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  1. Thanks guys! I’ll shotgun a beer for each wish!!! 🤘🏼🕺🏻💪🏼
  2. Diamond in the rough? A first round pick? Maybe if he was like a 5th or 6th I’d say that applies. Either way they found an excellent guard
  3. Lol I always tell ppl Atlanta fans suck. Not on a level of PHI fans or DAL but on a level of like no one hates the falcons more than falcons fans lol
  4. This day and age I just don’t know anymore
  5. Lol til he gets traded and everyone cries ab it
  6. Correct. As we saw under DK. He confused no one and had a f-ing A+ talented offense
  7. And I COULD win the lottery. That said, I think the falcons win 10-11 games this year
  8. I think fans need to trust Dean Pees. If he says we don’t, we don’t. This isn’t come first time DC or some bald guy from Seattle who rode the coat tails of one of the most talented defenses of all time. I’m not really saying you don’t know what you’re talking ab I’m saying Pees does
  9. I doubt there’s a RBBC considering there is no legit committee lol. If they wanted that they would’ve drafted a rb.
  10. Didn’t he kinda fall off after a while last year? Could be lots of variables but I have more confidence in our scheme than I do in Davis tbh
  11. I just hope Pees can have this defense close out ball games and hold a ******* lead
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