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  1. AFMB battles are much more intense and sometimes nobody wins. Ever.
  2. Mahomes for under 7.5 million. So crazy.
  3. Sadly not a single Falcon 😟 My mistake there are two Falcons
  4. https://www.nfl.com/news/the-best-nfl-team-money-can-buy-building-the-ultimate-53-man-roster-under-the-20 Looks good on paper for a year. I wonder what this team would cost in 4 years?
  5. The Falcons are stuck with a noodle arm meanwhile the toilet state has all the luck of having a guy who threw 30 INT's in 2019.
  6. If Robert Craft can visit hookers so can everyone else.
  7. The Jeff Holland sounds like an urban dictionary term for sure.
  8. Another Atlanta should of drafted Fields thread.... silly.
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