60 yards. Insane. All time: Matt Ryan. Leadership, intelligence, class act, intangibles, toughness, the desire to be the best he can be and leave it all on the field. Nobody will ever say he was the best at anything in particular. However, he is a jack of all trades. As long as Matt Ryan is on the field I believe the Falcons have a chance. I hope some day he can hoist the Lombardi as a Falcon. I don't think anyone deserves it more than him.
  22. I wanted TJ Watt but I understand why the Falcons went Takk.
  23. Small sample size and two ugly games by the Falcons.
  24. Nice. Good news.
  25. Love it. Finally something to be happy with. Hopefully they build on this success.