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  1. It is rather annoying. But very glad to know I'm not the only one going through this dumb sh¡t
  2. I think we have a nicer board tho.
  3. Yea that feet work is nice.
  4. My favorite part is 3 out of 5 articles I've read started like.... "It’s been nearly four months since the Atlanta Falcons blew the biggest lead in Super Bowl history,"
  5. "they hate us cause they ain't us."
  6. Homeboy said to the referee.. You getting a lunch out of this or sum? Are you getting paid? Lmfao I guess that why you not calling offsides? This guy gone be in the booth lol
  7. Kickers don't have a shelf live. Remember M. Anderson.... Dude was almost 50 busting 47 yarders... Retired... And was in the hof a year later.
  8. You win. It's needed but.... You summed it up 4 me.
  9. Just wondering..... Are you on the Suc's & ain't broad like this? Like don't get me wrong.. You super cool... Just wondering.
  10. I don't see how his feet move that fast! I tripped out the bed just watching this
  11. I'm happy af. What are you taking about?
  12. 1st off let's leave my a$$ out of this.. It's in the same place it's always been... 2nd..no 1 on this board can hurt check me.... I just think it's pointless... I know what I know and he feel the same so to end it... He win. I understand this is life 4 most. Check my post count... Proves my level of care. (and the amount of life I spend outside of the message board.) #nowimdone
  13. I'm not trying to win... What? Who said winning was the goal... I dropped my 2 cent... And that's that... He want to talk about my statement... And I don't care to explain.... Being right or wrong on this board don't stop my world from spinning... It don't stop my cash flow nor does it stop me from getting puss.y.... SO... You win 2.
  14. Too let you know that you.. Win. And I don't care that much to explain. I don't post much 4 a reason. Good day sir.