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  1. That wild! And just think before Ryan we never had back to back winning seasons...
  2. I thank you for the link but I was talking about the falcons...I know I wasn't clear with that but I would like to look into a few of them
  3. I've googled gone to the website.... Can anyone help me with an up to date tracker I would like to like into our new players
  4. Not really....bobby only win one game before sliding to arkansas...
  5. Mike Nolan.... Last big name on defense .... Hope pees work out better.
  6. Use it in a sentence 🙃 "Pees yo AS TF off"
  7. **React to this post like a vampire reacting to the sun**
  8. Bieniemy don't call plays now... Andy call plays
  9. A lot of good information that I've been looking for in one video.. sorry if it's been posted
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