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  1. Lol u commented on my stuff so next time don’t if you don’t actually want to talk ab things. Ok.
  2. He seems pretty good at coaching up rbs. Who cares how many nfl carries they have, can they hit the hole? Can they read what’s in front of em and do they have the physical tools to play? How many rookie rbs come in and immediately have an impact? All without a single nfl carry the year prior? We don’t need to bring a guy in when we have proper coaching
  3. Draft 2 rbs. There’s plenty of them in this draft. We don’t even have to take one in the first round to do so
  4. Just a guy imo I don’t understand the need when we can spend money elsewhere and get younger
  5. Lol on how many attempts in comparison to Gurley last year? Gurley isn’t the answer but no matter how you slice it Mike Davis is hardly a world beater and we’d be better off drafting a rb
  6. But just to humor you, they have less options to throw to in Carolina too so you think he’s getting 60 Rec and 400 yards w all these weapons in Atlanta like come on dude
  7. Good one bro. Hide your ***** for Davis you look sus. Trust me
  8. Davis was practically a number 1 rb due to mccaffery’s injury last year and he ran for 695 and 6 rushing touchdowns averaging 3.9 ypc. Gurley ran for 678 w 9 rushing td and avg 3.5 ypc. y’all praise one and **** on the other. Maybe Carolina doesn’t have the weapons we have but they also didn’t have DK calling their plays so it’s a pretty fair comparison. Let’s just pump the breaks a bit on Davis
  9. Trying to tell ya mane. This is my pick but I’ve conceded that I’m not TF so we shall see. I’d be coo w Asante Samuel Jr in like the second or third tho
  10. Haha tight ends as in rumps 😎 Surely there’s a younghoe Koo in there somewhere but I’m too busy at work to come up w it😂
  11. Also I quite like your off season mock however I’d prefer Rhamondre Stevenson over Chuba Hubbard
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