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  1. Im on the fence tbh. I like Free and I want to buy his jersey if we re-sign him but if we don't I don't think we're gonna fall apart. I think if he walks after this year than we just draft a new RB and move on. Coleman and Hill make him a little more expendable too. Let JAX pay him if he's asking for something outlandish. Blank has ALWAYS taken care of his guys and the fact that no deal was done leads me to believe his camp is asking for something outlandish. Time will tell. I'm ok w the decision either way I guess
  2. I'll be selling Hive Sop Dap (or HSD for short) t-shirts outside of the first home game this season. We'll see how strong the msg board's presence is lol
  3. **** right! Last years super bowl loss sucked, but when is the last time we got to let our nuts hang like this? When is the last time we actually came in to a season with tangible SUPER BOWL aspirations? Last year was merely the tip of the iceberg my friend. Let's go baby!
  4. Doesn't stop me from cheering every year til I'm dead lol
  5. We're coming back to get what is ours!
  6. I know. Cardinal nation is loving it over here
  7. Me too, Tandy! Meeee tooo!
  8. I think Freeney is so important to Beasley and Takk I'd be ok with overpaying the guy. Bring him home.
  9. Love Takk. Get some big boy
  10. Went to middle school and high school w J-Mac. Good dude never went to parties never got in trouble, all he cared about was playing ball. He was kind of a d¡ck to people tho and spoke in third person but I still wish him the best. It would be kinda cool if a guy from my hometown somehow became a falcon to be completely honest. Doubt he goes to ATL but I highly doubt he's done in the NFL
  11. Really poor timing. Maybe if we didn't just draft Takk? But no I'll keep Freeman. If we're trading Freeman it should be for like Watt but obviously that's not realistic so, again, no thanks
  12. Teeter right on over into my.... ok let me stop here before the wife walks in lol
  13. Headlights look good tho baby!
  14. I always liked Lewan over Jake, not a shot at Mathews, just my opinion
  15. Glad y'all are feelin this dude now cuz nobody was when I was talking bout him before the draft lol