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  1. A top 10 pick is going to get an extended amount of time. Nobody wants to be the team that let a guy go only to watch him go somewhere else and turn into the player they envisioned when he was drafted. It's a lot of value to just throw away. At the very least try to trade him if you believe he's a bust and see if you can get anything in return. Also it's a tough pill to swallow knowing a front office bombed on a top 10 pick.
  2. It shouldn't matter much. No matter what pick the Falcons have there will be something in the trenches worth the selection. If the best player available is a WR they sure as heck don't need that.
  3. This would be nice. What a season to forget.
  4. A QB's best friend is a good run game. Oh and a capable O-line. The key is balance.
  5. I know what you mean. In crunch time of games they get so scared to lose the game for the team. They actually end up doing nothing and losing it anyway.
  6. Doesn't it seem like for Atlanta to have any success anywhere they have to either sign a proven vet or use a 1st rounder? Even this is skeptical at best. If they need the best player at every position to win then something's wrong. They need a 1st round WR#3 to be successful there? Don't get me wrong I like Ridley. I hope he's a great player. This is just an example. How good is he exactly? We won't truely know until he's out from behind the shadow of Julio and Sanu. Not to take away from his accomplishments so far but it should be easy to be successful as a 1st round pick when you have the talent the Falcons already have at WR position and you aren't the focus of defenses. My question is this. Where are the stud players on this team that outplay their draft spot? You know, the 2nd-7th rounders that truly make a difference? Seems to me like the vast majority of players in Atlanta are just already good before they get there (hence why they went in round 1 or got a big free agent deal) or they flat out fail to ever get any better. I know there are some exceptions on the team but overall I feel like this holds true. Is this bad luck, bad evaluation, poor coaching, the players own doing, or some combination of everything? I just don't know.
  7. Dang you OP!!!! Now I'm hungry for biscuits and gravy.
  8. Stats are important but they don't always equal success. Maybe a player has the most tackles in the league because his defense is always on the field longer than any other. Also the nature of how they were achieved matters. Quality over quantity. Did the defender get the easy 1st down tackle as the runner was falling to the ground? Or did the defender make a play on 3rd and short to stop a drive? On paper these two scenarios equal the same stat. In the game they're completely different.
  9. How about drafting some OL early instead of expecting late round picks to overachieve?
  10. I can't help but feel this is a coaching problem. It's either that or maybe he just doesn't have the drive. A 1 trick pony will only get you so far unless your name is Randy Moss. Either he lacks the drive to get better, or the coaching is bad. Maybe it's both.
  11. Anyone will be in panic mode when the fastest sack ever recorded happens to them. I can't think of any QB that hasn't struggled with a bad offensive line. Matt Ryan has played well all things considered.
  12. That's a good example of how you blitz. Obviously a short field helps the defense. Not knowing who's going to drop back and who's going to rush is a huge advantage. How come we never see Atlanta do this? Because they put 3 d line in and have only them on the line. What is this offensive play called? It looks to me like there was only 1 option to throw to. The receivers to the right appear to be blocking from the beginning. It's hard to tell though it's over so fast.
  13. Having additional picks I can already tell the Falcons will be trading up in this years draft.
  14. So true. Yet year after year it never changes. I don't get it.
  15. Not really. An additional timeout allows you one more opportunity to use the entire field. You don't have to worry about getting out of bounds or wasting a down spiking the ball. Everything is wide open for the offense one additional time.
  16. Is it better to have 2 timeouts or 3 timeouts? Pretty simple explanation of which is better.
  17. Doesn't make sense to me. Either way a defensive stop gets the ball back to the offense with plenty of time.
  18. Even without using that timeout, if the defense had stopped them the offense would of got the ball back with about a minute left. That's plenty of time with 2 or maybe even 3 timeouts left. The timeout on 3rd and 5 benefitted the Cowboys but was called by the Falcons. It was a terrible mistake.
  19. DL and OL and plenty of it. This team must find a way to make the trenches better. This is where games are won and lost.
  20. Happy Thanksgiving my Falcons family. Enjoy some good food, family, and some Falcons football!
  21. Haha good point. I have confidence the offense could of got a field goal had they had the opportunity with or without the TO on 3rd and 5.
  22. Seems like they're being very cautious with him. Maybe they're afraid he will get hurt again if it's too soon.
  23. In a strategic move prior to the game Dan Quinn sends some outstanding cooked turkey to the Saints locker room. Stuffed and unable to move the Saints lose the game 31 to 3.