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  1. Hey brother you gotta believe! Lots of talent and experience on this D no reason to think they won't get better w age
  2. Lol. Ask Saints fans, panthers fans and Buccs fans how good Julio is.
  3. I wasn't a huge fan of MM to be honest although I'm sure Michael Turner would disagree w me lol
  4. Oh yeah I remember this like it was yesterday. Everyone was saying he had Napoleon Complex and blaming Roddys drop off on Shanahan and saying he purposely didn't include 84 in the offense because Roddy voiced his opinion ab how much he hated the offense. Everyone wanted to run him out of town and thought matt Ryan running a bootleg was they all want him back hahahaha!! 20% of the ppl on this message board, these days, weren't Falcons fans yet tho and hopped on our bandwagon last year so they don't know much ab 2015.
  5. Im excited for this defense to be on the same level of the 85 bears and 2000 Ravens.
  6. Dante Pettis will electrify us all
  7. So years of success are negated due to one bad play? Anyone who thinks like that is an idiot and not worth arguing with anyway. I mean dude look at his career playoff numbers.
  8. I want Dante Pettis. Don't care what his projected round is. Ppl were telling me Takk wasn't a first rounder last year. Dante helps at receiver and KICK RETURN! We'll see how the draft pans out of course but we shouldn't just be taking a DT or OG at 26 just because, it would have to be the right DT or OG and I'm not sure that player will be there this year. Hope we make a splash in FA
  9. Yeah this site is normally legit. It made me mad seeing how completely inaccurate it is this year. I think we'll draft a cb but not in the first and if we do it's because we traded Tru not to "help him". #AlfordIsBetter
  10. Morelli would've said it didn't count
  11. It might dude. Him and Ben have never gotten along. Could be the year they let him go and we better offer him the house if they do
  12. I can get jiggy w the toss but the deep pass on 4th and 1 is practically a gimmick
  13. And learns how to use a TE. And a slot receiver. And gets a little more creative in the run game.
  14. I didn't get to watch the game did he do something stupid today?
  15. Todd Haley rumored to be leaving Pittsburgh. He's had nothing but success in Pittsburgh and we have all the pieces to attract a top OC. If we choose to keep Sark over proven playcallers next year will be a wash offensively too