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  1. He can't cover and the front can't get pressure. It's pee wee football for opposing teams offenses.
  2. Less than a sack a game. This is pathetic. It's no wonder every QB looks like a hall of famer. If you can't disrupt the opposing QB you have little to no chance of winning. Add to that the inability to stop the run and you have this dumpster fire. This sucks.
  3. Haha, that's funny.
  4. Yes, maybe the Falcons can lose all the time like the know it all fans want. No sense arguing about how a team should or shouldn't lose. The Falcons have perfected losing so we should probably get used to it.
  5. After what KS did in the Superbowl loss I was hoping he'd fall flat on his face as a head coach. The Falcons are the ones flat on their face.
  6. Hard to imagine the Falcons beating anyone right now. If the did beat the Aints twice that would be awesome. I'm surprised the tank threads haven't surfaced yet.
  7. More proof Atlanta is cursed. Soccer you say?.... who cares lol.
  8. Sad time to be a Falcons fan.
  9. Maybe Matt Ryan can play defense.
  10. This is disturbing considering the Falcons are one of the teams who have been behind the most so far this season.
  11. It's not like the defense has been completely ignored. Neal, Takk, Beasley, Jones, and Oliver were all high draft picks. You add them to pro bowler GJ and decent Trufant. What does Quinn need? A superstar at every position like he had in Seattle? If he needs that what good is he?
  12. This team could and probably should be 0-4 right now.
  13. This can't fall off the 1st page. Every Falcons fan needs to watch Quinn's presser.
  14. The team is bad across the board.
  15. He lost the team. Watch his presser after the game.
  16. I'm sure the 2018 Bucs threw a bunch because they were always losing. I wouldn't read too much into them passing for the most yards because it was probably out of necessity. Also like someone already mentioned it doesn't equate to wins necessarily.
  17. Pathetic. The entire team is pathetic.
  18. This!!!! Exactly.
  19. Everyone has figured out this defense except the people still trying to run it.
  20. You can tell this is getting to him. Heck, a couple times I though he was about to start crying. The frustration is about to pour over.
  21. Sadly DQ has turned out to be a replica of Mike Smith. Early success due to players buying in. Once they get figured out neither had any adjustments. Then the players lose focus and attention. Eventally they stop caring. They just collect those checks. You have to change, adjust, and evolve or you get left behind. How do you get a pass rush? You disguise a blitz and send it once in awhile!!!! You get creative, stunt. You stop playing players who have proven they are measley and worthless. Stop being so predictable and doing the exact same thing all the time and expecting different results. Last of all grow a set and be a coach the players fear. You're not there to be their friend. I get wanting them to like you but you're there to do a job first. A job you're failing at miserably.
  22. Dan Quinn's interview is bad. He's got nothing.
  23. 53 years and no Championships. Everyone is tired of it.
  24. Mr. Blank will let DQ have this year. He's earned these losses. He will take them.