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  1. What have you done for me lately league,.. Antoine Winfield Jr. A difference maker too!
  2. Homeboy put ppl on their *****.....then lay on them...I like him
  3. Playmakers! We have enough of the guys you just described.
  4. The NFL game is turning into the college game that's why we need some college defensive coordinators ....... nah.
  5. It's a even year. 2020 2nd year with the same voice in his ear...... Matt gone shine.
  6. The falcons came up with the short end of the stick?!? Boy please!
  7. Good for him... he's a over glorified gunner...Dude trash. So glad he's not our frustration anymore.
  8. Y'all wanna be the 9ers so bad...he just a name...I mean I would love to NOT hear him call another falcons game but don't mean I want him in our front office.
  9. Now we just need to find passrushers like we find receivers lol
  10. Just don't know what to say sometimes...."selling players"... huh?
  11. Failed thread.....my gripe is not with Grady but the video that I fail to make note of
  12. I remember a few years back watching a falcons game (that we were losing) and the camera panned across the bench and I saw the players smiling looking like they were asking each other what they were gone do after the game/blow out... But the fans sitting in the stands hurt.... I remembered how that felt (as a fan). We put so much stock behind these guys and we want them to care as much as we do......but truth is...after the game is over they're still rich...we care and they don't. https://instagram.com/stories/gradyjarrett/2150436886254424204?igshid=1odqn0mrxur6t