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  1. Matt Ryan is a class act. All hes missing is a Super Bowl win.
  2. No Fun League. I get player safety. I get doing all you can to protect players. However, the game of football is violent and unforgiving. You can only do so much to protect people. Everyone knows the risks that come with playing the game. Lawsuits by former players cause rules like this to be implemented. How someone could sue for conditions they knew existed is ridiculous. Sadly its the world today. Pretty soon its going to be flag football.
  3. I will never forget the look Brady had on his face. It was the look of defeat. He knew they had already lost the game. The Falcons defense played a part in his poor play. Just like they played a part in his great play at the end. It took a miraculous deflected catch, a perfect 1/2 quarter, terrible play calling by Atlanta that stopped the clock, a coin toss win, with a perfect opening drive in OT to win. All I can say is hats off to New England. Everything went their way.
  4. Good news. Go Falcons!
  5. This sucks. It's a business though. I get both sides. Arthur Blank stated he wants him to be a Falcon for life. Sounds like the only option is to give him what he wants. Holdouts are never good for either side. It would be nice to know what Julio is asking for.
  6. Sad day for football. My condolences to his family.
  7. He still has three years on his current contract and he can be franchised two consecutive years after that. It was a solid contract when he got it. Like all contracts these days it looks like a steal before it's over because the next guy up will get more. It doesn't hurt to ask and I don't blame Julio for wanting more. I also don't blame the Falcons for not giving it to him. The super bowl window is open, but if they pay every player on their roster top dollar they won't have enough to go around. Hopefully this doesn't change his effort and he still gives his all on the field. I think he will.
  8. Wow, that last run on sentence/paragraph is ridiculous and makes no sense. My point is he doesn't score as much as he should. If he scored enough in big situations like I'm talking about, the Falcons would have a championship. Perhaps multiple. He needs to score more. He needs to score more in a Super Bowl flop that resulted in the biggest choke in the history of the NFL. Points win games and he doesn't put as many of them on the scoreboard as he should. I like him. But it's the truth.
  9. Its the only knock on Julio. He makes his living in space moving the chains but doesn't score. I'm all for spreading the ball around but a physical specimen such as Julio should be getting open when it matters most. The best of the best come up big at the most crucial times. Score more TDs get more money.
  10. Always the Cowboys for me. All the hype for nothing year in and year out.
  11. All of that was already being done long before kneeling. None of the Eagles kneeled last season. So that includes Malcolm Jenkins. So how exactly does that support your argument that someone who kneeled did something besides kneel? If anything it proves you dont need to kneel to make a difference. Unless you want to prove every single person who kneeled did something else to make a difference you will never prove me to be wrong. Stop reaching.
  12. This shouldn't even be an issue. You stand for the anthem because you're proud to be an American and because you want to show respect to the people who serve and who have given the ultimate price (their life) for everything we all take for granted today. Raising awareness of issues should be done a different way. Do any of these people use their own money, their own time, or their own resources to address issues? How many of them kneel and do nothing else? Anyone can kneel and say we have problems. What you actually do to correct them is what will make changes possible.
  13. I'd like to add that perhaps the Falcons saw this coming and that's why they drafted Ridley.
  14. It doesnt hurt to ask for more and it shouldnt hurt to say no. He signed the contract. He can either hold out or play when the time comes. Cant win championships by paying everyone top dollar.
  15. Not sure what's to even debate. It's not like there's 100 franchise QBs in the league. If you dont like it become a Browns fan.
  16. I'm happy for Matt Ryan. Twin boys and now this. Heck of a year for him. Top it off by winning a superbowl now
  17. For me its win in the trenches. This has been the Achilles heel for the Falcons for as long as I can remember.
  18. Forcing the ball to JJ isnt a bad thing unless there's a wide open person being ignored. More often than not it doesnt matter if Julio is covered or not. He brings it down.
  19. If nothing works out they can always line Dimitroff up in the trenches. The way he manhandled the weights how could they not?
  20. Oh good. I was afraid someone was pumping in fake crowd noise again like the Roddy White that wasn't a player
  21. Ok, so when he gets a tackle or sack for a loss are the commentators going to say "Snot today"
  22. I like it!