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  1. Only thing I can think of off the top of my head is Vick thrashing us when he was w the Eagles. Maybe I just can’t think of any ex players really giving us the business tho
  2. If he had passion maybe he’d get double digit sacks but he just goes through the motion and collects a check. And if you think he catches heat here see what the Titans are saying ab him
  3. The problem is ppl are ok w mediocrity so long as they have personality. I don’t live over there so maybe he did way more for the community than I’m aware of but much like when ppl do negative things off the field, I don’t care. The artist and the art are always separate for me. I’m a fan of the football team and he didn’t do enough for the football team especially as an 8th overall pick. He’s only 28 on his 3rd team since he was drafted in 2015. He had one year where he lead the league in sacks which he was practically handed on a silver platter due to facing 2nd and 3rd string talent. He’s g
  4. Mobile qb would be great but I’d be ok w Mac Jones in the 2nd round cuz unless NYJ and WASH and JAX are ok w their qbs which I don’t think they are, he’s gonna be the best option
  5. I’d like to see more onside kicks lol why not pull all the punches now
  6. Ppl think it means we’re not fans if we address this tho lol
  7. JPP would be our best player in the secondary lol sign him up
  8. Hearing him say that reminded me of inter dimensional cable on Rick and Morty
  9. “Maybe he couldn’t see cuz he had people in front of his, his eyes. Interception.” LOL excellent analysis mnf
  10. Man I wish we had a corner like Ramsey
  11. Yeah i hear what you’re saying but idc ab his financial situation I don’t cheer for his accountant lol. Certainly some truth to what you’re saying ab the FO but I’d say as a fan of the falcons it’s ok to dislike low energy disappointments. HATE as in I HATE him no I’m too old for that but hate as in openly voicing displeasure I’d say that’s more than welcome. Let’s just hope the new FO doesn’t throw money at anyone however with Blank being the common denominator im sure there will be plenty more bogus contracts ahead
  12. Bro we watched Vic Beasley spin in place for years the guy sucks and has zero passion for the game while taking us to the cleaners financially. Nobody should tolerate Vic Beasley or even defending Vic Beasley. Zero improvement pure athleticism and that’s why he was never anything more than a guy. The fact that he’s on whatever BS list of “aLl TiMe SaCk LeAdErS” is because it’s the sorriest list in the nfl. Underserved hate? Absolutely not
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