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  1. He's tired of Shanahan not running the ball
  2. Ford and Lawrence would be amazing.
  3. You hit the nail on the head here. Alot of truth.
  4. Give me Wilkins, Lawrence, Ford, Taylor. No to Polite at 14.
  5. There's more up to date versions. I find the CBS one to be most realistic. The dates on fanspeak is only relevant if the provider has updated their list. Most haven't changed them since the beginning.
  6. I think any team that passes on Quinnen Williams will regret it. The Cardinals should be selecting him #1 overall.
  7. So maybe the Falcons are either considering him after a trade down or in a trade up.
  8. Dexter Lawrence in the 1st followed by Chris Lindstrom in the 2nd?
  9. The Falcons probably had no intention of drafting a RB. Then they couldn't believe a "steal" was there at the RB position at that spot. It wasn't the biggest need very similar to Calvin Ridley in the 1st but something they couldn't pass up. I don't sweat missing on players that went undrafted. Every team passed on the guy numerous times. Maybe going undrafted was the best thing that could have happened to him. It lit a fire. Who knows, maybe if he was drafted in the 7th he would still be buried on a depth chart and nobody would know who he is.
  10. Time will tell. For now I have no expectations.
  11. Happy Easter everyone!
  12. The only concern I have is all 4 DL are getting drafted. Three of them in the 1st round. Surrounded by talent it's easier to look better.
  13. Be ready for a trade up also. The Falcons have done it every year in the TD era with less picks.
  14. If the Falcons got Ford and Lawrence I would be happy.
  15. I would be happy with this draft. Nice job.
  16. As a former 2nd round pick he's spent the last 2 years being a nobody. Would be nice to get something from the bust.
  17. Yesterday I did a trade down and trade up that had the Falcons selecting Ford and Lawrence. If the Falcons got both of them I would be extremely happy.
  18. I've done plenty of mock drafts and countless draft simulations on fanspeaks draft machine. I think if Ed Oliver is there at 8 the Falcons trade up to get him. Here, I will assume he's already selected. If they don't trade up, trading down could be a solid plan B. I believe they can trade down and still get the player they want while getting some extra value in picks. Enter the Giants. They need a QB and a WR, perhaps they address one with their earlier pick. Well, drafting ahead of them are the Redskins and Panthers. Both need a WR and the Redskins need a QB. It would make sense for the Giants to jump ahead of them to get their guy. Here, we will say it's DK Metcalf. **Trade** Falcons get round 1 pick 17, round 3 pick 95, round 5 pick 143. Giants get round 1 pick 14. With the 17th pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Cody Ford - OT - Oklahoma **Trade** Falcons get round 1 pick 24 Raiders get round 2 pick 45, round 3 pick 79, round 4 pick 117, round 5 pick 143 (acquired from the Giants trade earlier). With the 24th pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Dexter Lawrence - DT - Clemson Summary of entire draft Round 1 pick 17 - Cody Ford - OT This selection solidifies the Falcons offense. Big, strong, physical, that's what the Falcons want on their OL. Put him at RT and the Falcons are set on offense. Considering the Falcons could select him at 14, moving down to 17 while adding picks and still getting him is an A+ move. Round 1 pick 24 - Dexter Lawrence - DT Exactly what the Falcons need on the DL. He's not Ed Oliver who I think the Falcons highly covet, but he's a very nice consolation prize. Size, strength, athleticism, he was once considered a possibility of going #1 overall. You didn't think the Falcons were going to trade down and be content having a boatload of picks right? Here they used what they gained from the earlier trade and "extra" picks they already had to go get their guy. Now the Falcons have two day 1 starters, and the 1st round hasn't even concluded yet. Round 3 pick 95 (From Giants) - Isaiah Johnson - CB He's a favorite here. Long, tall, length, just how Quinn likes them. Oh and he can run fast too. Now the Falcons have addressed their 3 biggest needs RT, DT, and CB with their first 3 picks. Round 4 pick 137 - Lamont Gaillard - C/OG No surprise here. I still think this would be a solid move with an eye to the future. For now he adds depth, and eventually he should start at center. Round 5 pick 152 - Jimmy Moreland - CB Everybody here seems to love this guy. Yep the Falcons already drafted a corner. They also are thin at the position. In addition, Trufant needs replaced next season assuming he doesn't take a pay cut or regain his former playing abilities that got him his current contract. Round 5 pick 172 - Devine Ozigbo - RB If you have read any of my previous mocks you already knew this guy was going to be here. Depth at the RB position is essential with the departure of Coleman, and Freeman coming off an injury. Round 6 pick 186 - Jamal Davis II - Edge Blame @LaurentRobinsonDaGawd for this. He posted about him recently There's also a nice video posted by @Knight of God, check it out. Talk about making plays in the backfield!!! Round 7 pick 239 - Diontae Johnson - WR @g-dawg Brought him to my attention from a previous mock he did. He has him going much earlier than this. I blame fanspeak CBS version if this is a stretch because it still had him available here. The Falcons will draft a WR. The big question is where? I think it's here or possibly the 5th round.
  19. The worst part of it all is the Saints games will take forever because they will want every pass play reviewed.
  20. No!!!!! You left me hanging. I want to read the rest now . Great start, can't wait to see the rest.
  21. I've got to admit, this is my favorite mock yet. I think it will also be my final unless I do one with no trades. I just don't like what's available where the Falcons select in the 2nd round (except Savage) if they don't make any trades. Trading up into the 1st is the only way the Falcons add an immediate game changer to both lines.