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  1. Teams that has a massive overhaul on the offensive line are NEVER successful. Truth is you want no more than 2 new starters on your line or it usually does not work. In 2008... the best OL we have had since 1998, we went from an awful 2007 line, to a solid line, by replacing Baker with Wayne Gandy/Quinn Ojinnaka and Harvey Dahl with Kynan Forney. So yes. Will need an impact player on the line but a fire sale will just make things worse. The 49ers have maybe the best offensive line in football, and it took them 5? years to build it.
  2. Warrilow is a solid player. Bosher is much improved. Trufant, Alford, William Moore (most of the time), W-spoons passion (maybe not his play, but his fire) Peria Jerry has looked like he belongs on a football field. Antone Smith. Matt Ryan.
  3. At 3-9 we have plenty of big issues on the team... but if you really review it all of our big issues on the team comes down to only 2 problems. 1) Stopping 3rd/4th and short 2) Converting 3rd/4th and short If we can do both of those things.... we are going to the super bowl in 2014. Now by achieving those two factors... it almost guarantees it fixes all of our problems. If we can stop other teams on 3rd/4th and 2 or less.... it means we are getting penetration. Attacking the ball carrier. This year... it 3rd and 2...we are giving up 4-6 yard gains almost CONSTANTLY. The defensive line is not m
  4. And the saints? The paper bag wearing saints? Haha. This is a horrible list.
  5. Yeah well when you were as bad as we were for so long, basically till 1998.. and no back to back winning seasons it is tough. Also a lot of people who live in Atlanta and have the funds to go to games...are not from Atlanta. But keep winning like I know we are going to ... and that will change.
  6. He had the signature catch of Matt Ice's rookie year... but he is a return to our 0 YAC offense we had in 2010. Doesn't really fit in here as much anymore, but I would give him a shot I am a loyalist.
  7. Yeah I am scared as well but I am not sure getting an old player will help anything I think we need a quality player, its a super bowl or bust year.
  8. Without a consistent pass rush, it makes you have to play perfect against 6 or 7 teams in this league. It is awfully hard to play perfect, and in the playoffs we get rolled over by guys like El Manning and Aaron Rodgers when you can't get a guy in their face. Both of those QBs last year showed when they are under pressure, they fold, ESPECIALLY Rodgers.
  9. No question he is an amazing wide receiver. But even as the biggest Falcons fan that I am... I STILL would put AJ Green, Larry Fitz and CJ above him. If Julio can have a breakout year being the number 1 guy in the offensive then you can compare him, but all of those other guys are number 1 options who receive a lot more attention from the defense than Julio, at least until this year. He is a great WR though.
  10. I am going with Samuel L Jackson for the win.
  11. Is that before or after signing Shawne Merriman ? (just kidding)
  12. He has 6 sacks since 2007. Why would you want him? He couldn't even make a dent in the Bills defense. Pass.
  13. About time... now lets go. JA55 comes back...Favre comes out of retirement to be the backup... JJ Watt demands a release and signs with us... LETS GO TD BRING EM HOME
  14. I agree...what an ultimate traitor. He could have went to any AFC team he wanted for 8-10 million a season...instead goes to Seattle for chump change. I just can't believe it.
  15. Patrick Robinson isn't bad... I thought he would be better than he is.
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