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  1. Nawlll I can't let you do spoon like that.....my guy made plays too....🤫....he just stayed hurt.
  2. Remember Katrina relocated a lot of New Orleans people to Alabama....
  3. Yes they will...we the falcons... They'll find an excuse. "Yeah they won the ship but......etc."
  4. That's weak. 🤔 I thought you had to beat the best to be the best.?!? Beating on chumps won't make you a champ..just lil less of a chump.
  5. Earned wins make you battle tested... You wanna feel good about it... You don't wanna feel like it was given to you cause when you reach the big dance your opponent should be just as good so stay ready so you don't have to get ready
  6. You're right and wrong...these two were all we had...when debit went down.. It made his job that much harder.
  7. He had a down down in coverage last year....got burned a lot... But we see that was scheme..not the player
  8. Yes! When he was talking as jj11 and he said "I knew it was over when Matt looked at me and said he think the crowd noise was getting too him" I was too weak!
  9. (rookie move 🤐) Sorry about the double post
  10. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFvbbh3hmlV/?igshid=1j8sud6131hvt
  11. You know they give finish strong... 8-8
  12. I'm sure he'll just be another victim.😅
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