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  1. The only thing worse than the Falcons right now are the people gloating about how bad they are and how right they are. Congratulations our team sucks.... and you called it.... I guess?
  2. AB will let DQ ride this dumpster fire through the season.
  3. Atlanta Failquinn's strike again. They made a terrible team look like a playoff bound team today.
  4. What? Are we going to win the division with an at best 4-12 record? This is a reach even for the biggest of homers. BTW a loss is never ok.
  5. Trade it for a real head coach? Apparently the Falcons can't find one.
  6. I love Ryan. That said I don't think 28-3 can leave Atlanta until all of 28-3 are gone.
  7. It's unfortunately true.
  8. I think this team is being called worse things by all the fans now. Rebuild seems inevitable.
  9. The team is now called The Atlanta Failquinn's On a serious note I hope this team responds next week. They need to beat Philly.
  10. The Atlanta Failquinn's making a bad team look good. SMH.
  11. Not only does it appear DQ isn't head coach material, now he's making a strong case that he shouldn't be a defensive coordinator either. 28-3 killed this guys coaching career.
  12. Freeman hasn't shown much in a long time. It would be nice if he could regain his past success. My honest opinion is him and Vic Measley are robbing the Falcons. I've been done with Freeman since the 28-3 sack fumble that changed the entire game. I can't help but believe he did nothing on that play because he was mad the Falcons weren't running the ball.
  13. I love facts that prove people wrong. Nice job. Hall of fame career yet he's the problem? Trolls going to troll.
  14. Any prediction on which half the Falcons will show up for?
  15. I feel like alot of the problems the Falcons have are from DQ trying to be BFF's with the players instead of being their coach. I feel like he's given the players a long leash and they've taken advantage of it to the fullest.
  16. I agree, they're soft. I also think they have some players that don't care about winning.
  17. Choke and only play half a game.
  18. Been waiting since he was hired to see it.
  19. Promoting from within sounds good to me.
  20. If everyone on the Falcons had the dedication and desire Matt Ryan has theres no doubt in my mind they would be winning multiple Lombardi's.
  21. I wouldn't be opposed. I don't think it's wise to pay a RB big money anyway. Seems like this guy has been expendable since the 28-3 no block strip sack play.
  22. Since the 28-3 debacle the Failquinn's have a losing record. The team got better on paper since then, yet is worse on the field.