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  1. Been saying for weeks give me Greedy Williams. Must address oline in FA.
  2. I wish we could give Matt Ryan truth serum and ask him his this same question
  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re on an American football messageboard here, pal. You two can have your spat but no need to try and put down the Red White and Blue.
  4. Is there video of her calling him that?
  5. Lol! That’s ******* hilarious
  6. I started Mayfield. He did alright
  7. Dude you guys signed Josh Donaldson btw?! Good move. I’m a cards fan through and through, I won’t be holding my breath for Harper or (preferably) Goldschmidt tho :/
  8. Dude I bought fifa 19 and 2k19 at 29.99 a piece today. Talk about a steal!
  9. My pick is Greedy Williams I haven’t put effort in to any other round than the first yet. Idk if there’s an ol worth taking in the top 10
  10. I just want a cb who can intercept the ball, my brother. Fultons 2 year suspension worries me a bit and I don’t know enough ab Deleware or Mashburn to judge the other guys tbh.
  11. Sounds good to me!
  12. Yeah I wasn’t sure how our cap is looking. I trust TD w the numbers tho if there’s someone out there the FO really wants