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  1. Good luck to any QB if the O-line, running game, pass rush, run defense, and coverage isn't fixed.
  2. Do they rate butts, I know ATL is dead last in this category.
  3. The dumb coaching is finally gone (hopefully) so that should help everyone.
  4. Good news for people who hate the Cowboys, they should suck.
  5. Drink plenty of beer and grow a beard. Oh and get butt cheek implants. Probably just show up now that all the terrible coaching is gone.
  6. Can someone explain why Tony Romo got paid so much to be so bad as a commentator?
  7. Noodle arm, statue, 43 year old wins his 7th, 4th since age 37 with another SB MVP. Can the Falcons still do it with Ryan? I would like to think so. Why can't they? Mahomes played injured and his ability to extend plays was still amazing. That said, the Bucs pressured Mahomes all night. They protected Brady very well. They also had a solid run game. All keys to winning it all. Hopefully the new regime values this.
  8. The Falcons did their part. They stayed at least 6 feet away from the opposing teams at all times 😂
  9. Interesting. I didn't know that. Thanks for the info.
  10. https://www.nfl.com/news/saints-renegotiate-qb-drew-brees-contract-frees-up-cap-space-in-2021 Can something like this be done with Matt Ryan?
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