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  1. Not really....bobby only win one game before sliding to arkansas...
  2. Mike Nolan.... Last big name on defense .... Hope pees work out better.
  3. Use it in a sentence 🙃 "Pees yo AS TF off"
  4. **React to this post like a vampire reacting to the sun**
  5. Bieniemy don't call plays now... Andy call plays
  6. A lot of good information that I've been looking for in one video.. sorry if it's been posted
  7. I'll be happy to move on from Matt after 5 super bowls..no prob
  8. And not in the Doug Pederson way (win the big one then lose his mind)....more like the sean payton way without the playoff curse
  9. So that mean Arty gone lead us to the promise land?
  10. That is such a Dan Quinn thing to do 😜
  11. The article said he may bring his son for a grooming
  12. https://youtu.be/aKjQlXCP-zI This guy could really turn our Defense into sum great... He's very smart and in his 12 years in the game he has coached up 3 pretty good defenses pats, Ravens,and Titans)... Now during my research the only turn off (which is a big one) but when he was with baltimore his Defense was blowing leads 😳... Yikes. Other than that...I really the way he listen and learn from his players...also think he can take Grady Jarrett and debo to the next level. If hired, who would benefit the most from this hire on defense? https://www.thefalcoholic.c
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