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  1. Calling Mahomes the "G.O.A.T." yet he played like garbage in the Super Bowl win. Don't get me wrong the dude is good but the Chiefs should of lost the game due to his bad play. Shanahan with the assist lol.
  2. Is Brett Favre going to help him
  3. I don't know why anyone cares what Antonio Brown does or thinks. Irrelevant.
  4. Getting Gurley, Fowler, and Hurst could be great. It could also blow up in the Falcons face. All three come with legit question marks. Gurley has the knee issue. Fowler is a one hit wonder in a contract year. Hurst hasn't been very productive so far in his career. Add to that the Falcons haven't sniffed the playoffs the last two seasons and it's easy to see why they get no love. They haven't earned it.
  5. The Falcons get no respect. I think the Hurst trade turned most off giving up a 2nd round pick.
  6. Willie gay had multiple suspensions but I don't know for what. Depending on what they were for might have him off the Falcons filter. I'd love Kinlaw at 16.
  7. Until the Falcons start winning championships they will always be overlooked.
  8. Well the Jags and Bucs both suck and it's a very small sample size. In addition the entire team played like crap the first part of the season. Can't really blame all that on Tru. Don't get me wrong I'm not upset he's gone. I just wouldn't expect the team to be leaps and bounds better without him. Especially this year.
  9. Cautiously optimistic is a good term for this offseason.
  10. I hate that the Bucs are considered number one. Winston threw 30 INT's. Nothing about that makes them the number one passing offense.
  11. These days China owes everyone.
  12. 3 rules for my mock draft. #1 Player must be available in fanspeak/steve #2 Player must also be available in The Draft Network #3 Atlanta Falcons must have ties to the player Pick 16 LB/Edge K'Lavon Chaisson The Falcons have an obvious need at linebacker since it doesn't appear Campbell will return. Chaisson is a leader, rusher, run stopper, and can cover. Linebackers with all these traits are hard to find. Pick 47 OG/C Matt Hennessy Keep building the O-line. He can upgrade the guard position now and take over for Mack at center in the event he gets hurt, retires, or is a cap casualty at some point. Pick 78 CB Michael Ojemudia The release of Trufant created a hole at corner. Ojemudia is a big and physical corner. He excels in zone coverage and appears to be a great fit for what Atlanta does. Pick 119 DT Larrell Murchison The resigning of Davison made the position less of a need. Davison is the two down run defender. Now factor in Cominsky rushing on obvious passing downs on the inside. Does Senate fit in the equation? All of a sudden selecting a 3 down DT early doesn't seem to fit the needs of the team this year. Still injuries can occur and I'm a strong believer in upgrading both lines. Murchison has some intriguing pass rush abilities and adds some depth. Pick 134 CB/S Harrison Hand Zone defender and solid in run support. Insurance on the back end if Neal isn't a go to begin the season or gets hurt again. Pick 228 WR/Returner Joe Reed Competition at the returner spot and can cover kicks. Good speed and vision and has experience lining up all over the field. What I like most about this draft is the flexibility the players bring. Most of them aren't tied to only one position. Another trait most of them possess is physicality. This team needs to be more physical.
  13. In before someone says QB
  14. We playing Madden?
  15. Since the topic of Bosher is on here I might as well say it. We will miss his one highlight tackle per year.