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  1. I get your point but all they get is a yard or 2 and every 2nd and 3rd down are long you limit your play calling again
  2. You could always feel it was coming their guys running wide open all the time it's crazy
  3. Everyone is nobody is open and o-line can't block
  4. I'm down in Pensacola near 9 mile we got major flooding around me luckily not at my house. I do have some down trees but I'll take it considering
  5. Both players were gone to when the falcons were picking both picks this is stupid
  6. It's really all that needs to be said. Matt playing at the top of his game Julio with the break through O-line gaining confidence Defense playing faster. If the season ends well this is the game to look back on. This is the game that the team has gained confidence and total belief in what they are doing which goes a long way.
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