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  1. You're right giving up the 1st down on the 1st play is so much better.
  2. Breaking news, contrary to Falcons beliefs. Sacks aren't overrated.
  3. Playing the Atlanta Falcons defense does that too.
  4. Yes bring in a mobile QB. I don't care if he has accuracy, a noodle arm, or even brain cells just make sure he's mobile.....
  5. Dumbest pick of the DQ and TD regime and it isn't even close. 5 seconds into the draft interview it was obvious.
  6. I think the one legitimate knock someone can bring up about Ryan would be this. That said he's not the only one to blame for these results.
  7. I think every Falcons fan has developed a stutter watching this team this year. Hard to explain or comprehend what has transpired.
  8. I think you're right OP about TD. However, I bet Takk did something really dumb when he was talked to about his latest tweets about trading him. The timing has me leaning towards that being the reason he was released.
  9. I don't get how the worst defense in the league can be the best at pass rush win rate. Secondary and scheme must be absolute trash. Or these players "winning" just can't finish.
  10. It's a bad team beating worse teams. Nothing more than that. It will be interesting to see them play some good teams.
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