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  1. Hoping he goes to my second team, the colts
  2. **** imagine him in the slot here
  3. Oh yeah. Honestly forgot ab Oliver lol
  4. Poole on the outside?
  5. Kazee > Rico. Start him please
  6. Idk man how ab the NYG when they beat Brady twice. Pretty good DL. There’s one example off the top of my head. Now go google football 101. U think 1 good pass rusher solves our problem or a good line w depth. C’mon man
  7. JA also had Coleman and Grady a few years w him
  8. Yeah well where did that get us
  9. Also, there is no shame in being optimistic for a player on your favorite team
  10. Why should he have to do it alone? What DE consistently does it on his own? Especially without help in the middle
  11. He’s also not the first player to take advantage of opposition and/or “trip over qb on the ground”. Sacks are streaky. He’s not John Abraham but I think he’ll be better if we get that FA dt everyone wants
  12. Wouldn’t be the first time a DL had a good year after a down year
  13. I’ll bet he gets 12-16 sacks this year
  14. I like Ito as a back up but don’t like Freeman as the starter
  15. Tbh the only ppl I actually WANT are Bosa or Greedy Williams. I am excited for the draft this year and will be content w whoever we draft. I just hope somehow we land Bosa or G. Williams lol