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  1. Are you sure this was always against 2nd and 3rd stringers? For some reason I do not remember it that way.
  2. I definitely questioned the "injury" in the Chicago game. I think that was the game when Jam got injured and Chandler was like, "oh noes playa". Claimed he had a concussion from a hit like 8 plays earlier and called it quits. BTW. The protection from the o-line was great back then wasn't it. Or maybe it wasn't used as an excuse.
  3. 2013 easily. We paid one guy $20 million for that ridiculousness.
  4. First of all. How many of the games did Julio Jones play in of the 12 games that we lost? Second, tight ends are never expected to have the impact on the outcome of a game the way qb's do. Hence, they don't make the money that qb's do. How many tight ends are considered franchise tight ends. You should know all this. Nevertheless, I'll let you figure it out on your own from this point forward.
  5. Doesn't matter. He is a starting qb in the nfl. Matt Ryan lost 12 games in a single season. He's awful. If you're gonna do that then where does it end? You gonna factor in who plays in a dome and who doesn't? Who has to suffer with Jerry Jones as their GM and who doesn't? Who has the better 12th man and who doesn't? The fact is... These are excuses. Matt Ryan lost 12 games in one season!
  6. Noted. When is the last time Romo lost 12 games in one season?
  7. Why do stuff the hard way bro? Just win a couple playoff games.
  8. Haha. Blood thicker than water my man. Don't let Matty Rattic tear us apart. I'll tell Aunt Jean you said hello.
  9. Tizzle. Are you leavin a tip. Yes or no? Kuz I'm about this close to posting some recent family photos.
  10. Too Aw sh** Tizzle. Don't try to suppress and deny it. You know these Go* Da** great minds think alike. You know da** well we have it out over Matty Rattic every Thanksgiving then you admitcha fk'n mistake by the time Christmas rolls around. Que es el problemo my man? Tell the truth Tizzle. Just tell the truth. Don't forget the tip tho.
  11. What's happening Tizzle? You didn't see the tip jar my man? You know you like my commentary. So I know you must have overlooked the "like" button. So gohead, leave a tip. Don't worry bout the backlish and sh** from the lunatic fringe. Most of them don't even know we related.
  12. Those are not grammatical/spelling errors homie. Swift is a Jedi Knight. So when he puts something out there that you've never seen before, it's not an error, it's a redefinition. Kinda like when our front office comes up with terms like "athletic arrogance". Only when Swift does it, we don't lose $20 million fu***** dollars and go 4-12.
  13. Nah. I gotta pretty good rapport around here. Especially Tuggle, we pretty much on the same wavelength all the time.
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