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  1. Pulling like **** for Treadwell. I’m not ready to write him off just yet
  2. Yeah no disrespect to Wilson but taking what we saw last year and hopefully by adding a couple pieces we can give him **** week one
  3. What’s our record vs Seattle since Quinn has been here? Ngl I feel pretty confident ab a week 1 win. We may not blow them out but I think we win the game. Can’t wait
  4. Not surprised. Freeney was the only guy that could get anything out of Beasley in the nfl
  5. Isn’t Grady Jarrett like 91? List is already wak so I’m sure ryan will be left off of it. Oh well
  6. I think we win and surprise. I’m back to being optimistic until proven otherwise. Can’t wait baby!
  7. COVID has gotten me out of the habit of watching ESPN. That’s one positive that’s come from this mess. Idc ab anyone’s opinion or silly little list outside of my circle lol
  8. Only casuals don’t know that Julio is the best
  9. Wasn’t long ago when Koetter thought Ryan would improve under year 2 of his scheme. The student has become the teacher
  10. I remember MAYBE 2 other ppl aside from myself saying he deserves to grow w this offense. Everyone else already had their pitchforks out
  11. I hope mahomes has a capable coaching staff after Reid leaves. Mahomes has all the talent in the world but we’ve seen what that means without proper game plan and/or quality OC’s
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