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  1. What a collection of hilariously bad opinions based off of a 3rd string QB in preseason games.
  2. Rewatched it recently. Same with Neal, he didn't have the best game either and got worse as the game dragged on.
  3. Both the Falcons and Bucs are better than that given ranking defensively.
  4. Were you not aware of his ability to not be able to stay on the field with the Seahawks?
  5. Misfortune is starting early for the Saints this year. But it is to be expected when you draft/sign/trade for players who have a history of being injured. Just look at their draft from this year. Not sure how their defensive players will even make it to week 8 healthy
  6. How about no. Also, he gets beat in coverage quite frequently wether it's against a TE or RB
  7. Difference is they seriously flashed their potential in the second half last season and had a good draft to build on what they started last season. Literally no idea why you guys are underestimating them. Don't be surprised if we split the series this season
  8. He basically said at the time when he was kid playing football he played QB and Vic was his favorite player so he loved the Falcons ever since. He still supported the Saints though because hometown team
  9. I hear what you're saying but try to give more credit to the division. The games are always tough and TB built on what they started last season and it showed in the second half of the season last year. Not sure about Carolina but I expect their defense to bounce back and their running game to return with McCafferey
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