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  1. Wtf
  2. Never understood what ppl liked ab him coming out of college. Def don’t now. No thank you
  3. Yep brees is heart and soul of the team. Kinda like when you’re Ace is on the mound you feel like everything is gonna be ok because HE’S on the mound tonight. If he misses 6 weeks I think they go 2 and 4
  4. I could watch that every week bro
  5. Yeah that play was on Neal. Oliver isn’t finished yet I was just worried ab him having to learn on the fly while our window is open. Also I had zero faith in Trufant ever regaining form tbh.
  6. Well I can get behind that. I hope you’re right! I was REALLY scared ab our CB situations and they both played really well last night. Hope they keep it up!
  7. Not sold on the saints D this year tbh. I could be wrong but I’m not sold just yet
  8. I didn’t read it I’ll admit, I just saw a thread saying our defense has arrived
  9. I think I called 10 or 14 sacks from Beasley in like January lol. We’ll see what happens. Don’t care ab sack numbers as long as he brings the heat tho
  10. Let’s string at least TWO good games together defensively before we crown ourselves lol
  11. Beasley for dessert?
  12. There are others who should be dining w you. I’ll eat mine concerning Tru tho. Never thought he was capable of playing like that again tbh thought he was straight rump roast. Glad I’m wrong
  13. Jalen Ramsey demanding a trade. Let’s get him
  14. Could be another street fight like last night but I like our chances
  15. Yes sir my thoughts exactly. Gotta make Mariota beat us. Maybe he’s capable, maybe he isn’t. They got a great tight end over there too. #45 got his work cut out for him no matter how you slice it