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  1. Beerman 2.0. a really hard worker! Love the guy
  2. I didn't even think about that...gave me sum to think about..lol
  3. Matt making plays out of a badly called game...have you ever seen Matt run so much?? I can only guess he don't like the call.
  4. And the td
  5. But does ye get the td?
  6. Robert Morris. From cb coach to wr coach to OC
  7. And a td..the way they're playing...1 gone end tonight
  8. He better not **** up Ryan 200 yard a game and td a game record
  9. #1 think that drives me nuts is that stark doesn't do a good job of setting the opponent up... Like running the ball out of the same formation two or three times and then play action out of it or setting up the pass with the run or vice versa. Not really sure what DQ saw in this guy but he seem lose..... Wish Julio would tell us what he think of his new coordinator.
  10. I'm sorry I don't have the numbers we all love but..... I feel like the big difference is....shanny called plays in the NFL and understand match ups and how to exploit them....Stark on the other hand is still figuring it out.. actually read where here said "in college it doesn't matter who out there or what personal, we just call the plays...(that's why his as was in the booth last game) Do y'all remember last year where shanny had a 3 game stretch where jone11 went off for 300 then the next game Coleman killed Denver's backers and thean the next game the te's had a day.....I MISS THAT ****! I JUST sit on my couch and tell my ol'lady exactly what is about to be ran and what I would do. unfortunately stark and I think too much alike. This year...is not our year... It's not the execution. it's the play calling.IF YOU REALLY TGINK ABOUT IT STARK IS A YEAR BEHIND AND HAS A BIG LEARNING CURVE.. The Players know it. the fans know it. let's just hope he figure this out by the end of this year so we can HOPE FOR home-field Advantage in the Super Bowl next year
  11. I see what you did there..... I liked it.... And laughed. Good 1.
  12. Dilly dilly
  13. I don't recall the year but he did win a game for us in the last seconds in Jersey against the Jets well before their new stadium.....GB and jets are the only 2 I remember. As long as we have №2 we always have a chance but if we need 3 to tie/win I feel 100% he'll bring home the W.
  14. But on 4th down with the game on the line Matt just seem to make the wrong throw. (Too me) Nfc championship sf v. Falcons 4th and whatever.. 10 yards away from the SB ... Matt drop back and throw the ball to Roddy white who was obviously interfere with but not call and Matt threw it hoping to get the call but end of game for us.while Tony was in the back of the endzone hosting a tea party. Now most time Matt may bring attention to a pass interference by throwing the receivers way but why leaves it up to the ref? Today 4th &1 it was a obvious hold on Gabriel right in front of the referee and he refused to call it. On the other side of that play hardy is running a slant to the end zone and looked open 4 a corner shot....but Matt saw Gabriel get held so he passed it in hopes of getting a penalty instead of taking a shot in the endzone. THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY! I mean I could sleep better knowing he at least took a shot in the endzone to win the game! I love me sum Matt but if you in the red zone with seconds left...let's try to win the game...Take your shot! Am I the only one that see it like this? I could be tripping.
  15. Falcons logo looks upsized... Just me?