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  1. I believe......he will ball this year just to get paid...it's next year (after his new contract; from another team)is what I don't believe in.
  2. I don't trust the dude...you can tell he's the type that will do enough to get by until his contract year and show out for big money and then go right back to coasting.
  3. Cool story bro but if you can find my response to what he said...I didn't knock him for having deion in his top 3 Mind ya business.
  4. I can dig it...Vick is the reason I'm a fan but he let me down so bad..Vick not in my top ten... And I don't even have a top ten for the falcons
  5. Prime!? In yo top three with lifetime falcons on the board like JJ11 RW and the iceman?
  6. That's video is hard to watch....and just think...to add to the rest of what he said..we blew the SB...lol wow we blow.
  7. Thought I was the only 1... I didn't think the injury slowed him I think it was mental.
  8. Then come 2021 he'll be somebody head coach😑
  9. Like a Sean Payton... Do you think we would care so much about Missing shanny if we won that SB?
  10. That's a different subject...lol.... TD draft picks has been 10x better since Dan been here
  11. Ummm.....ok.....I agree .. But what's your point.
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