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  1. Idk ab grades or price or whatever but I’ve always been a Poole fan. I wish him nothing but the best
  2. Ppl ripped me to shreds for believing in Sark. He got a raw deal and I think our offense would be running like a well oiled machine. Somehow our offense has become a question mark and it ain’t because we don’t have talent. Yes the OL wasn’t the greatest but we were making it work when we had Sark.
  3. We have the players to be great if we don’t make the playoffs it’s cuz we cuz the coaches are idiots or some wildly unlucky incident. We’re one of the most talented teams in the league right now ON PAPER but we wipe our *** w paper so ya know what that’s worth.
  4. THE Edmond Robinson? Lucky us
  5. Dude seriously I was dumbfounded when I saw ppl complain ab this. Same ppl that wanna give Hurst a second chance don’t wanna give one to Lequon. He’s ******* 24 years old and will learn from Matt and Julio. Nothing but upside.
  6. I like this move. Not like he’s our number 1 receiver. He can learn a thing or 2 from Julio
  7. Aw man no **** I didn’t know that! Thanks bro!
  8. Any word on Koo???
  9. This isn’t false. If your coach puts in a different qb during key moments of a frickin playoff game. You’ve lost a step. **** the saints
  10. Didn’t he only put up good numbers like one game and play super average the rest of his time there? Honestly I could be wrong
  11. Dang talk ab a happy birthday! Congrats dude
  12. If we draft a LG in the first every single starter will be a first round pick on offense. Crazy
  13. Ok I’m excited af ab this but we absolutely have to draft a running back in the 3rd or 4th. I think signing Gurley also makes it pretty obvious we’re not drafting a rb in the first so at least the ppl that hate first round running backs can sleep tight tonight. I love these FA moves. I’m more excited for the draft than I’ve been in a long time
  14. Yeah it stung typing that one