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  1. A lot of judgement here. You should also trash that horrible overall defensive scene. VIc was doubled and triple teemed on almost every play.
  2. At least we won’t be drafting the diamond in the rough with TD gone. Just get the diamond.
  3. Yes, I saw that. He should have been taken to the tent after that hit. That definitely affected his game in my opinion
  4. He’s not even looking to run anymore for whatever reason. He could use some balance work ala Alvin Kamara
  5. I love all the GM’s on this board. That being said look around the league, we aren’t the only team with issues.
  6. I’m not listening to anything Vilma has to say. He’s the enemy.
  7. Entirely too much orange and brown on the field!
  8. Troy giving Tom Brady excuses for losing!
  9. Looks like Tampa Bay got the broke down Gronkowski.......
  10. But it’s not his fault per the announcers lol...........
  11. Refs have missed at least three PI calls on the Seahawks. Smh
  12. We need a backup quarterback and his name is Cam Newton
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