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  1. What has he done for anyone to believe in?
  2. The list is a popularity contest that's why. It's a joke. Sad to say but even the Falcons own fan base has a good portion that doesn't like Ryan. Strange considering his tenure is the best the franchise has ever known and he's going to be at the very least a hall of fame candidate, won MVP honors, and lost a Super Bowl lead of 28-3 through no doing of his own. I really can't explain why it's a ding on Ryan, it just is. Maybe the position he plays or the fact he's the undisputed team leader. The guy has never got the respect he deserves. Tony Romo choked in every big game the Cowboys played in yet he always got praise. Put Ryan on the Cowboys for his career doing what he's done in Atlanta and I guarantee there is a completely different outlook from the media.
  3. If Matt Ryan got the respect he deserved from the media I would ask what universe did I fall into? The Falcons are losers so until they win the big one nobody will ever take any of them seriously.
  4. How have I not known of this man sooner?
  5. That would be nice. What fanbase deserves it more? None.
  6. Isn't Dallas supposed to win it all every year in the worst division in football?
  7. I'm not a fan of any comparison of players who played with entirely different rules. The NFL was a lot different when Joe Montana played compared to Matt Ryan's years.
  8. Beckham Jr. has 2,389 yards and 13 TD's in the last 3 years combined. Shouldn't even be on the list.
  9. On page 4 I called him an amazing talent. I guess you missed that. Just like you missed bad plays by Mahomes. Excuses are worthless. A bad play is a bad play. No need to justify it saying if everything went perfect the play would be successful by Mahomes. Guess what? I could say that about every bad play in the history of the NFL by every player. I still agree to disagree with you.
  10. Any question who is the man? Sucks he had that foot injury early in his career that took a season from him.
  11. Exactly. He's been gone since 2016 but his name is mentioned as much on this board as just about anyone. Everyone needs to..... Let it go!!!!!!! Personally I don't see a problem hiring someone with no pro experience. At some point everyone was there. I do agree with your other points though.
  12. If you aren't willing to admit when a play is bad by a player I can't help you. You say dodge a defender as if he had to duck under the defender and was completely out of sync. He had legit time, he stepped up in the throw, and the defender never touched him. It was a bad throw by him. Enough said. Lazy attempt? Ok. Let's say it is. Still the ball is well behind the receiver who is in motion the other way. Still Mahomes fault more than the receiver. A good throw is on the numbers or leading the receiver in the direction he's going. Not one that makes him reach back leaving him defenseless in the front for a defender to lay him out without him even seeing it. Let's just agree to disagree.
  13. Do the Atlanta Falcons know this? Someone forward it to Mr. Blank.
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